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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 10: The Blader who came from Hell

The 2 beyblades fell on the beystadium, Flash Heart attacked Heath's beyblade well, which being a STAMINA type, there would be no advantage for anyone in this battle.

The beyblades kept hitting each other, the sound of metal sounded very loud, but after several blows delivered, Heath's bey began to wobble, Flash used his opportunity to order his bey to attack.

"Now Flash Heart, go get him," Flash Sentry yelled, then Flash Heart swooped down at Heath's beyblade, which took the impact that sent him flying.

"Alright Flash, that's how you attack," Spike said.

"That guy is too strong to be his first battle, are you sure you're the only blader he's faced?" Rumble asked Spike.

"Yes, but he always learned from his losses, I'm sure that even though he doesn't play as professionally, Flash is as good as you, as me, as Button, even as Ember," Spike replied.

"I'm so happy for you Flash," screamed Twilight Sparkle yelled that surprised her friends and scared Fluttershy.

"Darling, you sounded just like Pinkie Pie," Rarity said.

"Yeah, I didn't know you were a fan of this," Applejack said.

"Well I don't know what to say but, it feels good to see Flash with that emotion on his face, I think I should thank Spike for that." Twilight said.

"Certainly, but you're also happy for Spike," added Sunset Shimmer.

"What do you mean Sunset?" Fluttershy asked.

"Do you remember when your family moved here and we met them?" Sunset turned to Twilight.

"Oh my, I think …………" Twilight replied but was interrupted.

"We don't have time for that in this chapter, that flashback will be written near the final chapters of this fanfic," said Pinkie Pie.

The girls were confused by what she said, but they knew the rules, IT'S PINKIE, DON'T QUESTION IT.

Back in battle, Heath Burns showed no emotion.

"What's wrong with you, was I stronger than you thought?" asked Flash Sentry.

But Heath just smiled, Flash knew this was bad news, he quickly focused on the beystadium to see if Flash Heart kept spinning, if it kept spinning, but he noticed another detail, Heath's beyblade didn't sound when supposedly He had taken it out of the beystadium.

"Looks like you figured it out," Heath said.

At that moment Flash looked up and saw Heath's beyblade fall towards the beystadium with speed.

"NOW HELL FIRE, PUT THE WEAKLING IN THEIR PLACE," Heath yelled as his beyblade advanced towards Flash Heart leaving a trail of fire in the way.

Flash Heart was hit by Hell Fire, the latter managed to get him out of the beystadium.

"FLASH HEART," Flash yelled.

"It can't be, since I didn't see that," asked Rainbow Dash.

"As a balance-type beyblade it can have such great speed and stamina, as well as a strong attack," Ember replied.

"It's like that beyblade is perfect, flawlessly," added Trixie.

Celestia: Ring Out, that's a point for Heath Burns.

Luna: The battle goes in Heath's favor with a score of 1 - 0, get ready for the next round.

"I told you to surrender, that you were weak to be here, but you didn't take it, so I had to waste my time on this," Heath said without showing any emotion.

"Enough already, I may not be that skilled, but I can beat you," said Flash, fed up with Heath's pedantic attitude.

"Grrrr, because you can't accept that you can't win, you keep insisting that you have a chance, you're just fooling yourself, but well, I was nice to you, now I'll take care of destroying your bey, not just disarm it, I'll turn it to ashes," Heath replied now. being angry.

"Just try it," said Flash placing Flash Heart in his launcher, Heath did the same with Hell Fire.

And the countdown began again.




All the students yelled at the same time:


Again the 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

This time Flash Heart was spinning a bit more controlled, Flash Sentry knew Heath Burns could fool him again, so he stayed out of it.

"What's wrong with you, won't you attack me? Then die, ”Heath said as Hell Fire began its attack on Flash Heart.

"FLASH HEART, DODGE IT," Flash Sentry yelled.

Flash Heart dodged Hell Fire's onslaught.

"You're not going to beat me by dodging you idiot," Heath Burns said.

"Sure?" Flash asked.

The battle continued with Flash Heart dodging Hell Fire's attacks, Heath losing patience, and ordering his bey to keep attacking, until, in one of those failed attacks, Hell Fire collided with a corner of the beystadium.

"Flash Heart, attack him," Flash ordered his bey which hit Heath's bey but couldn't get him out of the beystadium.

"It's sad that you think you have a chance," Heath said smiling when he saw that his bey was not removed from the beystadium.

"Who does Heath think he is?" Twilight Sparkle asked obviously fed up with Heath's attitude.

"I know Darling, that guy is worse than Sunset in his old days," Rarity added.

Sunset just looked at her with a serious look.

"No offense, Darling," Rarity said ruefully.

"None taken," Sunset said.

Flash Heart continued to attack Hell Fire, but could not get it out, at that moment, Heath prepared to go on the offensive.

"Hell Fire, destroy him," Heath yelled, but he noticed that Hell Fire was moving slowly, "Hell Fire, NOOOOOOOO, YOU CAN'T LOSE AGAINST HIM, NOT THIS FOOL, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

The Flash's plan worked, it caused Heath's beyblade to deplete its energy to the point where it would be the first to stop.

Heath screamed as if he was being stabbed, after a few seconds, Hell Fire stopped.

"Ability is not only based on strength, it is also based on intelligence, don't you think Heath?" Flash said.

Heath was still frowning like there was no tomorrow.

"Alright Flash," Twilight Sparkle and Spike yelled in unison.

Luna: And suddenly the battle is balanced with a score of 1-1.

Celestia: This match will decide who will be the blader to advance to the next round, so get ready.

"Brace yourself, I'm not saving anything," Flash said to Heath as he placed Flash Heart in the launcher.

But Heath did not take out his launcher, on the contrary, he put it in one of his pockets and proceeded to open his backpack, this confused Flash.

"Hey, what are you doing now?" Flash asked.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to make sure you burn, GYAHHHHHHHHHH," Heath said shouting in a rather terrifying tone and then he pulled a kind of flamethrower out of his backpack.

"Holy gems, is he trying to incinerate him?" Spike asked.

"I think cremating him is the kindest thing I could do given that boy's attitude, I doubt this is still considered a worthy beybattle," replied Button Mash.

"Oh no," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Don't worry Darling, Flash is very strong, something like that can't intimidate him," Rarity said.

Heath then placed Hell Fire on the mouthpiece of the flamethrower.

"So that's a launcher, I wonder why you designed it to look like a flamethrower, if it's to intimidate me then you're wasting your time," said Flash.

"You will see that it is much more than that," Heath replied as he pointed the flamethrower at the beystadium.

Celestia: What an interesting twist, Heath Burns has released a new launcher.

Luna: You must admit it sister, that design is, ummm, "quirky."

And for the last time, another countdown began.




The bladers were the only ones who yelled this time:


Flash pulled with all possible force the ripcord of his launcher and Flash Heart spun as if the life of its owner depended on it.

But when Heath fired his launcher to launch his beyblade, real flames could be seen accompanying the bey.

"It can't be," said Flash.

"That guy is crazy," Spike said.

"He start a fire," Twilight said.

Indeed, Heath's launcher not only looked like a flamethrower, it was a real modified flamethrower so when Hell Fire fell to the beystadium, it was surrounded by fire, a lot of fire, which if spread could cause many injuries to the students.

"I TOLD YOU WILL BURN, DIE NOW," shouted Heath.

"HEY, ALL THIS FOR ONE BEYBATTLE?" Flash asked trying to keep distance between the beystadium and the flames.

"I WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN," Heath replied.

"Stop this, someone could get hurt," Flash yelled as Flash Heart struggled to avoid the fire of the beystadium.


"Heath Burns, that is very dangerous, you are disqualified now stop this," Celestia said with disgust.

"SILENCE, NOBODY WILL STOP THIS BATTLE," Heath replied as he pointed his flamethrower at the spectators "IF SOMEONE TRIES TO STOP ME THEN THE STUDENTS WILL BE CALCINED."

Neither Celestia nor Luna knew what to do in the face of such a threat, it was obvious that Heath Burns had lost his mind, but Flash Sentry took care of the situation.

"Don't worry, I won't let him hurt anyone, LET'S FIGHT FLASH HEART," Flash yelled as his bey spun so fast this time he put out the fire.

"NO YOU WILL NOT, HELL FIRE, USE YOUR DEMONIC FIRE SHOCK," Heath yelled as his bey bathed in fire and went straight to attack Flash's bey.

Flash was scared, it was obvious that Heath's attack would overcome his bey, he did not know what to do, for a little moment he thought about giving up, but when he turned to see his bey, it began to glow, it seemed that he wanted to communicate with him.

Then Flash visualized the same dragon that he saw when he acquired his bey, there, somehow, Flash had already reached the level of Spike.

“FLASH HEART, GO FOR IT,” Flash yelled.

Then the 2 beys were approaching with full force expecting a collision.

"NOW, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINNING IMPACT," Flash Sentry yelled as his bey began to glow.

"BRING IT ON," Heath shouted.

And when the 2 beys collided, Hell Fire shot out of the beystadium, but was thrown so far that it even flew through a window.


"You lost," Flash replied.

All the students began to applaud, grateful that Flash saved them from such an eyesore.

Luna: And that's a Ring Out, a point for Flash Sentry.

Celestia: And with a score of 2-1 the definitive winner is Flash Sentry.

"Even though you tried to kill me, it was a good fight," Flash told Heath.

"YOU, WE'RE NOT DONE, NEXT TIME…." Heath was interrupted when he felt a hand on his back, Heath turned and saw a police officer.

The police officer introduced himself. "I'm Officer Hard Case," he showed him his badge. "Heath Burns, you are under arrest for disturbing the peace, attempted murder and pyromania."

Hearing that, Heath was scared, he decided to throw a punch at the Hard Case officer which he could not dodge and fell to the ground, then Heath ran out trying to escape.

"He's trying to escape," Pinkie Pie yelled.

"He won't," Rumble said, "Spike, Button, I need your assistance."

Spike and Button nodded and the 3 guys got ready to launch their beyblades towards where Heath was running and then yelled:


Heath noticed that and tried to dodge them, but the beyblades did not hit him, but his launcher, when the flamethrower was hit it was destroyed by Rumble, Spike and Button Mash's beyblades, Heath got frustrated, but it was not time to looks of hatred, he simply decided to flee the gym through the same window his bey was shot at.

Outside the gym, in one of the gardens, Heath tried to look for his beyblade but could not find it, he had to be fast if they were chasing him, Heath was still searching but he heard a voice that made him stop.

"You were looking for this."

Heath turned to see who the subject was speaking to him, it was the Dark Crystal Knight and he had his beyblade Hell Fire in his hand.

"Boss, good to see you, thanks for finding my bey," Heath wanted to take Hell Fire but the Dark Crystal Knight prevented him.

"You really think you deserve a bey like Hell Fire after your pathetic performance in that battle," he replied in a very stern way.

"That fool looked incredibly weak, I underestimated him, but you can't blame me for a loss, it happens to everyone," Heath said.

"Obviously you don't understand anything, I'm not mad at you for losing, that doesn't matter to me, what was horrible was that you threatened innocent people and used dirty tricks to try to claim a victory you didn't deserve," the Dark Crystal Knight reproached him.

"But boss, I thought this was all about winning, that's what a blader does," Heath said.

"No, it's about much more than that, and you don't deserve to be a blader so you won't get Hell Fire back, I recommend you go back because you need to pay for your crimes," the Dark Crystal Knight said coldly.

Heath started to get angry and he attacked the Knight "GIVE ME MY BEY."

But he dodged the blow and threw a kick which hit his head, knocking out Heath, then he proceeded to leave the place "Pathetic, but it's not like I have only Heath, I have another sidekick who, if he has dignity and spirit , you better watch out Spike, if you can face him in the tournament. "

Minutes later the students, the principals and the officer arrived at the crime scene and were surprised to see Heath unconscious, Twilight noticed that Spike was looking in a different direction, full of curiosity she saw the direction that her brother was looking towards. the roof of Canterlot High, there was the Dark Crystal Knight, staring at Spike and vice versa, the 2 seemed to have a competition of glances trying to look as intimidating as they could.

After that the Dark Crystal Knight proceeded to retreat, while Spike only showed a serious expression, but Twilight knew Spike very well, she knew that her little brother was scared, he had no idea who that guy was, but now she knew that he had minions and possibly one of them is participating in this tournament.

Spike froze, seeing that, Twilight came up behind him and proceeded to hug him.

When he felt a hug, Spike turned to see that Twi was responsible, she could see that Spike's expression changed from serious to concerned.

“Twi… I…. He …… I don't know if I can ……… beat him. " Spike spoke scared, being the target of a blader like the Dark Crystal Knight, Twilight comforted him "Remember Spike, you are not alone in this, you have me and your friends to support you and we will never abandon you."

Then Spike outlined a small smile, those words were necessary for him to come to himself.

"Hey, why aren't we going to see Flash and congratulate him on such a great battle," Spike said.

"Of course Spike," Twi replied, and at that moment they returned to the gym also eager for the next battle.

But now that the evil manifested in the form of a fire demon was defeated, which will be the next evil in disguise guided by the Dark Crystal Knight, only the beybattles would decide and one thing was for sure, none of the bladers will give up on this. epic journey.

Author's Note:

Well, that was the great Flash battle, special thanks to Banshee531 without his YuGiOh fic that inspired me, this chapter would not have been possible, wait for the next battles.

Who do you think is the other sidekick of the Dark Crystal Knight?

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