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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 28: Shapeshifter Revelation

Canterlot High Gym.

Celestia: This second round was full of emotion.

He said that pointing to Button Mash.

Luna: A little crazy.

He said while pointing at Flash Sentry and Cheese Sandwich, the latter giving a thumbs up while Flash covered his eyes with his hand.

Celestia: And of course, love is not lacking.

He said pointing to Spike and Apple Bloom to which they blushed.

Luna: But now it's time for our last battle of the day.

Celestia: Precisely sister, now let's introduce the bladers, in the red corner, a strong girl with the heart of a dragon, Ember.

Luna: And in the blue corner, the blader who can copy the power of his opponents, the shapeshifter, Thorax.

Ember and Thorax entered the gym, Ember had a serious expression while Thorax did not stop smiling like he always did.

Spike was sitting next to Apple Bloom, they were both nervous, something that Smolder noticed.

"What's wrong with you? Do you think Ember will lose that easily?”

“No, Smolder, it's not that,” Apple Bloom replied.

"But Thorax's style is similar to a guy named Pharynx, who works for the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike continued.

"You suspect he might be…" Smolder said but was interrupted by Spike.

"Let's not jump to conclusions, Thorax seems to be a good boy."

At this time, Ember placed her bey on her launcher, and thought about the previous battle Thorax had, “He can copy my bey for sure, I should calm down, don't make any rash moves, and defeat him with a quick attack before he can copy my bey technique, only then will I defeat him.”

Thorax seemed unconcerned, just kept smiling.

A little annoyed Ember thought, "Definitely, I will avenge my little sister and take the smile off that shape-shifter's face."

Celestia: Very well, as our bladers are already prepared.

Luna: It's time for the countdown to begin.

Thorax and Ember moved into battle stance.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


At that moment, Ember and Thorax launched their beys into the beystadium.

The 2 fell and began to spin on it.

“YOU CAN BEAT HIM, EMBER,” Spike and Smolder yelled at the same time cheering on their friend and sister.

The beys were colliding with each other, Ember was planning her strategy.

"Okay, the moment he changes form, his bey is vulnerable," Ember thought.

Thorax was only ordering his bey weak attacks as if provoking Ember.

“Very well Light Shifter keep it up,” Thorax said.

“I know what you're trying to do, you want to provoke me into using Blood Stone's special move, but it won't work,” Ember told him.

"I have no choice, I'll have to order Light Shifter a quick shift," Thorax thought without losing his smile and said to Ember, "Wow, it seems you discover my plan."

Ember noticed that Thorax's bey began to glow, at which point she ordered Blood Stone to attack, "NOW BLOOD STONE."

Blood Stone approached Light Shifter.


And It push him making him leave the beystadium

“She did it, she got him out of the beystadium,” Spike said.

“And Thorax couldn't copy her special move because she didn't use it, which means he won't be able to fight well this round,” Smolder added.

Celestia: Ring out.

Luna: That's a point for Ember who takes the lead with a score of 1 – 0.

Thorax picked up his bey, "Looks like I'm in trouble."

Ember smiled as she picked hers up, "I'm not that easy to beat."

Celestia: Alright, it's time for the battle to continue, it's time for the countdown to begin.

Thorax and Ember moved into battle stance.

Just like his previous duel with Smolder, Thorax pulled out another launcher, one of the same type as Ember's.

Ember wasn't surprised, she knew Thorax would do something like that.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


At that moment, Ember and Thorax launched their beys into the beystadium.

The 2 fell and began to spin on it.

Thorax's beyblade moved differently due to the change of launcher.

“Changing the launcher to get closer to my style won't do you any good, I haven't used my special move, so you won't copy my full power,” Ember said confidently.

“That's what you think,” Thorax said as his smile turned into a wicked grin.

“A shapeshifter has more tricks up his sleeve,” Thorax said as his bey began to glow.

“Light Shifter, use your Light Copycat.”

"He's going to change his form, but won't that backfire on him?" Smolder asked a little nervously.

"I think he lost his mind and made a desperate move," replied Apple Bloom.

Flashbacks of Vietnam began to appear in Spike's memories.

Several days ago.

Pharynx replied "Oh, it's nothing, I just hope to see your surprised face."

Spike didn't understand what Pharynx was referring to, but then Pharynx ordered his bey to make the first attack.

"NOW DARK SHIFTER, TAKE DOWN THAT LOSER, DARK COPYCAT," Pharynx yelled and suddenly, Dark Shifter began to move differently, now moving rapidly around the beystadium, just like Emerald Flame.

"It can't be," Spike said as Emerald Flame was pushed away by Dark Shifter.

"I told you you'd be surprised, weakling," Pharynx said, "This is Dark Shifter's special move, the Dark Copycat, an attack that allows me to turn him into the type of bey he's fighting, it works so much better when I use it in a balance type like yours hahaha. "

"Oh, holy gems," Spike exclaimed in shock.

"No, he can't, he's a good guy."

“That won't do you any good, Blood Stone, finish it off,” Ember said.

But at that moment, upon colliding, Light Shifter had transformed, but did not transform into Blood Stone.

“It can't be, that's my….” Smolder said.

It had transformed into Smolder's beyblade, Royal Claw.

“Impossible,” Ember said as the Blood Stone spun around the transforming bey.

“Surprised right,” Thorax said with a bit of arrogance, “Light Shifter not only copies his opponent, but he can also copy all the opponents he has defeated.”

"That idiot," Rainbow Dash said angrily.

“Using her little sister's bey to torment her,” AJ continued.

"That's pretty low," Rarity finished.

As the beys collided with each other, Ember was hesitant, but decided to continue the battle.

“Blood Stone, go get him,” he ordered his bey and then looked at Thorax, “Don't think I'll fall into your trap, I'll keep fighting with everything I've got, that's what makes me the strongest blader in my shop. ”

"Umm, the shop belongs to our father," Smolder said.

“YOU'RE THE ONE NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE ME, LIGHT SHIFTER, SPECIAL MOVE, FIRE HOPE,” Thorax yelled as his bey changed its rotation and began to engulf itself in flames.

"Steal his special move," Ember hissed, then glared at him and yelled, "BLOOD STONE, IT'S TIME FOR THE SPECIAL MOVE, POWER FLAME."

At that moment, Ember's bey began to engulf in blue flames and went straight towards Thorax's bey.

“ATTACK,” Ember and Thorax yelled at the same time as their beys collided with such force that the flames of both colors that engulfed them expanded to the ceiling of the gym.


“AHHHH,” Smolder and Apple Bloom yelled.

“That's a lot of power,” Spike yelled.

Celestia: Oh my, where are the beys.

Luna: Sister, you should look up.

They all looked up and saw that the 2 beys went flying.

Celestia: Oh, it looks like the battle will be decided when one of them hits the ground.

Ember saw the situation a little frustrated, but Thorax smiled, the reason was because...


Bloodstone burst.

"No," Ember thought.

Luna: Umm, um, that's a Burst Finish.

Celestia: So I guess the winner with 1-2 is Thorax.

Few students applauded, many were confused by that change of personality in Thorax.

"Ember," Smolder said in a low tone.

"She fought with all her might," Spike said despondently, "But it was still useless."

Ember was picking up the pieces of her bey to put it back together, she still couldn't believe that she had lost.

"I'm sorry Smolder, I should have been stronger."

But his moment of mourning was interrupted, by an evil laugh.


Everyone present looked in the direction the laughter was coming from.


And from one of the windows, entered a figure that Spike recognized.

"The Dark Crystal Knight," Spike said with an expression of anger and concern.

Luna: We just fixed that window.

"I'm sorry about that, I'll make sure to pay for the damages," the Dark Crystal Knight apologized, but at that moment he took the microphone from Vice-Prime Luna, "Attention everyone, I'm glad you witnessed this great battle."

The students were confused, they didn't know how to react to such a guy dressed as a supervillain.

“I expected no less of my student,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, indicating Thorax.

“It is an honor to be trained by you, my lord,” Thorax said, kneeling before the Dark Crystal Knight.

“IT CAN'T BE,” Spike, Rumble, and Button Mash yelled at the same time, feeling betrayed.

"So my suspicions were correct," Spike said, "Thorax works for the Dark Crystal Knight."

“As you can see, Thorax far outclasses all bladers in this tournament, I suggest you give up now, because the weak do not deserve to play this amazing game,” the Dark Crystal Knight said to all the spectators.

"Who does that guy think he is?" Sunset asked.

"I know, first attack Spike and his friends, and now this, having one more infiltrator in this tournament," Twilight added.

"Grrrrr," Spike was furious at that statement.

“It's very simple, give up now, if you don't want to end up like her,” Thorax said smiling pointing at Ember.

Ember glared at him as Thorax continued.

“She is considered one of the strongest and yet she was defeated by me, if that is really strength, then her efforts are in vain, she is weak, just like all of you.”

"I've had enough," Spike said as he headed into the center of the gym.

"Spike, what are you going to do?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Im going to do the thing I should have done since I met the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike replied as he stepped forward.

"Could I see your bey?" Thorax asked Ember, but Thorax didn't wait for the answer and took the Blood Stone from her.

“Hey,” Ember exclaimed.

Thorax began to examine the Blood Stone, "Ughh, it looks like you haven't modified it in years, you weren't going to win the tournament with this thing."

"What did you say?" Ember asked angrily.

"Hey, I'm just telling the truth," Thorax replied.

“Okay, I got it, could you give me back my bey now,” Ember said wanting to end the conversation.

“With that expression you clearly missed the point,” Thorax told her.

“Anyway, just give it to me,” Ember ordered.

"Do you think you can intimidate me?" Thorax asked, but at that moment.


“OUCH,” Thorax groaned in pain as a beyblade had been thrown at him, hitting his hand and releasing the Blood Stone, Ember took that opportunity to retrieve it.

The bey that was launched at him was Emerald Flame.

"THATS ENOUGH," Spike shouted as he had his launcher in hand, he approached with a furious expression.

All the spectators were surprised that he had raised his voice to Thorax.

"Spike, what is he doing?" Twilight asked nervously.

The Dark Crystal Knight also walked over, "It's about time you showed yourself."

Spike spoke to them with a great deal of anger, "Listen, I can take a lot of things done to me."

"You can threaten me."

"You can make fun of me."

"You can even send lunatic bladers to kidnap me and I really don't care."

Spike continued without losing the attention of Thorax and the Dark Crystal Knight.

"But no one, and I repeat, no one, makes fun of my friends," Spike declared, "So I order you to stand down, or else we're gonna have a trouble."

The Dark Crystal Knight frowned, "Is that a threat?"

"No, it's a warning," Spike replied.

“Oh no,” Twilight said nervous.

"Woo hoo, that's the way you talk, Spike," Rainbow said excitedly.

“Very well, if you are serious, then you should be Thorax's next opponent,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"What?" Spike asked.

"Yes, it would be interesting and fun to open round 3 with our battle, dragon lord," Thorax told Spike.

Celestia: Umm, you can't change the rules that easily, for this to happen the challenger must accept, otherwise the battle won't take place.

"Well, we'll follow the rules, so what do you say Spike, this is your decision," the Dark Crystal Knight told him trying to provoke him.

"Do you really think Spike will go down with that?" asked Button Mash.

"It's more than clear that it's a trap, only an idiot would accept it," added Rumble.

“Damn, it's attacking his weak spot,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“Don't worry, Sunset, my little brother isn't stupid to fall for his provocations,” Twilight Sparkle said, but then.

"I accept," Spike said with determination surprising everyone, even the Dark Crystal Knight.

"He accept?" Rumble and Button Mash asked at the same time.

"Spike," Apple Bloom worried.

"Wow, the boy's got some nerve," Rainbow Dash said.

"Speak too soon, he's a bit stupid," Twilight Sparkle said, "What am I going to do with you, Spike."

“He agreed, that was easier than I thought,” the Dark Crystal Knight thought.

Luna: Umm, well, since Spike agreed, the duel that will open the 3rd round will be.

Celestia: Spike VS Thorax, next week in the quarterfinals.

“Hehe, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it,” Thorax said.

"The one who needs it will be you, I'm going to beat you, no, I'm going to finish you off and with that I'll avenge Ember and Smolder," Spike replied determinedly.

After that, Spike turned to the Dark Crystal Knight, "And when I defeat him and this tournament is over, the next one will be you."

All the spectators who were not aware of the situation began to cheer for Spike, clapping and cheering for him.

“Grr, watch your words brat, Thorax let's go,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he retreated through the same window he broke.

"See you later," Thorax said as he escaped through another window.


"OUCH," Thorax groaned in pain as he broke the window, "I thought it was open."

As they left, Spike saw the screen announcing the next fight, he looked a little nervous, but he still stayed, this time he wasn't going to fight out of anger, he would fight to defend his friends.


Author's Note:

Well, everyone knows which side Thorax is on, now it's Spike's turn, although it will take a little longer to upload the following chapters because I will update my other fic, and don't worry, there will be no more Dark Crystal Knight bladers.

This is the list of Dark Crystal Knight bladers.

- Dark Crystal Knight.

- Cozy Glow.

- Thorax.

- Pharynx. (DEFEATED)

- Adagio Dazzle.(DEFEATED)

- Aria Blaze.(DEFEATED)

- Sonata Dusk.(DEFEATED)


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