• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 2: A new friend and rival

Spike was at his home, he was sitting at his desk drawing his favorite character from his comics, a superhero named Humdrum, after he finished the drawing, he felt proud for having done well, but he felt that something was missing, then he decided to glance at his beyblade, "come on Emerald Flame, give me some inspiration, mmmmmm …… .. got it."

10 minutes later

Now in the drawing you could see Humdrum carrying 2 shuriken stars in his hands, which were purple and surrounded by green flames. “Looking good Humdrum, looking reaaally good,” said Spike proudly.

We are now at Canterlot High, in Spike's class precisely, he was writing his notes in his notebook, while Button Mash was playing a video game on a portable console, a few minutes later Miss Cheerilee arrived in the classroom, She was her teacher, her skin is pink and her hair was bright pink, she wore a white buttoned shirt and a long green skirt with the drawing of some flowers, Button, noticing that her teacher arrived, quickly prepared to put away her console.

"Good morning class, today we have great news, as a new student will join us today, say hello to Rumble" said Miss Cheerilee as a boy with light gray skin, grayish black hair combed back and colored eyes purple, he wore a short-sleeved black jacket, a blue shirt with a feather drawing in the center, and blue jeans.

"Um…. Hello …… ”Rumble said in a shy tone.

"Wow this boy seems more shy than Fluttershy, how is that possible?" Spike asked Button as a joke, Button only limited himself to laughing with a low voice so that no one would hear them.

"Well Rumble, would you like to tell us something about yourself?" the teacher asked Rumble.

Rumble looked very nervous and only limited himself to answering the following “Um…. No thanks, ”then, she hurried to the only place that was empty, next to Spike.

Class had ended and recess time had begun, Spike was talking with Button about the new student, apparently, he was not the only one who had transferred, but there was also his older brother named Thunderlane, who was now in the same class as her sister Twilight Sparkle.

As they spoke, they heard a familiar sound in the backyard of the school, they thought it was strange because nobody went there, it was a very desolate place, so out of curiosity they decided to see what was happening.


They heard the noise of something that looked like an object hitting metal, they recognized that sound in an instant.

Is it possible that ……,” Spike thought, Button thought “That sound is from a …….”, The two exchanged glances and rose as if they had communicated telepathically, then they decided to go to the place of origin of the noise.

When they arrived they saw the new boy Rumble, who was training with a beyblade, the bey was grayish blue with black, "Here we go, the strongest blader of all, LET IT RIP," Rumble yelled as he fired the bey from his launcher, which hit the wall, leaving a small crack, this greatly surprised Spike and Button who gave a small gasp, this alerted Rumble and turned only to see that he was being observed.

"Emmm ……. I ……. hey "he said in a shy tone," Listen guys, I… .. "Rumble tried to change the subject but was relieved by Button" Hey dude, don't be ashamed, if you like beyblade, you shouldn't hide it, "Rumble I look surprised at the pair.

Spike and Button took their beyblades out of their pockets, "We are bladers too," Spike said as he showed Emerald Flame, "Yes and we had a lot of fun playing," said Button as he showed him his beyblade which was brown, with various gray and red parts assimilating to the control patterns of the NES console.

Rumble was amazed to meet other bladers like him, one thing that bothered him about his other school, The Crystal Prep, was that apparently no one liked the beyblade, he was alone and had no friends at the time, but apparently , everything would change today.

"This is Emerald Flame," Spike showed his beyblade to Rumble.

Button did the same and said "And he's Digital Debug."

Rumble picked up his bey and said "Wow, that's cool, well, this is Cloud Slayer," Spike thought about how cool the name sounded just like Button Mash.

Unfortunately, the bell rang and the 3 boys had to go back to their classroom.

The class was regular, Spike was just waiting for the moment to leave class, there was nothing new to learn today.

Hours passed and finally the bell rang, Spike was going to talk to Rumble to ask him if he wanted a bey-battle, but Button arrived first and asked him before Spike.

"Of course, yes, it will be fun, but I warn you, you will be defeated by the future world champion" Rumble said to Button, although the words seemed to sound like a joke, Spike could somehow feel that he was not trying to exaggerate, and that maybe Rumble could become stronger than he appeared.

The 3 went out to the front yard, Spike was placed at a distance so as not to interfere in the coming battle, Button Mash and Rumble were placed in battle position, took out their launchers and placed their beys on them. "Ready, Button?" Rumble asked. "Let the game begin," Button replied, then the 2 began to count down.




"LET IT RIP" Both yelled.

The 2 beyblades fell into the beystadium that Spike lent them, Cloud Slayer moved very fast but no matter how fast it moved, for some strange reason, it couldn't hit Digital Debug.

"What's wrong, how come Cloud Slayer can't hit him?" Rumble thought.

Button just laughed, as Digital Debug started the offensive and prepared to attack Cloud Slayer.

That's when Rumble realized, Digital Debug was a beyblade that kept jumping through the stadium, far from staying on the ground spining, that beyblade was practically flying across the entire battlefield.

"Dude come on, i think that's cheating," yelled Rumble.

"No my gray friend, I am not breaking the rules, check the rules Spike" said Button proudly, as Spike took out a rule book on bey-battles from his backpack, leafed through the pages a bit and said "It is completely legal what Button does, there is no rule that prevents spring jumping, as stupid as that sounds, ”he said that last with a sarcastic tone.

The bey kept jumping and attacking, the battle was very uneven, it seemed that Rumble could not do anything, but then he managed to think of a strategy.

"Oh, grown up boy, this is a bey-battle, not a Super Mario Bros Speedrun," Rumble commented mockingly, Button Mash didn't know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment, so I just ignored it, but suddenly Digital Debug was hit, which surprised Button Mash a lot, how the hell was that possible, he had managed to put Rumble on the ropes.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" Button asked screaming.

“Every time it is going to jump, I can hear a little sound, and also the sound is different when Digital Debug lands, based on that, I can guess where you will land, and even if it only lasts less than 1 second, I remind you that my bey is from the fastest "Rumble replied with a winning look and then shouted the following" NOW CLOUD SLAYER SHOW HIM HOW POWERFUL THE STRONGEST ARE, "Cloud Slayer began to advance to the place where Digital Debug would land.
“LET'S GO DIGITAL DEBUG, LET'S KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL THE END,” Button yelled as Digital Debug charged all its energy where it would land to hit Cloud Slayer.

Spike just stared in amazement, seeing a collision between 2 blades.

And suddenly.


The 2 beyblades collided with each other and in a blink the winner of the battle could be seen, the 2 beys kept spinning, that was obvious, but …….

Digital Bug was spinning out of the ring.

"RING OUT," said Spike to Button Mash.

Button Mash's jaw dropped. Rumble was stronger than he looked and he was sure he didn't use his full power, but even with all the shock, he accepted his defeat and shook Rumble's hand.

"That was a very good fight, you are very good," Rumble said to Button, and he kindly replied "Thank you, but don't forget that you are the winner, one day we should fight again", Rumble nodded when he heard that.

After that the 3 decided to return home, but what they did not realize was that 3 girls were watching them.

"What is that they are playing?" asked one of the girls.

"I don't know, but it looks like fun," said another of the girls.

Finally the last girl just stared at Spike.

Spike returned to his house, when he opened the door he realized that Twilight's friends were also there.

They were Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer (I'm not going to describe each one, just imagine they have the same look as in Equestria Girls).

"Hello Spikey-Wikey" Rarity said hugging him.

Spike blushed at the nickname and hugged "Ehhh .. Hi Rarity."

Twilight knew that Spike had gotten over his crush for Rarity years ago, but even so the boy was still nice to her, so seeing him blush like that was no wonder.

"May I ask why are you late again?" Twilight asked her brother.

"Did nothing bad happen to you on the way?" Fluttershy asked in a shy and worried tone.

"No, nothing bad happened, I just stayed talking to a new friend" said Spike trying to calm Fluttershy.

The girls were surprised to hear the news, but the one who was most excited was Pinkie Pie, who approached Spike with superhuman speed to ask him the details "Anewfriendwhoiswhatihisnamelikespartieswhatishisfavoritecolorisheyourclassmatecouldheanswerallthesequestionsquickly? " Pinkie asked as quickly as possible, scaring Spike and the other girls.

“A’h think you should let him breath Pinkie,” Applejack said, Pinkie released Spike after hearing that “Oh sorry Spike.”

"It's ok Pinkie, well his name is Rumble and ..." Spike was about to keep talking, but Rainbow Dash cut him off.

"Rumble, he's Thunderlane's younger brother, he transferred to our class, he's a good athlete, he was captain of the soccer team at Crystal Prep, I can't believe you're friends with his little brother," said Rainbow Dash, Spike asked "Why can't you believe it?"

"Well…. How to put it, his little brother looks like he's also an athlete, while you…. Um ...... you're a geek "said Rainbow, which made the girls gasp.

"Rainbow Dash, that was rude" Sunset scolded her, "Yes, the director Celestia told me that friendship can work in any setting, just look at the two of us, based on that observation it would mean that we could not be friends." Twilight added, to which Rainbow proceeded to apologize.

"You're right I'm sorry girls and sorry to you Spike, I think I got carried away." Spike accepted his apology without any problem "It does not matter Rainbow, do not take it as an insult anyway and if I can answer you because he is my friend even though we have different tastes, it is because like me, he is also a blader."

Only Pinkie, Fluttershy, Sunset and Twilight understood what Spike said while the others were left with a confused look.

"A’h don't mean to sound ignorant, but what is a blader?" Asked applejack.

Twilight spoke to explain "It means he also plays the same game that Spike and Button Mash play."


"Wow I never would have guessed," Rainbow mentioned.

"Yeah, and he's so good, he managed to beat Button Mash," added Spike.

"Well little brother, I'm glad you got at least another male friend, I was starting to worry that you only had one," Twilight said.

"Yes, it feels good to have another friend, well girls, I think I'll go to sleep, see you on Monday" Spike said goodbye to the girls to go to their room, but Twilight stopped him "Actually Spike, you will see them tomorrow, they will spend the night here, after all it's a sleepover. "

Spike's eyes widened in a look of fear and he slowly turned his gaze to the girls, who looked at him with dirty and evil eyes, including Fluttershy. Spike just gulped, probably thinking that he should sleep with one eye open.

"Oh no," Spike thought.

Author's Note:

Another chapter ready, well, as you see, here we introduce Rumble and if you are smart, you will know who the 3 girls were who were watching them

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