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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 35: Road to the Semifinals

The battle between Sweetie Belle and Button Mash had been a great battle, leaving the students who saw it moved, there was power, surprises and love.

But now, it was time for another battle between 2 bladers with similar styles.

A battle that promised to be epic.

Celestia: The previous battle was a very good one.

Luna: But now it's time to move on to today's last battle.

Celestia: In the red corner, a skilled blader who can fight at a professional level with just 1 year of practice, Flash Sentry.

Flash Sentry approached the center of the gym, he could hear the voices cheering him on as Twilight and Spike were sitting very close to the red corner.

“Come on Flash, fight and win,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"Good luck Flash," Spike said.

Luna: And in the blue corner, another powerful blader even for his age and with a lot of practice, Rumble.

But Rumble did not appear.

Celestia: Looks like Rumble isn't here yet.

Many wondered where he was, but their doubts were dispelled when they saw him enter through the red corner.

“I thought i was going to go in the red corner, my mistake,” Rumble said as he entered that way.

“Good luck Rumble,” Spike and Button Mash said at the same time.

"You can beat him," Scooatloo told him.

Although he was running, Rumble could hear his friends cheering him on.

Rumble got on his side and faced Flash.

"Flash, before we begin, let me say that it will be an honor to face someone so strong, your battles have impressed me," Rumble told him.

“Thank you Rumble, coming from you, it means a lot,” Flash Sentry replied.

Rumble smirked, "But don't think I'm going to go easy on you."

Flash smiled upon hearing it, "Oh yeah, well, me neither."

Celestia: Inspect your opponent's bey.

The 2 handed over their bey to the other to check it out.

Flash started looking at Cloud Slayer, "Cloud Slayer, an ATTACK type bey like mine, he's very strong, his hits are like a sword, but it's nothing Flash Heart can't beat, the problem would be his speed, I have to work on it, something so that it does not affect me.”

Rumble watched Flash Heart as he thought of a plan to deal with him, “Flash Heart, ATTACK type, just like Cloud Slayer, is a danger if we add the dedication and effort that Flash has put into his bey, a wide variety of attacks special, I must dodge those attacks, if I can at all.”

After analyzing them, they returned the bey to its rival.

"Everything's fine."

“Likewise, there is nothing unusual.”

Spike looked at them with a doubtful look.

"What's wrong Spike?" asked Button Mash, "You're acting a little weird today."

"It's not that, it's just..."

"You don't know who to cheer for, do you?" asked Apple Bloom.

Knowing he couldn't lie to her, Spike nodded, "It's just, Rumble is one of my best friends, but I know Flash and maybe in the future he'll be part of the family, so it's hard."

Apple Bloom placed her hand on Spike's shoulder, "No matter what happens, just enjoy this battle."

Spike smiled, "Thanks Apple Bloom."

Spike turned to see where Rumble and Flash were, he didn't care who won, he would congratulate them both.

Luna: If all is well, then let the countdown begin.

Flash and Rumble placed their beys on their launchers and got ready, especially Rumble, who took a few steps back to make his special launch.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students shouted:


When the bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, the two of them did something that caught their attention.

“Ahhh, Let it Rip,” Rumble ran to the beystadium and jumped high.

But what surprised everyone is that Flash also made a jump.

“Let it rip,” Flash yelled as he did a standing backflip.

“Awesome,” Spike and Button said at the same time.

“Whoa Flash, that's very clever,” Twilight Sparkle said in surprise.

"I see he took it pretty seriously, too," Rainbow Dash added, "I have to admit, it's impressively cool."

“Coming from you, that says a lot,” Applejack finished.

The 2 beys fell into the beystadium.

"Wow, how did you do that?" Rumble asked.

“With a lot of practice and a strong desire to achieve victory,” Flash Sentry replied.

Rumble smiled, "Well you won't get it, Cloud Slayer attack."

Cloud Slayer dove straight at Flash Heart to attack him.

Here he comes, his classic sword attack, Flash Sentry thought.

“Flash Heart, go for the front one,” Flash Sentry yelled.

Flash Heart collided with Cloud Slayer causing both of them to bounce in different directions.

“Hmm, interesting,” Rumble said.

"I know how you beat Soarin, he tried to dodge your attack and paid the price," Flash Sentry told him, "But note that your attacks are too fast to dodge, so it's best to attack without running away."

"He investigated me, this will be harder than I anticipated," Rumble thought.

“Now Flash Heart,” Cloud Slayer began to take Flash Heart's blows.



“I have to do something, but I can't attack him without him countering first,” Rumble thought.


"Got it," Rumble thought, "I'll have Cloud Slayer dodge it."

Rumble watched as Flash Heart went towards Cloud Slayer, that was the moment.

“Now,” Rumble ordered causing Cloud Slayer to avoid the collision.

But Flash Sentry smiled, "You fell for the trap."

"Huh?" Rumble asked but his doubts were dispelled when Cloud Slayer was thrown away.


Due to a hit from Flash Heart.

“The nature of our beys, which are of the same type, is attack, dodging can be counterproductive, we move to attack, but when we dodge, we are exposed to attack,” explained Flash Sentry.

“That's right, since I couldn't consider it, fear and doubt got the best of me this time,” Rumble thought as his bey stopped.

Luna: Survival Finish, the winner is Flash Heart.

Celestia: The score goes 0-1 in favor of Flash Sentry.

"All right, Flash," Twilight Sparkle encouraged.

“Looks like Flash did his homework and did a little digging,” said Sunset Shimmer.

“Looks like Rumble is in trouble,” said Button Mash.

“He'll find a way out of this,” Scootaloo told him.

Rumble picked up his bey and looked at Flash, "You're stronger than I expected."

“I won't have as much experience as you, but let your guard down just a bit and you'll get more surprises,” Flash replied as he placed his bey on his launcher.

"Thanks for the advice," Rumble thanked as he placed his bey on his launcher.

Luna: Second battle.

Celestia: Ready?

Rumble took a few steps back while Flash got into position.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

Rumble ran into the beystadium as Flash did his standing backflip.

And all the students shouted:


The bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, the moment they landed, they began to attack due to the nature of their type.

“Alright Flash Heart, don't break your offense,” Flash Sentry ordered as Flash Heart's attacks grew stronger.


Rumble was beginning to think, but he had to do it fast, since Cloud Slayer was outmatched by Flash Heart, he remembered that his speed was in his favor.


Cloud Slayer was thrown into a corner of the beystadium, but Rumble had an idea.

"That's it," Rumble thought.

“CLOUD SLAYER, SPECIAL MOVE, WING BLADE,” Rumble said as his bey went straight in a diagonal line, which confused Flash and the audience.

“Why did he use that attack, he's so far away from Flash Heart,” Spike wondered.

"Maybe he's planning something," Scootaloo replied.

“The angle, it's perfect, I get it,” said Button Mash.

Cloud Slayer rushed towards a corner of the beystadium, which he used as a ramp and propelled himself up.

"Is that supposed to do something?" Flash Sentry asked.

"You'll see," Rumble said, "Now Cloud Slayer."

"What?" Flash wondered when he looked up and understood what was happening, Cloud Slayer was descending like a meteor.

“Ahhhhh,” Flash yelled.

“WE HAVE THE VICTORY NOW, CLOUD SLAYER, MAX POWER,” Rumble yelled, and at that moment, his bey landed on Flash's.


“Very well,” Rumble said smiling, “We did it.”

But his smile faded as he listened to Principal Celestia's narration.

Celestia: Survival Finish, the winner is Cloud Slayer.

"Impossible," said Rumble seeing Flash's bey in one piece, after seeing it, he smiled, "He really is a tough guy, nothing can stop him."

Flash smiled upon hearing this, "You'll know I'm not going to lose."

"Uff, that was pretty close," Twilight Sparkle said.

In the distance was Thunderlane looking at him with emotion, "Don't give up Rumble, you can beat any opponent, no matter how strong he is or the tricks he pulls up his sleeve."

“Oh, what a thrill, I don't know what's going to happen in the next round anymore,” Scootaloo said.

Spike and Button Mash just watched nervously.

Luna: Last battle, only one will be the winner.

Celestia: Ready?

Rumble took many more steps back than last time as Flash got into position but this time, he seemed to lean more on his legs.

“Come on, Flash,” Rumble told him.

Flash nodded, “Bring it on.”

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium at infernal speed, while Flash jumped much higher, allowing him to do a double backflip.

"HOLY GEMS," Spike said.

And this time, only the bladers shouted:


The two of them launched their beys into the beystadium with all possible force.

Rumble and Flash landed at the same time as their beys.

“Impressive,” Rumble said.

"Even I was shocked, a little more and I break my neck," Flash Sentry said scratching the back of his neck.

“Flash, that was stupidly dangerous, don't do it again,” Twilight yelled at him.

“Sorry Twi, I just got excited,” Flash replied.

The 2 beys started hitting each other.



“FLASH HEART, GO GET HIM,” shouted Flash Sentry.


The 2 beys continued to attack each other with no sign that they were going to stop anytime soon.


“FLASH HEART, MAX POWER,” Flash Sentry ordered his bey, which moved even faster toward Cloud Slayer.

"THAT WON'T TAKE US DOWN, CLOUD SLAYER," Rumble yelled as Cloud Slayer also closed in on Flash Heart.


That caused a small explosion that made everyone present stumble.

“Gyahhh,” Spike and Button yelled at the same time.

“Ahhh,” Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity yelled at the same time.

"There's no way the two of them are still spinning after this," said Sunset Shimmer.

A kind of cloud of smoke was generated in the field.

Celestia: What happened here?

Luna: Sister look.

Celestia: It can't be.

Luna: The 2 beyblades keep spinning.

While that was happening, the bladers were starting to get tired, it was to be expected, using a lot of energy had exhausted them.

“Wow… I didn't think that…. You could withstand my attack,” Rumble told him wearily.

“For a child… you're very skilled,” Flash answered wearily.

“Hey, I'm technically a teenager, I'm 13 years old,” Rumble replied with a pout.

And at that moment the gym filled with voices cheering the bladers on.




They smiled.

"Well, I guess we have to continue this battle," Flash said.

“Of course, nothing would excite me much more,” Rumble replied.

"FLASH HEART, TIME FOR YOUR LAST ATTACK," Flash Sentry said to his bey.


“SHINNING IMPACT,” Flash Heart launched his best attack.

“WING BLADE,” Cloud Slayer launched his best attack.


The 2 beys collided again exploding the gym including several of its windows.

When the smoke cleared, no spectators could see any spinning beyblades.

"What happened?" asked Twilight Sparkle

What the...?" Spike and Button Mash asked.

Luna: Celestia, where are the beyblades?

Celestia: Lulu, I think you should look up.

Hearing that, all the students looked up, and saw that the 2 beys fell at the same time as they kept colliding in the air.

“GYAHHHH,” Rumble and Flash yelled in an attempt to keep their bey in the air.

“This is crazy,” Spike said.

“The winner will be the longest in the air,” said Scootaloo.

"LET'S GO," they both yelled at the same time.


"HE IS VERY…. STRONG." Flash said which also lost energy.

Suddenly, a sound was heard.


As his beys fell, Flash lost his balance and fell to his knees.

At that moment, Flash Heart landed outside the beystadium.

"So it all ends here," Flash thought with a smile on his face.

“WE… DID IT,” Rumble said and at that moment, he fell to the ground.

Luna: Ring Out, victory for Cloud Slayer.

Celestia: Which means that the winner of this battle with a score of 2 – 1 is Rumble.

The students applauded, happy and excited at such a show of power in that beybattle.

Luna: But let's not forget his opponent, who gave us a great show.

Flash walked over to Rumble, "You did very well."

“Thank you Flash, but, you didn't make it easy for me, I'm sure you would have advanced further in this tournament,” Rumble replied.

"There's nothing to be done about it," Flash told him, "I hope you have luck in your next battles."

Just then, they saw Spike, Button Mash, Scootaloo, and Twilight Sparkle approaching them.

“Rumble, it was amazing,” Button Mash told him.

"You almost gave us a heart attack," Spike told him.

“But you managed to get the win,” Scootaloo finished.

Rumble smiled, "Thank you guys, for everything."

Twilight approached Flash, "It was a great battle, no matter the result, for me you are the best."

Flash smiled, and then saw Spike approaching.

"Flash, that was awesome," Spike said.

"Thanks Spike, though I guess I'll get this far."

"Flash, you're a great blader, and I'm happy how far you've come," Spike told him.

Flash smiled, "Then everything will depend on you Spike, be careful, because the remaining bladers are very strong, they are your friends."

"I'll be careful" Spike replied with a smile as he gave Flash a fist bump.

Celestia: With this, we conclude the quarterfinals.

Luna: And it was too epic, but now, it's time to choose the lineup for the semi finals.

Luna pressed a button and the screen with the remaining 4 bladers appeared, she pressed the button again and the screen showed the following result.

Celestia: And these are the bladers that will fight in the semifinals.

Spike, Button Mash, Rumble and Scootaloo looked more closely than the others, at the screen, because they would be the next to fight.



"Button," Spike said looking at Button Mash.

“Spike,” Button Mash said as he looked at Spike.

The 2 were surprised, the friends were going to face each other.

But the ones who were the most surprised were Rumble and Scootaloo and when they exchanged glances, they both blushed.

Luna: The next round will be in 2 weeks, so we wish the bladers good luck.

Celestia: And we announce that due to the few battles, the finals will take place on the same day, which means that it will also be the last day of the tournament, we wish you good luck and see you.

Celestia and Luna withdrew.

The remaining 4 bladers knew that the next round would be one they would not forget.

Twilight and Flash were kissing in the hallway.

"Wow," Flash reacted to the kiss, "It's definitely a big consolation prize."

Twilight laughed, "I would have given it to you regardless of the outcome."

"I'm fine with that," Flash replied as he kissed Twi.

After the kiss ended, Twi asked him, "Hey Flash, even though you've exhausted yourself, you never lost your smile, why?"

"I wouldn't know how to answer you, Twi," Flash answered, taking out his bey, "You'd think I'm crazy, but Flash Heart gave his best, I'm feeling it, that's why I'm happy and I don't regret anything even if i lose."

“I don't think you're crazy, since this tournament started, I've realized how much it means, especially to Spike and his friends,” Twi said.

"Yeah, this is a special feeling," said Flash putting his bey in his backpack.

At that moment, Twilight left the place, "See you tomorrow."

"See ya Twi," Flash said goodbye.

“Things you can experience in the beyblade, mmm,” Twilight thought, and then an idea popped into her head, at which point, a smile spread across her face.

Half an hour later, at the Bey Store.

The door bell rang, which meant that a customer arrived, so Mr. Torch introduced himself and prepared to serve him, "Welcome to the Bey Store, how can I help you?"

But he was surprised when he saw the customer.

Ember, who was also there, was also surprised, "Twilight, it's weird seeing you here without Spike."

"Hello Mr. Torch, hello Ember, I'm not with Spike today, but I'm here to buy something," Twilight Sparkle replied with a smile.

Author's Note:

It was an intense battle, fun to write, hehe, the backflip Flash does is the one Cuza Ackermann does in Beyblade Burst Evolution.

There is little left to finish this great story, I calculate that there are less than 8 chapters left, the next one will be a more relaxed one but just as important for the development of a character in the sequel to this story.

And now that I realize it, I swear that was not my intention, but, all the opponents that Rumble has faced in the tournament, are Pegasi in Equestria, even I was surprised hehe.

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