• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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We are in a toy store, and we can see a 8 year old boy, who is amazed by a shelf, which was full of what seemed to be some kind of spinning tops, the toys that that child was seeing are called Beyblades.

The boy's name is Spike, he wore a purple t-shirt and green shorts with sports shoes, his skin was purple and his hair and eyes were emerald green.

The reason why he was in the toy store was because his parents decided to give him an award for his incredible grades, so they decided to buy him the toy that was in fashion at that time, a beyblade.

"Well sweetheart, choose the one you want, you earned it" said his mother with a lovely smile. His mother is called Twilight Velvet, she had light gray skin, moderate purple and lighter gray striped hair, light arctic blue eyes, and she wore a lighter gray long sleeve shirt underneath a gray sweater vest over a red shirt, a purple three star necklace, reddish violet cropped khakis, and dark reddish violet ballet flats.

“Ok mommy” Spike said as he looked carefully at the shelf, he had to choose a beyblade that he really wanted “mmmmmmmm i dont know wich one to choose”, At that moment, Spike's eyes stopped at a beyblade whose colors were similar to those carried by Spike, a beyblade whose attack ring was purple but its bit circuitry and its performance tip was emerald green.

But the strangest part was that it seemed that the beyblade was the one that called Spike, for a moment everything went dark and Spike could see an aura emanating from that blade, everything made sense now, that beyblade deserved to be with Spike.

Meanwhile, outside the toy store, an older man and a 10 year-old girl were sitting on a bench. The man was Spike's father, his name is Night Light he had darker blue skin, dark phthalo blue hair, moderate amber eyes, and he wore a blue striped flannel shirt with a orange tie underneath a navy blue sweater, and had grayish blue khakis, and black business sneakers.

The girl was Twilight Sparkle, Spike's older sister, she wore a light blue buttoned shirt and a purple skirt, she wore black school shoes, her skin was a purple similar to her little brother's skin, her hair He was 2-toned purple with a pink line and his eyes were a magenta color, she was reading a book waiting for her mother and lil brother.

A few minutes passed and it was when Spike and Twilight Velvet left the store, Twilight Sparkle ran to her little brother excitedly.

"Which one did you choose? Which toy did you choose?", She asked excitedly, Spike even without answering simply directed his hand to his pocket and took out the green and purple beyblade, he showed it to his sister with joy.

"His name will be Emerald Flame, I just came up with the name," Spike said.

“Wait what? Did you really choose that? Seriously Spike, if mom and dad would let me choose a toy I would have chosen something more useful, like a microscope or a calculator,” said Twiligth Sparkle with a tone of disappointment in her voice.
Spike just lowered his head and looked down, hearing his sister's response was a little discouraged, hearing that, Velvet decided to talk to her daughter.

“Sweetie, remember that this is a prize for your brother and he has the right to choose what he wants” Upon hearing that, Twilight Sparkle felt guilty for having yelled at her little brother, who was she to decide what Spike wanted? “Besides, i think is really cute, look at him Twilight, it has the same colors of Spike,” said Velvet.

“Youre right mom it fits for Spike” Twi approache her little brother “Im sorry for yelling you Spike, could you forgive me for how bad I was with you” Spike hugged her “of course Twi, I know you didn't mean it with bad intentions”

“Spike, why don't you show us how that thing works?” Night Light asked with a curious smile.

"Sure dad, ok all of you, prepare to be amazed," Spike took his launcher, set up the beyblade and secured it so it wouldn't fall off, then paused a little.

"Here I go" Spike felt the energy flow through his body, at that moment he pulled the launcher string and yelled ...


The beyblade began to spin, astonishing his entire family, Spike could only smile when he saw how great his new toy was.

5 years later

“Spike, Spike, earth to Spike........ SPIIIIKEEE” a voice yelled his name.

"Ahhhhh, what, what, what happened?" Spike woke up from his dream and saw that he was in a classroom, Spike now with 13 years old, was much taller and wore an open purple jacket, with a yellow shirt which had the drawing of a green Japanese dragon in the center, he had long black pants, and he wore blue tennis shoes.

"The class ended 5 minutes ago" said a boy of the same age as Spike, who was brown skinned with orange hair, he wore an open brown jacket, he had a red shirt with the image of a joystick in the center, He wore black pants similar to Spike's and he wore red tennis shoes with blue lines, the boy was Button Mash, a friend of Spike and one of the few who shared his passion for the beyblade.

“Oh really???, well i think i see you tomorrow, see ya” Spike said goodbye to Button to go to his home “See you later Spike” said Button.

Spike left Canterlot High, but it seemed like someone was waiting for him at the exit.

He was a boy with indigo blue skin with orange hair, he wore a short-sleeved black shirt with the image of scissors in the center, he wore gray pants, that boy was Snips.

"Oh hi Snips, I think I know why you were waiting for me, you want a rematch" Spike said with a winning smile.

"Of course you do, and this time you won't beat me or my faithful companion Crazy Scissors" Snips pulled an indigo blue and yellow beyblade from his pocket, Spike had a confident look and was up for battle.

"Alright then let's go outside" Spike said as he left the school with Snips following him.

The two of them were placed in a position similar to that of a wild west duel.

“Ready” said Snips.

“Ready as il ever be” said Spike, then both placed their beys in the launcher

Both yelled at the same time:


The 2 beyblades fell into the beystadium that Spike had brought in his backpack then the beyblades were hitting each other as they kept spinning.

"You're going to lose this time, Scissors, don't hold back and attack him with everything you have" Snips said as his beyblade began to move faster and hit Spike's beyblade harder.

However, Spike's confident gaze didn't go away, he just said "You've trained very well Snips, but you can't do anything against Emerald Flame"

Spike's bey began to glow and move faster than Snips's, and that's when Emerald Flame rammed Crazy Scissors so powerfully that it sent him flying out of the stadium.

“RING OUT” yelled Spike

"Grr someday you will pay for this, dragon boy" Snips took his bey and ran from the place.

Well that was fun, but it's time to go home. Spike proceeded to leave

On the way he met his sister, Twilight Sparkle, she had grown up too, she wore a buttoned shirt even more formal than when she was 10 years old, she wore black high boots and a purple skirt, in addition to having grown her hair to her shoulders.

"Spike, where were you? I was waiting for you at the back exit but you never came, so I decided to go home by myself," Twilight said.

"Sorry Twi, I had to attend to some business," he said looking away

Twi became suspicious until reaching an obvious conclusion "Don't lie to me Spike, you got distracted with that little game of yours right"

Spike only replied "Well yes, but you must understand that it is more than just a simple game"

"Spike, you're already 13 years old, you should think a bit about your future, what you want to do, but you waste your time with those spinning tops" said Twilight in a calm way.

"Yes mom," Spike said sarcastically.

Spike did not think much about his future, of course he had certain talents such as cooking, or drawing but he never saw himself living on either of those 2 things.

What the green haired young man did not know is that he could soon take advantage of one of his greatest talents.

Meanwhile at Canterlot High, Principal Celestia was printing some papers.

"It's ready Luna"

"I'm sure it will surprise a lot of students," said Vice Principal Luna, smiling.

In the papers that had been printed the following could be read:

Canterlot High Beyblade Grand Tournament.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my first fic in English, I decided to make a fanfic about beyblade with MLP, because there were already many YuGiOh with MLP, besides it would be very difficult for me to write a YuGiOh fanfic because I speak Spanish.

But I hope everything turns out well in this story.

In this story there will be no bit beasts, but it does not mean that it does not have a certain magical touch, also I also wanted a story where Spike can show off without being a self insert of the author

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