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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 9: Memories in a Flash

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my fic, I want to thank you with all my soul for being interested in my story.

Many will wonder why I didn't go straight into battle and instead did a Flashback episode.

I decided that before showing some battles, I am going to write some flashback chapters with the important characters in this story so that they understand why they are important in Spike's life.

Today's chapter and the next one are a tribute to the author who inspired me to write this fic, it's my way of thanking him for everything, I just hope he continues to treat Spike well in his stories hehe.


8 months ago.

12-year-old Spike had gone out to the schoolyard, the classes had finished, he always waited for his sister in that place so that the two of them would go home, however the minutes passed and Twilight did not appear, tired of waiting he decided to go back inside to see if Twi was in any of the classrooms.

In one of them, he heard Twilight's voice so he decided to take a little look, what he saw surprised him, Twilight was kissing a boy with yellow skin and blue hair combed back, he was wearing a black jacket, with a white shirt that had a symbol of a shield with a lightning bolt and carried a guitar case with it.

Spike decided to move away to avoid being discovered eavesdropping but at that moment he bumped into someone who was passing by.

She was a girl with intense yellow skin and orange hair that looked like a flame.

"Ouch," the girl said.

"Oh I'm sorry, it was my mistake," Spike said as he helped the girl pick up the books she had dropped when the two of them fell to the ground.

There Spike noticed that the girl was accompanied by 2 other students, a boy with light blue skin with navy blue hair and a girl with greenish blue skin with white hair.

The girl who bumped into Spike told him "Don't worry, accidents happen, just ……" that's when she interrupted herself, "Hey, you're from elementary school, right?"

"Well yeah, but its my last year actually," Spike replied a bit confused, as she asked in an authoritative tone.

"I'm sorry, but elementary students can't be here without special permission," the girl said, this made Spike freak out a bit.

The boy with light blue skin tried to calm the situation "Come on Spitfire, I don't think he's breaking a rule because classes are over, just let him go."

"Yeah I'll just go and you can forget you even saw me, see you next time," Spike said as he left, but Spitfire had taken it from his jacket preventing the boy from escaping.

"You're not going anywhere, stupid, except Vice-Principal Luna's office," Spitfire said without letting go of Spike.

"Anywhere less here" Spike yelled trying to get away.

"Good, then you'll deal with me," Spitfire said.

"PLEASE, PRINCIPAL CELESTIA, VICE PRINCIPAL LUNA HELP," Spike asked for help but it didn't seem to work.

"Uh ???, what was that?" Asked the boy who kissed Twilight.

"Mmm, it looks like it's coming from the hallway, let's see," Twilight Sparkle said and the two headed for the hallway.

There was her little brother Spike, being dragged by the legs by Spitfire, who seemed to be losing his patience.

"I'll take care of this, you seek help," he told Twilight.

"It has to be a joke, she always does this Fleetfoot, this is the sixth child she takes by the legs," said the blue-skinned boy to the greenish-blue girl.

"It's something we can't help Soarin, you still have to admit it's funny when she does it, hahaha," Fleetfoot said with a laugh.

"Listen, this is all just a big misunderstanding," Spike said as he was dragged down the hall.

"Oh really, then why aren't we trying to make sense of this situation," Spitfire said as she dragged Spike off his legs.

"Hey leave him alone," came a scream.

“Flash Sentry? What do you want, you can't see that I'm busy, ”Spitfire said as she held onto Spike's legs.

"Yeah, I see, you're busy, busy kidnapping children," said Flash Sentry.

"He broke a rule," Spitfire said.

"I bet he hasn't done something so bad that you have to take him against his will," said Flash.

"Precisely," a voice was heard.

The students turned to see that they were the principals accompanied by Twilight Sparkle.

"Spitfire can you please let go of Spike," ordered Vice-Principal Luna.


"He didn't break any rule Spitfire, because classes ended 15 minutes ago," Principal Celestia interrupted.

Nervous, Spitfire released Spike and quickly proceeded to retreat along with Soarin and Fleetfoot, after which Spike got up off the ground and thanked everyone for saving him.

A few minutes later, Spike and Twilight were returning to their house, but they were not going alone, Flash was accompanying them.

"Wow, that girl, Spitfire, is really scary," Spike said.

"Arguably yes, she's not the quietest," Twilight replied.

"At least this is her senior year, you're lucky," said Flash.

"Oh right, I guess I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Spike, Twilight's brother, nice to meet you, Flash right?" he introduced himself while offering his hand as a formal greeting.

"Yes, Flash Sentry, nice to meet you, Spike," Flash accepted Spike's greeting by shaking his hand.

Flash continued “I am Twilight`s emmm …… ..”

"He is my boyfriend Spike," Twi cut him off.

Although at this time that was already very obvious, that revelation surprised Spike, he did not think that his sister would be able to take that first step that many talk about, although without saying anything to anyone, Twilight's relationship reminded him of the love that he could never find, realizing that Rarity didn't feel the same way about him.

The months went by and the bond between Twi and Flash was strengthening, also, Flash ended up becoming a great friend to Spike along with Button Mash and Big Mac, it could even be said that their relationship was similar to the one that Twilight had with Cadence, sometimes when Twilight was not available, Flash and Spike spent the time playing video games, and even managed to learn things from each other, Spike managed to awaken a small part of musical talent playing the piano, when Flash gave him small classes and Flash got good grades in cooking class thanks to some tips Spike gave him.

But one day.

Twilight and Flash were at the mall, they were leaving the theater to go home, Twilight knew that Spike was there too, so they decided to find him to go home.

Spike was in the Beystore, he as always had the advantage over his opponent, Snails.

At that moment Twilight and Flash entered the store, this was not the first time that Twilight entered, she had already entered many times, although they were all to pick up Spike, not because she was interested in the game.

But Flash was surprised in the store, he had never seen a place like that, he saw that the customers who were there were very diverse, from small children to young people of the same age as him, there were even adults there, all enjoying the wonders of the beyblade sport.

"This place is amazing Twilight, what is Spike doing here?" Flash asked.

Twi, who was curious by her boyfriend's amazement, replied, “Well, this is the place where Spike spends most of the time when he is not playing with Button Mash, this is where beyblade is played, a little game that Spike likes it a lot, you use a kind of spinning top to fight another opponent, the first top to stop or get out of the ring loses, it's a very simple game."

Flash hearing that generated a certain interest, "Well, it seems to be a simple game, but people seem to take it seriously, I mean, just look at Spike."

Twilight turned to visualize her little brother who had a beybattle.

"NOW EMERALD FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled as his bey attacked Snails' beyblade.

And in the blink of an eye, Snails's beyblade fell apart into pieces.

"No Spyral Shell, how could I lose," Snails said as he watched Spike grab his beyblade "Hey, I want revenge, I won't let this stay that way, dragon-boy."

"Ughhhhh fine, but this is the last one, I already beat you 4 times," said Spike a little frustrated preparing for the next battle.

At that moment Twilight arrived and said, "Spike, it's time to go."

Spike turned to Snails and said, "Sorry my friend, make it another time," then Spike proceeded to leave with Twilight.

"I am not your friend," Snails yelled, "I am your nemesis."

Spike realized that Flash was there too "Oh hi Flash, I see you came too."

"Hey Spike, that battle was amazing, how you did it, it seemed out of this world," said Flash enthusiastically.

"Well, with a little practice you can play this sport, but the most important thing is to have the spirit of a blader, have the necessary passion and you will achieve great things," Spike told Flash.

Twilight said: "I doubt this is a sport, Spike, but hey, we have to go, we're late, come on Flash, I'll accompany you to …… .. Flash?" Twilight said confused to see that Flash was no longer with them.

Meanwhile in the Beystore was Flash, looking at some beyblades on the counter, many looked great to him but he could not decide on any.

"Do you need help boy?" asked Mr. Torch.

"Well, I'd like to buy one, but I'm a beginner, I don't know which one to choose," Flash replied.

"Well, in this game there are 4 types, ATTACK, STAMINA, DEFENSE and BALANCE, each type has its strengths against other types as well as weaknesses, but the BALANCE type has no strengths or weaknesses," he said while Flash kept looking and in that moment happened.

While Flash was looking at the ATTACK type beyblades, one of them seemed to stand out from the others, that beyblade was yellow, its performance tip and center were an electric blue color, but the strangest thing for Flash, was the fact that it seemed like the beyblade was calling out to him.

"Excuse me, but I think my eyes went to that one," Flash said as he pointed at the bey.

"Interesting, an ATTACK type, but something tells me you chose him for more than just the colors," Mr. Torch replied.

Flash didn't know what to say, but Mr. Torch kept talking.

"You know, many say that you don't choose the beyblade, it's the beyblade who chooses the blader and if that's true, it means that the blader chose you," he said as he handed the beyblade to Flash.

"Wow, thank you very much, I promise not to disappoint anyone," said Flash excitedly.

He quickly paid for the beyblade and proceeded to leave the store, where Twilight and Spike were waiting for him at the entrance to the mall.

"Hi guys," he said somewhat nervous as he forgot the fact that they were waiting for him.

"Where have you been," Twi and Spike asked at the same time.

"Well then, I guess I was getting ready to join the party," he told them as he showed them his new beyblade.

"It can't be," Spike said happily.

"It can't be," Twilight said in surprise.

"What do you think, it has beautiful colors, don't you think?" Flash said.

"Did you buy a beyblade?" Twilight asked.
"Yeah, I'd like to see how this plays out, plus I think Spike can teach me a bit," Flash replied.

"This is great," Spike said, he couldn't believe the Flash would be interested in the beyblade.

"Ummm, ok, I guess it looks cute, just like Spike's, this one has your colors on it," Twilight said.

"By the way, you named it, a lot of bladers name their bey, it's bad luck if you don't," Spike said.

"Spike, those are just superstitions," Twilight said.

"Hey, luck is a benefit factor too," replied Spike.

While the siblings argued, Flash was thinking about what to name his beyblade, while he was looking at it from the corner of his eye, something happened that many would describe as magical.

Flash saw his beyblade shining and without knowing why, in his mind he visualized the image of a creature, a twenty foot high silver robotic humanoid dragon, with light blue armor and orange trim on its arms, legs, chest and shoulders, from its shoulders and it wore a red scarf which was emblazoned with the same symbol as the one on Flash's shirt.

And suddenly Flash blurted out a few words, "Flash Heart."

The siblings stopped their discussion and asked him what he said.

Flash replied, "I already have a name, he will be called Flash Heart."

Spike was amazed, for some reason the name fit very well with Flash's personality.

Twilight just smiled, it seemed like Flash would enjoy this.

And so Spike and Flash's friendship grew stronger, seeing that both had the passion of a blader, although Flash always said that he still did not feel ready to fight other bladers, he just spent it with Spike, looking for a way to beat him, which he never achieved, since Spike was very good, but that did not discourage Flash, on the contrary, it pushed him to always want to improve to be just as strong as Spike.

Present time.

Everyone in the gym was looking forward to the next battle.

Celestia: Alright, time to introduce today's bladers, in the red corner, a guy who has a great musical passion for him, he's probably even more talented than the Rainbooms.

"HEY" Rainbow Dash yelled from the benches, apparently that comment offended her.

"I'm sorry for my mistake, well he'll surely surprise us, 15-year-old Flash Sentry," Celestia finished narrating.

Flash approached the center of the gym, he was nervous, not as nervous as Spike was in his battle but he was close to that, he visualized Twi and her friends in the stands encouraging him.

"You can do it Flash," Twilight Sparkle screamed.

And from the benches, Spike was cheering him on.

"Do your best Flash, remember to give your all in any battle."

Then Luna announced her opponent.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a mysterious boy about whom little is known, but we should not underestimate him, according to rumors that have spread, he is always on fire for a beybattle, 15-year-old, Heath Burns.

To the center of the gym, Heath approached, he walked with a very serious expression, but there was a bit of an expression of hatred, Heath was a boy with lilac skin, he wore a red jacket with black pants with a reddish tone, he had red hair combed up looking like a flame, Flash thought he looked very rough, so he would be careful this time.

“Inspect your opponent's bey,” Vice-Principal Luna said.

Flash took Heath's bey and vice versa, Heath's bey seemed normal, it was not altered but there was a detail that made Flash uncomfortable, the metal of beys generally feels cold, but when touching Heath's bey, Flash felt that his metal was hot, but even with that hesitation, he gave back his beyblade.

"Everything seems fine," Flash said as he handed back his bey.

Heath had finished inspecting Flash's bey and Flash sneered "Hehe this is your beyblade, it's pathetic."

"What?" Flash asked.

"I mean this battle will be a waste of time, you are going to lose so don't bother participating," Heath replied.

"You don't know me, you don't know what I'm capable of," Flash said angrily.

"Of course I know enough, but if you're not going to give up, then I will make your soul burns in hell," Heath said seriously.
Flash just looked at him maliciously.

“It is time for the countdown,” Principal Celestia announced.

All students counted




They all shouted:


The battle started, could he put Heath in his place? or maybe the latter is keeping a secret?

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