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Since I was little I have been a fan of video games, anime, cartoons, comics, tcg, etc. But in 2019 i became a brony.


Chaotic, a card game where your creatures fight each other to determine who is the winner.

In this short story of 2 chapters, you will witness the exploits of a young man who is fascinated by dragons, he will enter the world of Chaotic where he will make new friends and have exciting battles.

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I remember I liked Chaotic before it was canceled. I have found a few crossovers with it on this site, but it is interesting to see the game reinvented with actual mlp characters as the creatures.

I fondly remember watching Chaotic on TV years ago.

I think this is the only Chaotic fic where Spike plays the game(well technically).
The other few Chaotic fics are left uncertain especially since they seem to be left hanging.

Yes, in addition to practicing my writing, I also wanted to make Spike play, I hope you like it.

Yes, that's why I decided to use real names, I hope you like the fic.

im surprised anyone remembers this show.

I really love this merge chaotic and equestria world you made. Can't wait to see more.

Thanks, im glad you like it, it was more easy for me to change all the creatures in Perim for the 3 races of ponys of Equestria + dragons.

I only watch a few episodes but i remember it was a very good show.

Are you going to include the changling maybe similar to the marrilians from chaotic?

If you need help I can help! I watched the three seasons of the show.

Well, this is a one shot, but i really like your idea, maybe in the future i can write a sequel abouth a Changeling Invation

Glad Spike won.

This was pretty fun to read.

Your story deserved this song:

or this:

Hope there are more to come.

Nice. I would like to see a full series based on this.

Chaotic was a awsome show to watch when I was younger.
Ya know, you should make a sequel to this.

Lovr the idea of turning the characters of Equestria into playable characters of Chaotic.
Hope to see more stories like this in future.
May your creativity continue to run wild!

Love the idea of turning the characters of Equestria into playable characters, attacks, and gear similiar to what we seen in Chaotic.
I really hope to see more stories like this one in the near future, maybe even add a bit of sibling rivalry once in a while just for the fun of it.😉
With that said, may your creativity continue to run wild!

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