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Chaotic The Dragonic Warrior - MechaTomX

One-Shot about a young boy skilled in an online card game, but that simple game will be something bigger.

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The Rise of The Brave and Glorious

The battle of Sam (Spike) VS Rene (Rainbow Dash) continued, and things did not seem to be going well for the dragon boy.

“NOOOOOOOOO,” Sam (Spike) yelled as he fell from the tower.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) was flying over the tower and watching Sam (Spike) fall, "Hehe, at least you'll lose to me, little one, no one has ever beaten me in this castle, even if it's not my turf."

Meanwhile in the Chaotic wait room.

Brandon, Ray and Tara were watching the battle on a screen in the center of the room, they were worried.

“Come on Sam, bring out your inner Spike,” Brandon said.

“I know you can put up a fight with Rene,” Ray added.

"Sam, you can do it," Tara thought.

"Quick Sam, think, what can you do right now?" Sam (Spike) thought, but then remembered that it was a bipedal dragon, "Wait a minute, ughh, I hope this works."

As he fell Sam (Spike) saw his claws, and in a quick move, placed his claws on one of the tower blocks hoping it would break his fall.

“Grgggh,” Sam (Spike) moaned as he broke his fall by placing his claw on the block, his claw was powerful enough to resist.

“Holy Guacamole, that was close,” Sam (Spike) said as he jumped to the ground from a safe distance.

“It seems that you are tougher than you appear, but as I said before, I will not hold back,” said Rene (Rainbow Dash) who descended from above.

Sam (Spike) didn't know what to do, he was still scared, but then he remembered that this was a game and there could only be one winner, so he decided to put his guard up still trembling.

“Heh, I like it that way,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) replied at his action and she too put her guard up into a fighting stance.

The 2 stared at each other, tension was in the air.

Tara was sweating, she was very nervous, she was still worried about her little brother, even knowing that it was all a game and that no one would suffer real harm.

“Ray, this is amazing, I don't think I can take my eyes off the screen,” Brandon said.

After a few seconds of looking at each other, the battle definitely started.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) was the first to attack, landing a punch at Sam (Spike).

“Ahhhh,” Sam (Spike) yelled as he dodged the blow, by some sort of inertia, Sam (Spike) used his tail to trip Rene (Rainbow Dash).

“Whoaaw,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) shouted as she lost her balance, after recovering, she angrily directed her gaze at Sam (Spike) while the latter only responded nervously.

“Emmm…..sorry, you know with this tail…” Sam (Spike) said but was interrupted by a furious Rene (Rainbow Dash) who approached him yelling, “Gyahhhhhhhh.”

“Uh oh,” was all Sam (Spike) could say before taking the hit.

The impact was enormous, Sam (Spike) received the impact of the blow which sent him flying to the city of Canterlot through a window.

"Ughhh, I'm getting sick of this," said Sam (Spike) who seemed to lose patience.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) easily reached him since she could fly.

“Okay, if that's how you want to play it,” Sam (Spike) said to Rene (Rainbow Dash) who was still up in the air.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) looked at him confused but intrigued at the same time.

"I hope this works," Sam (Spike) thought as he put his hands together, suddenly a small green flame was generated, after that, Sam (Spike) yelled, "FIRE STORM."

Sam (Spike) released from his hands a kind of rain of green flames which were directed towards Rene (Rainbow Dash).

“Whoa,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she used his flying abilities to dodge each of the flames, Sam (Spike) frowned as his attack missed.

“So you've learned how to play, but you'll need something better to defeat me, something more effective than blazes,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said with an evil grin on her face.

Sam (Spike) looked at her and quickly formulated a plan, he began to climb up one of the houses in the city.

“Now what is he doing?” Tara, Ray and Brandon said at the same time.

Without waiting another second, the Dragon boy climbed to the roof of the house and from there jumped towards the Pegasus girl with the intention of hitting her.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) laughed, "That's a desperate tactic mate, it doesn't work on me," she said and then yelled, "LIGHTNING SPEAR."

Suddenly a spear that seemed to be made of electricity materialized in the hands of Rene (Rainbow Dash).

Sam's (Spike) eyes nearly popped out of his scaly skull as he saw an electric spear going to stab him, but he couldn't stop himself because he was jumping.

“TAKE THIS,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she impaled Sam (Spike) with her spear, but upon receiving the impact, the Dragon boy only smiled, this made the Pegasus girl uneasy.

Suddenly Sam (Spike) began to disintegrate and only purple scales remained, Rene (Rainbow Dash) understood what happened, but it was too late to react.


Rene (Rainbow Dash)was attacked by a powerful punch to the face from Sam (Spike), which came from behind.

“Ouch, that hurt,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) replied as she looked at Sam (Spike), then turned to confirm that there were still scales on the ground, she giggled, “Hehe, that's clever, a clone of scales, nobody had managed to deceive me like that.”

"Thanks Rene, or should I say Rainbow Dash," Sam (Spike) replied with a smile.

“However, you have only experienced 20% of my power,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) declared.

"What?" asked Sam (Spike) scared.

“SKYQUAKE,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she brutally hit the ground as she descended, generating an earthquake that sent Sam (Spike) reeling.

"Take this," shouted Rene (Rainbow Dash) as she threw another punch at Sam (Spike), as he was trying to keep his balance, he couldn't dodge the blow.


Sam (Spike) took the hit, but he stayed on his feet.

“For Palutena's sake, he took a hard punch from Rene, it's official, the dragon boy lost his mind,” Brandon said in amazement.

"And he's still standing, when have you seen someone still standing after one of her attacks?" Ray asked.

Sam (Spike) reacted quickly, he remembered he had his tail, so he used it to smack Rene (Rainbow Dash).


Rene (Rainbow Dash) managed to slow down the tail a bit, although he did manage to hit her.

The battle continued, Sam (Spike) had already got used to the game so he could use his power easily, that made Rene (Rainbow Dash) excited, "Come on little one, don't hold back."

Sam (Spike) smiled and replied, "As you wish."

Suddenly, the city of Canterlot trembled before the confrontation between 2 powerful creatures of Equestria, a Dragon against a Pegasus, blows were thrown and blocked as well as kicks, there were times when the 2 used their unique parts to attack, Sam ( Spike) used tail swipes while Rene (Rainbow Dash) used her wings to generate gusts of wind.

“FIRE STORM,” Sam (Spike) yelled, as he unleashed a rain of green flames.

“GOD TYPHOON,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she summoned a storm that doused the dragon's flames, also causing it to be struck with lightning.


"AHHHHHH," Sam (Spike) yelled as he was struck by the lightning.

As Sam (Spike) was recovering from the damage, he saw that Rene (Rainbow Dash) was preparing to throw a kick at him.

Sam (Spike) didn't have time to think so he did the first thing that came to mind, kick Rene (Rainbow Dash).

“Gyahhhhh,” they both yelled at the same time as they both launched their kick at the other, their legs colliding with their opponent's legs avoiding the impact of damage.

Sam, you shouldn't have done that, Tara thought.

The 2 were still in the same position, with one leg raised that connected with the leg of their rival, but then, Sam (Spike) felt a pain in his foot.

“OUUUCHHHH,” Sam (Spike) yelled in pain as he rubbed his foot.

"Hehe, seriously, how did you think it would end?" said Rene (Rainbow Dash), “I remind you that I am wearing boots made of gold, solid gold, while you are barefoot, obviously it was going to hurt a lot.”

But then, something that no one expected happened, Rene's (Rainbow Dash) golden boot began to crack, until it completely disintegrated, "What?"

“Ughh, looks like I'm stronger than you think, Rene,” Sam (Spike) stated while still rubbing his leg.

“Clever,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) replied with a smile as she removed her other boot.

"Huh?" Sam (Spike) said.

“I won't be able to get comfortable in just one boot, which means we're even now,” said Rene (Rainbow Dash) who was now barefoot along with Sam (Spike).

"Oh no, bad news for Sam," Ray said worriedly.

“Why would it be bad news? Now Rene has lost some of her armor, she's a little more vulnerable,” Brandon replied.

"I know how those who use the Pegasus tribe, it is true that when we lose part of the armor we are more vulnerable, but it also means that we are faster, now Rene will be able to dodge Sam's attacks easily," answered Ray.

“Oh no, that is bad news,” Brandon said.

“NECROSHADE CLAW,” Sam (Spike) yelled as his claw turned black with purple tinges, then he charged at Rene (Rainbow Dash).

But before the Pegasus girl received the impact of the shadow claw, it disappeared in an instant, which surprised the Dragon boy.

“Did she teleport?” Sam (Spike) asked himself, but the question was answered instantly, when Rene (Rainbow Dash) appeared from behind.

“SKY FIST,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as several blue feathers appeared on her fist, then proceeded to punch Sam (Spike).

“Gahh,” Sam (Spike) yelled as he took the hit.

At that moment Rene (Rainbow Dash) disappeared again.

Sam (Spike) was on guard, waiting for Rene (Rainbow Dash) to appear behind him.

But it failed.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) appeared on top of him, and attacked him again, “SKY FIST”.

“AHHHHHHH,” the Dragon boy yelled as he was hit again by one of the attacks.

"Hehe, it's not teleportation, it's something else Sam, it's my super speed, thanks to not having my boots I can move much faster than I already was," said Rene (Rainbow Dash) as she disappeared again.

"Oh no," Sam (Spike) said.

“LIGHTNING SPEAR,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as the spear shocked Spike.


"GYAAHHHHHHHHHHHH," Sam (Spike) yelled.

“Looks like I got you, little dragon,” René (Rainbow Dash) said.

And suddenly, something that started as an epic battle turned into a brutal beating, which the Pegasus girl was inflicting on the Dragon boy.




Rene (Rainbow Dash) was throwing her attacks left and right, and the poor boy couldn't dodge them due to the girl's speed.




It was all Sam (Spike) could do, moan in pain, until one of those attacks sent him flying back towards Canterlot Castle.

"This is crazy, how can Sam even could touch her?" Ray asked.

“He'll have to think of something if he wants to win,” Brandon answered a bit dejectedly.

Tara was sweating even more.

"Grggghh, I gotta do something quick," Sam (Spike) said to himself, but then he remembered something, "Wait a minute, that's it, my Gravity Shield."

In the distance he visualized that Rene (Rainbow Dash) was approaching him, so he got ready, from one of his scales he took out a kind of white shield that had the number 9.8 ms2 in the center.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) approached the scene ready to continue attacking Sam (Spike), "So there you are."

Sam (Spike) waited for the moment and when he saw Rene (Rainbow Dash) disappear from his field of vision, he covered himself with the huge shield.

“TAKE THIS,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she threw a punch at Sam (Spike), but instead of hitting him, she slammed into the shield.

“Uh oh,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said as she was dragged to the ground.

"It worked, now take this," Sam (Spike) said and then proceeded to attack her, "NECROSHADE CLAW."

“GYAHHH,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she took the hit from the shadow claw.

"Wait a minute, what happened there?" Ray asked.

"He used the Gravity Shield," Brandon replied.

“Umm, Gravity Shield?” Ray asked again.

“A shield that makes flying creatures lose their flight for a short time, which means Rene will have to be careful before she wants to hit my little brother again,” Tara replied cheerfully.

“Grrr, damn,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) groaned as she recovered from the attack.

“I'll prove that I'm not a weakling, Rene,” Sam (Spike) said determinedly.

"Then I'm going to have to use this, I didn't think I'd need it, but you brought it on yourself," Rene (Rainbow Dash) stated and she said "I'M GOING TO USE MY MUGIC, SONIC RAINBOOM."

Sam (Spike) freaked out even more when he heard that, "SHE'S GOING TO USE A MUGIC."

“SHE'S GOING TO USE A MUGIC,” Ray, Brandon and Tara said at the same time, all 3 were surprised.

"I've never seen Rene use a Mugic, it means it's all over for Sam," Tara said worriedly.

A blue hexagon appeared on top of Rene (Rainbow Dash).

Sam (Spike) tried to put his guard up but it was useless because Rene (Rainbow Dash) had already started her attack.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) began to run at a devilish speed even without her wings and leaving a rainbow where she went.

“AHHHHHH,” Sam (Spike) yelled trying to use the Gravity Shield to stop her, unfortunately, when colliding with Rene (Rainbow Dash) the shield was broken.

"No," Sam (Spike) thought scared, as the shield was destroyed, Rene (Rainbow Dash) would regain her flight.

Suddenly, he felt pressure on his feet, he looked down and saw Rene (Rainbow Dash) holding him.

"Time for a big ride, little one," said Rene (Rainbow Dash) with a wicked smile, said and done, she took Sam (Spike) by the feet and with her flight began to rise taking the little dragon with her.

Sam (Spike) tried to fight back, but it was useless, "AHH, NOOOOO, LET ME GO."

Rene (Rainbow Dash) took Sam (Spike) and raised him until their faces were close, she looked into his eyes, there the Dragon boy could see the evil smile of the Pegasus girl which made him gulp.

"I'm going to have a lot of fun with you," Rainbow Dash declared to Spike while she caressed her scales.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) grabbed Sam (Spike) off his feet again and quickly accelerated to that same infernal speed leaving a rainbow.


“Do you want me to go faster? It will be a pleasure,” said Rene (Rainbow Dash) showing her tongue to Sam (Spike) who was now more scared than he was before since Rene (Rainbow Dash) had increased the speed.

“NOOOO, SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE,” Sam (Spike) shouted, Rene (Rainbow Dash) had had enough of his girlish screams, she wanted him to shut up, in the distance she saw a building and an idea occurred to her.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) stopped in midair, this made Sam (Spike) calm down a bit, but he was still scared, "What are you going to do to me?"

Rene (Rainbow Dash) just replied with the same evil smile from before, "Getting you ready for the craziest ride of your life, are you ready?"

Sam (Spike) wanting to escape shook his head, "I'm not sure I'd like this."

"And I'm not sure if anyone asked your opinion," Rene (Rainbow Dash) replied coolly and then yelled, "CHARGE."

"AHHHHHHHHH," Sam (Spike) yelled and then saw where they were going, "NOOOOO WAIT THERE'S A BUILDING THERE STOP I'M GOING TO CRASH."

“That's the idea, my little scaly friend,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) replied.

“NOOOOOO, STOP, STO……” Sam (Spike) shouted but before finishing, he collided with the building through the wall.


“AHHHHHH,” Tara yelled in fright as her little brother crashed through the wall of a building.

“Ouch, that must have hurt,” Ray said.

Sam (Spike) was paralyzed with pain, had injuries all over his body and could not stand.

“Wow, that was really crazy,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said, then she glanced at Canterlot Castle, “You know, I think I'm going to turn up the intensity, one wall couldn't beat you so what do you think of MORE WALLS. ”

“AHHHHHH, NOOOOOOOO,” Sam (Spike) wanted to crawl away since he couldn't walk, but Rene (Rainbow Dash) placed her foot on the boy's back preventing him from escaping.

"Where are you going? We're not done playing yet little one,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said comically as she grabbed Sam (Spike) by the feet again and lifted himself out of the building.

"It's time for you to lose, Dragon boy," Rene (Rainbow Dash) said as she dragged Sam (Spike) toward the castle.

"GYAHHH, PLEASE, NO MORE, I BEG YOU," Sam (Spike) begged as he approached the castle, he knew the place very well because he researched the history of the game and was able to calculate that he would at least go through 8 walls.

“NOW, RAINBOW DASH, RUSH,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) yelled as she moved closer to the first wall.

The only thing Sam (Spike) could do at that point was scream and hope the pain would pass quickly, “NOOOOO, PLEASE STOP RENE, SERIOUSLY, THIS HURTS SO MUCH, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

And so.


Sam (Spike) came through the first wall looking just as hurt as last time.

And suddenly.





Rene (Rainbow Dash) smashed Sam (Spike) into the following walls through them, each time he went through a look worse than before.

“NOOOOO, SAM,” Tara yelled, covering her eyes as she heard another CRASH, obviously Sam had gone through another wall.

"Dude, this is brutal," Ray said.

“I know, this isn't a battle anymore, it's a massacre,” Brandon replied.

Suddenly they saw that another wall was crossed, Tara covered her eyes, she can't bear to see how her little brother was tortured that way by one of her friends.

“AND FINALLY THE LAST ONE,” shouted Rene (Rainbow Dash) who slammed Sam (Spike) into the last wall.


Hearing the impact of the last wall, Tara took her hands off her eyes to take a small look, she shouldn't have done it because when she turned to the screen, Tara passed out.

The reason why Tara fainted was because now Sam (Spike) looked the worst, his eyes were completely white, he had more injuries and some teeth were missing, the most incredible thing about this is that he was still standing.

“Ughh….Ughh,” was all Sam (Spike) could say at the time.

“For a kid, you sure are a tough nut to crack, you've earned my respect Sam,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said, amazed at the boy's resilience.

After saying that, Sam (Spike) began to lose his balance and he fell to the ground face down.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) smiled, "Does that mean I win?"

But miraculously the Dragon was still conscious, and was thinking, “Come on, what can I do now, I can't move and I'm very hurt, but I'm not going to fall that easy….. Wait a minute….. that's it…. My Mugic, I haven't used the Mugic."

Discreetly, Sam (Spike) use his to summon the Mugic.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) realized it when she saw a green hexagon appear.

“He uses his Mugic,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said.

The Mugic was placed on top of the semi-conscious body of Sam (Spike) and suddenly began to release a shower of gold which completely bathed him.

"What's this?" asked Rene (Rainbow Dash) confused.

"Tara, look," Ray said as he tried to wake her up.

Tara woke up, "Tell me the fight is over."

“Actually it's something else,” Brandon replied.

Tara looked at the screen and was surprised to see the Mugic on top of Sam.

Suddenly Sam (Spike) stood up and replied, "It's my Mugic, Greed, it allows us to unlock the deadly sin that the Dragon represents, the more treasures we accumulate……."

Rene (Rainbow Dash) listened carefully to Sam (Spike) while she was on guard, the boy continued.


Suddenly Sam (Spike) began to transform, his green spines became more pointed, his fangs grew, his claws became even sharper and most notably, 2 purple wings sprouted from his back.

“He transformed,” Ray and Brandon said at the same time.

"The Brave and Glorious," said Tara.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) looked in amazement at Sam's (Spike) new form but she felt no fear, she felt excitement to face such a strong opponent, "That's the spirit, buddy, I won't be left behind."

Sam (Spike) smiled at that statement, "You still have another Mugic right, so use all your power."

“It will be my pleasure, come to me Mugic, Rainbow Power,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said as a rainbow hexagon appeared above her.

Suddenly Rene (Rainbow Dash) began to transform, lightning tattoos appeared on his feet, hands and face, his hair began to lengthen and his hairstyle changed to a more "radical" one but the most remarkable thing is that his wings grew, and painted with rainbow color.

Sam (Spike) wasn't scared either, he was excited for the upcoming epic battle between tribes.

The 2 looked at each other for several seconds until Rene (Rainbow Dash) launched the first move.

“LOYAL FIST,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) was walking toward Sam (Spike) with a rainbow-painted fist.

Sam (Spike) countered and his fist engulfed in green flames, "GREED FIST."

The 2 bumped their fists as if it were a very epic greeting.

Throughout the waiting room the players who saw that battle began to cheer for the 2, some were on Rene's side while others were on Sam's side.

"Let's go."

"You can."

“Fight with everything.”

Rene (Rainbow Dash) used her wings to create a stronger blast.

Sam (Spike) used his own wings as a shield to avoid being hit by the cutting wind.

“SCALE BLADE,” Sam (Spike) pulled out a sword that seemed to be made of his own scales.

“WIND BLADE,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) generated a cloud and from that cloud she took out a totally white sword.

Suddenly the sounds of clashing swords echoed throughout Canterlot.

Neither seemed to have the upper hand in that part of the battle.

“Who would have thought, a knife edge death match,” Brandon said.

Then they looked at the screen and in the collision of the swords, the 2 broke.

“You said,” Ray said sarcastically.

Both of them were tired, they could barely stand up.

“Come on little one, I'm not done yet,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) said.

"I know, I don't have much energy left, but I can still do this," Sam (Spike) began to gather many flames in his mouth.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) smiled, joined her arms and began to generate lightning in her hands and wings, "So you know how to use dragon breath, then, GIVE ME YOUR BEST HIT."

The 2 continued to charge their attacks with lightning and flames.

But Sam (Spike) managed to charge him first, before Rene (Rainbow Dash) could attack him, the Dragon boy launched his attack first.

“BERSERKER BREATH,” the Dragon boy yelled, then blasted fire from his mouth like a flamethrower.

“Gyahh,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) was sucked into the flames, but her willpower made her launch her final attack as well.

“RAINBOW LIGHTNING,” the Pegasus girl released many lightning bolts which hit the Dragon boy.

The spectators were speechless, they could not believe that they were still standing.

“GAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Sam (Spike) screamed in pain as he was electrocuted.

“GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Rene (Rainbow Dash) screamed in pain as she was burned.

And suddenly, the 2 exploded becoming lines of codes.

"What?" Brandon asked.

"Who won?" Ray asked.

Many viewers had been left confused.

Suddenly the 2 were teleported back to the battle drome, Sam and Rene had returned to being human, then the Chaotic logo appeared and announced the following.

"The winner is………….."

Sam and Rene were eager to hear the final verdict.

A screen appeared, and played the video of the battle in slow motion.

“……DragonFireXS,” said the logo.

Later in the video it could be seen that the Pegasus exploded half a second before the Dragon.

"I won?" Sam asked himself.

“SAM WON,” Brandon and Ray yelled at the same time.

"Sam," Tara said with tears in her eyes, "You did it, as your big sister, I'm so proud."

Once again, all the spectators applauded at such an epic display of power.

"I guess you won," Rene said smiling as she patted his head, "Tara wasn't wrong about you, you are a great player."

“Thanks Rene, but you didn't make it easy on me, you could say most of the game I was your punching bag,” Sam said smiling.

"Hehe, don't take it personally, all my opponents end up being punching bags to me, but you were the only punching bag that stood up."

Rene and Sam shook hands.

Sam was leaving the Battle Drome, outside Ray, Brandon and Tara were waiting for him with a smile on their faces.

“You see that, I was Spike and I breathed fire and had powers and….” Sam said as he gave a high-5 to Brandon and Ray.

“That was cardiac, you had us on the edge of our seats,” Ray said.

“And the best thing is that you beat a Game Master in your first battle, you will be a legend here,” added Brandon.

"Yes," Sam said and then took out his scanner and selected Spike's card, "Thanks to him I was able to fight even with the fear present, thanks Spike The Brave and Glorious."

In the distance, Tara was watching the scene with a smile and tears of joy, "Good job Sam."

Several days later.

In a river that was near Canterlot High, Sam and Tara were, they were wearing summer clothes, Sam was wearing a tank top and green shorts, Tara was wearing a lilac beach dress.

The two of them were sitting barefoot on the edge of river to feel the refreshing sensation of the water, for obvious reasons Sam was smiling, this was noticed by Tara.

"Do you have something to say?" Tara asked curiously.

“Well, it's just, all those stories I read on the internet, all those rumours, they were real,” Sam answered.

Tara just looked at him smiling while Sam continued.

"Chaotic is real, it's like a magical feeling, it may sound too egotistical but when I played this game for the first time, I felt like it was made for me."

As he said that, Sam pulled Spike's card out of his pocket to admire it up close.

Tara nodded, "I know what you mean little brother, there are times when I feel like it's the cards that choose us."

As she said that, Tara showed her a card of what appeared to be an anthropomorphic Unicorn who wore armor similar to Rainbow Dash's, her color was lilac with 2-tone purple mane with a pink line and she had a horn on her forehead. , that card was Twilight Sparkle, Tara's favorite creature.

Tara giggled.

"Huh?" Sam asked.

"It's just that according to the history of the game, Spike is Twilight Sparkle's assistant," Tara replied.

"You´re right, when Twilight Sparkle was very young she used her magic to open the egg that had Spike in it," Sam added.

"And from then on the two of them had great adventures and over time Spike was more than just an assistant," Tara continued, "He became Twilight Sparkle's little brother, just like your Sam."

"Yes, you're right, I just didn't have to go through so many dangers to earn that title," Sam replied, "But still, they always stick together when there's a possible threat to Equestria."

"Yes, and just like the two of them, I'll be by your side in Chaotic when you need help," Tara said.

Sam smiled, "I'll be by your side too Tara, no matter what happens, because you are always there for me all the time."

Moved by what she heard, Tara hugged Sam causing both of them to drop the cards on the floor, “And whatever happens, we'll get through it together.”

Sam hugged her back, "Together."

But suddenly Sam slips, in an attempt to avoid falling he grabbed Tara, the only thing he achieved was dragging her into the water with him.

"Whoa," Sam yelled.

"Ahhh," Tara yelled.


The 2 siblings fell into the water.

The 2 surfaced and caught their breath, as best they could.

Tara looked at Sam with a serious and annoyed look.

"Umm, sorry?" Sam said with a nervous smile.

Tara still was looking at Sam with the same serious and annoyed look.

"Yes, I know it was my fault but....." Sam said but this was interrupted by a splash of water that hit his face.


"Huh?" Sam asked.

Tara's expression went from serious to giggly, she started laughing, "Hahaha, you should have seen the look on your face."


Sam received another splash from Tara, he smiled and splashed water in Tara's face, "Ha, so you're looking to provoke the dragon?"


"Oh maybe it's you who doesn't know what messes with the most magical unicorn," Tara replied.

"Well, then, game on," Sam said as he took off his shirt and shorts, revealing that he was wearing purple swimming trunks, he was on guard as if it were a game in Chaotic.

Tara began to take off her dress revealing that she was wearing a purple bikini, she was also on guard as if it were a game in Chaotic.

The 2 siblings began to play in the river, splashing water in their faces laughing, and having fun.

"Haha take this."


"Hey thats cheating."


"All is fair in war Tara."

Without the two of them realizing it, Spike and Twilight Sparkle's cards were glowing and it seemed that were winking at them.


Author's Note:

Thank you all very much for reading this One shot, it was good to test my writing skills, I didn't expect it to be many words and who knows if I will do another One shot about a sequel to this one, only time will tell, for the moment I will concentrate but in my other fic, I wish you good luck in this 2022.

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