• Published 7th Jan 2022
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Chaotic The Dragonic Warrior - MechaTomX

One-Shot about a young boy skilled in an online card game, but that simple game will be something bigger.

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Into The Game

Author's Note:

Whats up, I hope that 2022 is treating you well, I did this because I wanted to try to write a simple 2-episode crossover One-Shot, so it occurred to me to use Chaotic as the main idea.

I chose Chaotic because although I did not see the whole series, I liked several of its chapters, so I took care of making it simpler and not complicating it with the involved Lore of the 4 tribes.

I hope you enjoy this reading.

By the way, I'm going to use real names in this story, since the Equestria names are from the cards.

Avoiding spoilers I will mention 4 characters with their real names and their Equestrian names.

Spike = Samuel James Sparks.
Twilight Sparkle = Tara Sparks.
Rumble = Ray Skyler.
Button Mash = Brandon Maxwell.

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you, if you are here, it is because you are interested in hearing the story of how my life changed thanks to my favorite game, Chaotic.

With nothing more to say, it's time to start this story.

Chaotic is a famous online card game where the battle is centered on four creature tribes: Unicorns, Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Dragons.

The objective of the game is to reduce the energy of that player's opponent's creatures to 0 through attacks, magic or creature abilities, the game will end when your or your opponent's last creature is defeated.

For a long time, for me, Chaotic was nothing more than a simple game, I was very wrong, to understand what I am saying, let's go back to the past, precisely yesterday.

Canterlot High (Yesterday).

Well I guess it's time to introduce myself, my name is Samuel James Sparks, I'm 13 years old, I'm a student at Canterlot High.

That day I was doing my favorite thing, playing Chaotic.

In the cafeteria, at a long table, there were 2 boys of the same age, they both had laptops on the table, one of those boys was Samuel, he was a boy with brown skin, green hair, bright green eyes, he had an incredibly sharp fang that stood out from the rest, he wore a purple jacket, a yellow sleeveless shirt, green shorts, and lilac shoes.

The other boy was one of his friends, Ray Skyler, he was a caucasian boy, he had black hair, grayish purple eyes, he had sunglasses on his forehead, he wore a gray tank top, black shorts and yellow sports shoes.

The 2 guys were playing Chaotic online and got ready to start the battle.

"Anytime you want Sam," Ray said.

"Prepare to lose Ray," Sam replied.

And the battle began.

"Smolder attacks Thunderlane with Dragon Claw", said Sam while on his screen you could see a card with the image of a bipedal orange dragon with an armor, next to the card was another with the image of a brass knuckle that resembled to the claw of a dragon.

The card then directed its attack on a card from Ray, which had the image of an anthropomorphic pegasus with black coat and white mane that also wore armor, but it looked like the streamlined type.

Upon receiving the attack, the Pegasus card was destroyed.

"Nice move, but that was just to warm up," Ray said, "Spitfire, attack Ember with Weather Sword."

Suddenly Ray took out a card that had the image of an anthropomorphic pegasus with yellow coat and orange mane that also wore streamlined armor, next to that card was another with the image of a sword in the middle of a storm.

The card aimed its attack at one of Sam's, which had the image of a blue bipedal dragon in golden armor.

Upon receiving the attack, the dragon card was destroyed.

Sam was unfazed "I did very well not to underestimate you."

The battle continued with their cards beating each other, until the 2 were only left with one card.

"I only have 10 energy points left," Sam said "Come on Spike, this is my last chance."

Sam selected his last card, a wingless purple bipedal dragon wearing a crystal armor.

"Spike attacks Rumble with Fire Storm," Sam yelled.

The purple dragon card attacked a card that had an anthropomorphic pegasus with gray coat and black mane in streamlined armor.

"NO," Ray yelled as he witnessed the Pegasus card being destroyed.

"I win," Sam said.

Ray sighed and then smiled, "It was a good game, you have skills."

Sam replied, "You fought really well too, I was just lucky."

Suddenly the sound of Sam's cell phone was heard, he checked it and saw that it had a message from the Chaotic website, it was a kind of code with the following letters and numbers:

D H T S P S G 7 8 6 X 3

"What's this?" Sam wondered.

"Luck helps skilled players," said an approaching voice.

Sam turned around and saw another of his friends, Brandon Maxwell, a boy with brown skin, orange hair, brown eyes, wearing a closed brown jacket and black pants.

"Hey Brandon," Sam greeted.

"Hey Sam, I see Chaotic finally recognized your talent," Brandon said.

"What are you talking about?" asked Sam.

“I mean with that code you can go to Chaotic,” Brandon replied, “If you use that code in your account, you will be transported to the battle dromes in Chaotic, where you can play with people from all over the world, this time live."

Sam was a bit skeptical, it was unlikely that all of that was true, but still he knew that Brandon would never try to fool him.

"But isn't that just a rumor?" Sam asked "One of those legends that you find on many websites?"

"Sam, this is as real as your protruding fang," Brandon replied.

Sam quickly covered his mouth, sometimes he was embarrassed that someone mentioned his fang, you could tell that Brandon was serious about this, so he decided to go to Ray, he just nodded, it seemed that Ray believed in that story too.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try," Sam said, but then he heard a female voice calling out to him.

"Sam, it's time to go," a girl with brown skin approached, 2-tone purple hair with a pink line, her eyes were purple, she wore a purple dress with black shoes, that girl was his older sister, Tara Sparks.

"Oh, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow," Sam said.

"You'll see us today," Ray added with a smile.

Streets of Canterlot.

Sam and Tara were walking back home, Tara was 16 years old, she was a bit overprotective with Sam, they were always holding hands when they walked down the street.

"So? Did you have fun with your friends Sam? " Tara asked "It's funny, you're one of the few people I know who uses Dragons on their deck, when they're supposed to be the most difficult tribe to use."

"Well yes, but when you master them they are just as good as the other 3 tribes," Sam replied.

Tara also played Chaotic, she specialized in Unicorns and you could say that she was as good as her brother, or better.

"Did something interesting happen today? I can see that you're very quiet, ”asked Tara.

Sam was going to answer, but then he remembered about the code, he did not know what to say, but he remembered that Tara always listened to him, so he would have no problem telling her what happened.

"Actually, I have something to tell you," Sam replied.

That was how he began to explain what had happened, from his battle to the mysterious code.

That revelation shocked Tara, to the point where she let go of Sam's hand and put both of her hands on her head.

"Oh no, why now, he's still very young," Tara thought.

"Tara, is something wrong?" asked Sam.

Realizing, she replied, "Sam, I don't know why, but if you think you're ready, then it's your decision."

Sam was surprised by the answer "So it's real and you know about that place."

Sam wanted to ask Tara more questions, but they had already gotten home.

A few hours later.

It was 8:00 p.m., Sam was in his room, he was preparing to travel to Chaotic, he put on black fingerless gloves and a yellow scarf.

"Alright, if this is real, I suppose it will be a bumpy ride," Sam said.

He turned on his cell phone and laptop, entered the Chaotic website, and began entering the code.

"This shouldn't explode I guess," Sam said as he pressed the access button on his cell phone, and he couldn't believe what happened next.

Suddenly, Sam felt that his mind was absorbed, he saw many numbers in his mind, as if it were a line of codes.

"AHHHHHHH," Sam yelled, until all that agitation stopped.


"Ughhh," Sam said as he woke up in a different place than his room.

The place where Sam currently was was a large room, there were other players there, some he recognized because they were his classmates, the place looked very futuristic, there were even robots that attended to several of the players.

"It can't be, I must be dreaming," Sam said excitedly.

One of the robots approached him and said, "Maybe new players don't have something more original to say than 'It can't be, I must be dreaming,' I guess that's an understandable reaction, in any case, welcome to Chaotic. "

Sam had froze at the thought that a robot was speaking to him, but then he heard voices that reassured him.

"Sam, you came," Sam turned and saw his 2 friends, Ray and Brandon.

"Guys, it was true," he approached them, happy and relieved.

"Ray reacted exactly like you did on his first day," Brandon said.

"Hey, it has to be seen to be believed," Ray replied.

“Come on, you have a lot to learn before your first battle,” Brandon said as the three of them walked through the Chaotic great room.

"What the hell is wrong with your outfit?" Ray asked.

"This? Doesn't it look good? " Sam replied as he adjusted his gloves and scarf.

"You look like an anime protagonist," Brandon said.

"Well, people like anime protagonists, plus I didn't want to look stupid," Sam replied.

Brandon and Ray just looked at each other upon hearing such a response.

Brandon and Ray were explaining to Sam how this whole place worked as they walked, but Sam recognized 7 girls in the distance.

"Tara?" Sam yelled, that caught the attention of his sister, who smiled and approached him, her 6 friends followed her.

"Hi Sam," Tara said.

"You knew about this too, but you didn't tell me," Sam said.

"Sam, I was going to tell you when you were ready, but I think Chaotic already considers you a worthy player at such a young age to be here, I'm sorry Sam," Tara replied sadly.

"Hey, don't worry, I'm not upset, besides it doesn't matter anymore, in fact, it will be fun because we can play together," Sam replied smiling.

Tara smiled and hugged him.

"So, are you good at playing here?" Sam asked, this made Tara's 6 friends giggle, Sam didn't understand why they were laughing so Ray had to explain.

“Sam, you are in the presence of the 7 best players in Chaotic,” said Ray pointing to Tara and her friends.

"They? Seriously?" asked Sam.

“Yes, they each use their tribes as if they were born with it,” Brandon continued.

Sam was so amazed that his sister had earned that title of one of the best players, there were no words to describe how she felt so he just said, "Wow."

Suddenly a sound came from Sam's cell phone, he checked, but was surprised.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CELL PHONE," Sam yelled when noticing that his cell phone had changed, now it had a bigger screen and it had changed to red.

"Relax dude, cell phones are useless here so they turn into Chaotic scanners, when you get back home, it will be cell phone again," Brandon said.

"I understand, but how do these scanners work?" asked Sam.

“They work because of ………” Brandon spoke up, but was interrupted by Ray.

"We'd better let you find out in your battle," Ray said as Sam checked his scanner, telling him he had a battle in 10 minutes.

"Well you have to continue, if you are late you lose Sam," Brandon said as the 3 left.

"Good luck Sam," Tara said.

"Thanks Tara," Sam replied.

"Yes, because you are going to need it," said one of Tara's friends.

"What?" Sam wanted to know who had said that, but it was late, they had already left the room.

The 3 boys were walking down a long corridor, in the distance you could see several buildings shaped like domes.

Brandon began to explain to Sam, “You see that, it's a Battle Drome, The Loyalty Drome to be exact, there are 7 Battle Dromes just like in the online game and each of the Drome has a Game Master, who is the most important player, most powerful and who leads the drome, it depends on the talent you have, you have more opportunity to face the Game Master. "

Ray continued with the explanation, "The Battle Dromes are, Forgiveness, Laughter, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty and Magic, so far no one has been able to beat all the Game Masters, although that could change."

“We will tell you more after your first battle,” Brandon said as they approached the door of the Loyalty Drome.

"But I don't have my cards," Sam replied.

"Trust me, you won't need them," Ray said.

"So this will be an Online match?" Sam asked looking at his scanner.

"Not exactly," Ray and Brandon said as they shoved Sam into the Loyalty Drome.

"Gahh," Sam yelled.

The Drome looked empty, almost everything was dimly lit, this made Sam uneasy.

"Hello, is there anyone here?" yelled Sam waiting for an answer.

Suddenly a sound was heard.

And as if by magic, the Drome began to light up, in the center of the Dome appeared the logo of the Chaotic website, the logo speak.

"Welcome to the Battle Drome Loyalty, Samuel James Sparks, username DragonFireXS, please come over and connect your scanner."

Sam walked over and placed the scanner in the slot that had put the Chaotic logo on it.

In the Chaotic wait room, Sam's friends were watching their battle through a monitor, they saw who his opponent would be and they were surprised when the numbers dialed were very high.

"Wait, that means ..." Ray said.

"Sam is going to fight a Game Master in his first game." Brandon continued.

"Oh no," the 2 said.

In the distance, there was Tara, she looked very worried about her little brother.

"Sam be careful."

"Very well, who will be my opponent?" asked Sam.

Before the logo could respond, its opponent appeared, entering the other door of the Drome.

Sam was shocked to see who it was.

She was one of her sister's friends, the girl she was going to face was 16 years old, she had brown skin, red eyes, a white sleeveless shirt with a lightning bolt in the center, blue denim shorts and sports shoes , but what stood out the most about the girl was her hair, which had the 7 colors of the rainbow.

The Chaotic logo introduced her.

"Rene Dashiel, username, Rainbow20%C00L3R, she is the Game Master of the Loyalty Drome."

Sam freaked out, but still kept calm, he didn't expect his first battle to be against a Game Master.

"My, my, what do we have here, so it's you Sam, you must be very good, so much so that the algorithm of the game selected me as your first opponent," Rene said smiling.

"Yeah, maybe it was luck, I guess," Sam replied nervously.

"Your sister says that you are one of the few players to use the Dragon tribe," Rene said.

"Um ... yeah, I like Dragons, they might be difficult to use, but I usually use ......" Sam said, but was interrupted.


“AHHHH,” Sam yelled, turning both sides, but saw no one.

"Down here."

Sam saw his scanner, there were Ray and Brandon on a video call.

"Don't talk about your strategy to Rene, she's your enemy at the moment," Brandon said.

"Oh, sorry," Sam replied.

Rene giggled.

The Chaotic logo spoke, "Players, select your creature."

Suddenly a touch screen appeared in front of Sam and Rene.

Sam touched his screen, there were many cards on the screen, then he realized that the cards in front of him were the same from his deck.

"Wow, what good special effects, there is my deck," thought Sam.

"Alright, it's time to set up your equipment," Brandon said from the scanner screen.

"Could you explain to me how this works?" asked Sam.

“It's the same as Chaotic Online, only instead of using a keyboard ……” Brandon replied while Sam used the touch screen to choose his cards “I think you got it, look, this will be a 1 vs 1 battle for being you the first time, choose a creature. "

"If I can only use one creature, then I will choose ..." Sam said as he selected the armored bipedal purple dragon card "My choice will be Spike."

"Good choice," Ray replied, "I'll give you some advice, Rene is like me, she's known for dominating Pegasi very well."

Rene was selecting his cards with a confident face, of course, Sam couldn't see them.

“If she uses a creature from the Pegasus tribe, her attacks are likely to be from the wind element, so he had better equip Spike with a Gravity Shield,” Sam said as he dragged a card that had a shield numbered 9.8 ms2 towards it Spike's card.

Meanwhile, Tara secretly watched Sam, "He seems to be well prepared, but will that be enough to give him a chance against Rene?"

Sam continued on the selection, "As for a Mugic, just in case i need a boost, maybe, um, oh, I'll pick this one, Greed," he said as he dragged a green hexagon onto Spike's card.

"All right, now choose the battlefield," Brandon ordered.

"Any of the places I have could do it, as long as it's not mountainous terrain, I don't want to give Rene an advantage," Sam said as he selected a card with a huge Castle in a city that looked from the Middle Ages.

After a few seconds, Sam and Rene had finished selecting their cards, the Chaotic logo spoke.

"Close your decks."

The touch screens disappeared and finally the cards were shown to both players through a touch screen that appeared in the middle of the room.

On the left, was Sam's field where only Spike's card was shown as it was a 1 vs 1 duel, and on the right side he could see the creature that Rene had selected.

It was a sky blue anthropomorphic pegasus with a rainbow mane, wearing a streamlined armor.

"Rainbow Dash," Sam said upon recognizing that card, was one of the strongest of the Pegasus tribe, perhaps even as strong as several leaders of the Dragon tribe.

"Well we're off, now you're on your own on this Sam, just wait until you see the best part," Brandon and Ray said goodbye.

Sam was doubtful "Wait, I thought this was the best part."

The Chaotic logo commanded Sam the first action.

"DragonFireXS, as this is your first time here, you will be the attacker, therefore you can choose the battlefield."

Sam selected the only battlefield available to him.


"Yes," Sam yelled as that field favored him, while Rene only had a bored face.

"Now DragonFireXS, choose your attacking creature and your target creature."

"I only have one option, Spike attacks Rainbow Dash," Sam said as he dragged Spike's card over to Rainbow Dash's.

The logo spoke again.

"DragonFireXS, touch your Spike card."

Sam proceeded to touch the card.

That's when the epic began.

Sam felt that his body was changing, he felt that he was getting taller, then he saw that his arms were glowing, after a few seconds the glow stopped, but he saw that his arms were now lilac.

"AHHHH WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME," Sam yelled scared.

Hearing that, Rene just laughed as his body glowed and wings began to grow on his back, "Hehe, newbie."

Sam was still scared as he witnessed that her legs also had a lilac color and saw that a crystal armor appeared, Rene's body had also changed, now it was a light blue color while she also had armor, Sam recognized those armor designs.

After he no longer felt changes in his body Sam used one of the reflective surfaces of his armor to see his reflection and what he saw left him shocked.

His green hair was now green scales and all his skin had been dyed a lilac color, his hands and feet had transformed into claws, green thorns sprouted from his back and shoulders, he was still walking on 2 legs and his muzzle changed, Sam now was a dragon.

But it wasn't just any dragon.

It was Spike the Dragon.

"OHHH, it can't be, I'm supposed to be Spike, where's the zipper on this thing? Someone take this suit off me," Sam yelled as he checked himself in the hope that his draconian form was just a cosplay, while fidgeting, he realized that he felt one more member in his body, he turned around and saw his dragon tail glued to him, which scared him even more, "AHHHHHHHHHHH."

Sam felt naked that way, of course, he had a crystal armor that covered his male parts, but that armor only consisted of shorts, knee pads and elbow pads, all made of crystal, in addition to only covering a small part from his exposed chest.

Rene had transformed into Rainbow Dash, her skin turned into a light blue coat, her height was equal to that of her human form, she also had a tail equal to her rainbow mane, the most remarkable thing were her 2 huge wings on her back which did not interfere with her armor, she had a gold armor which looked like a one-piece swimsuit, but the armor also had knee and elbow pads as well as spiked boots, all made of gold.

Rene laughed at Sam's reaction, "Hehehe, this is going to be a lot of fun."

The Chaotic logo spoke for the last time.

"DragonFireXS as Spike VS Rainbow20%C00L3R as Rainbow Dash in Canterlot, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN."

"Battle? That means we're going to… ”Sam (Spike) said.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) just nodded with a smile.

"But I don't hit women," Sam (Spike) said.

"Don't worry little one, this is safe, but I warn you, I won't make it easy for you," replied Rene (Rainbow Dash) clenching her fists.

Suddenly the 2 were teleported.

Back in the room.

Tara was shaking with fear.

"Don't be rough on him, Rene."

Brandon and Ray just stared at the screen.

"Fight Sam, or rather, fight Spike."


Sam (Spike) woke up in a castle full of windows, it looked like a castle of royalty, there he found out that he was in Canterlot Castle.

"Ok, let's go over everything Sam, you're Spike, you're in Canterlot and now you're fighting for your life, right now I wish I was at home playing Chaotic with my cards," said Sam (Spike) crying comically.

Suddenly Sam (Spike) heard a flapping, quickly got on guard and there was an explosion.


The roof of the castle was destroyed and from the sky, Rene (Rainbow Dash) came to the battle, she dominated the flight with his wings due to his experience, Sam (Spike) stood guard while Rene (Rainbow Dash) descended and took a battle stance.

Sam (Spike) nervously looked around looking for some possible escape route.

Rene (Rainbow Dash) clenched her fists as she approached Sam (Spike).

Sam (Spike) wished he had wings right now so he could run away, unfortunately Spike was the only dragon that lacked wings.

"Gyahhh," Rene (Rainbow Dash) threw a punch at Sam's (Spike) face which he couldn't block, the impact sent him flying, breaking one of the windows.

Sam (Spike) avoided a fall by grabbing onto one of the castle blocks, but he was holding onto one arm, "Damn, I'm dead."

Rene (Rainbow Dash) approached him and began to charge an attack with his wings, "And so I'll finish this quickly Sam."

"What?" asked Sam (Spike).

Rene (Rainbow Dash) just replied, "Game over Spike, WELCOME TO CHAOTIC."

Rene (Rainbow Dash) used her wings to push Sam (Spike) out of the castle, causing him to fall from a great height.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO," yelled Sam (Spike) as he fell.

In the living room.

"SPIKE, DON'T GIVE UP," Ray, Brandon and Tara yelled at the same time as they saw their friend / younger brother fall from a tower.

Still, they held out hope that Sam was no rookie and that he could somehow turn the scale (Literally and metaphorically speaking) in their favor in that battle.

What will be the fate of our hero? will be able to demonstrate the power of the Dragon tribe? Find out in the next chapter of Chaotic The Dragonic Warrior.

To be continued.