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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


Zordan's sacrifice was thought to have wipeout all evil in the universe. Unfortunately, though Divatox was turned good, a fail safe she created when she was evil brings an exact clone of her to life along with her other evil minions. The evil Divatox creates a portal to a new dimension in order to continue her evil campaign.

Dimitria figures out where Divatox Is going and along with Alpha 5, travels to this new dimension called Equestria and call upon six children to become the new Turbo Rangers.

These six children must now defend their hometown of Ponyville as well all of Equestria from Divatox's evil forces.

Spike as the Red Turbo Ranger
Rumble as the Blue Turbo Ranger
Button Mash as the Green Turbo Ranger
Sweetie Belle as the Pink Turbo Ranger
Applebloom as the Yellow Turbo Ranger
Scootaloo as the Orange Turbo Ranger
Later, Dinky Doo as the Purple Turbo Ranger
There will be original characters in this story but I can't put the tag in because I can only put in five character tags.

Power Rangers Turbo is a copyright of Bandai.

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three fillys and two foals

Um, I think you mean three fillies and two colts.

6907870 oh. Thanks for the correction. I'm still new to the community.

6907883 No problem, just remember to check your terms.

I think I saw Turbo quite a while ago. Will the plot be changing from the original. Like different villians and conflicts.

6908154 Depending on how well this goes, I do plan a few team ups from different Power Rangers and an arc about Spike's parents and an original villain, but I'm still in the early planning stages.

Why Turbo out of all the power rangers?

Also can they get like a group power boost like the swat armor and Spike own his own battlelizer?

6908528 Because Turbo was my favorite series and the one I'm most familiar with.
I do plan on bringing in something special for Spike but it's a secret for now. :yay:

Well, the story is really good and I could really get into it. However, I noticed many places where you could use an editor because of missing words or using the wrong word(such as using "their" instead of "there").

Why are Divatox and her forces a threat?

I'm serious, why? Equestria has Magic that can bend the elements to their will, Pegasi that can control the weather, Earth Ponies that can crush rocks under their hooves (and even if you want to limit that to just Maude then there are plenty of other really strong ones) and Ponyville itself hosts a God of Chaos who'd get more than a little angry if Fluttershy was smacked to the ground by Divatox of all people.

I thought it would be because the Pirahnatrons were immune to magic. Until...

Sweetie Belle used both her karate skills and the magic from her own horn to blast them all away.

Yeah, so Twilight could have mowed through Pirahnatrons like noponies business.

And another thought. Why Turbo?

I know you already answered with that it was your favourite series and, you know, to each their own. But their zords are going to be cars! Ponies don't have the anatomy to drive cars.

And I know, suspension of disbelief and all that, but there's only so far you can go with that.

Plus the fight scenes were seriously lacking. Sure you had them, but you kept cutting to Twilight and her gang when it started to get good.

Rainbow Dash immediately flew up to the red Rangers face, and shouted. "Alright, just who are you guys and what do you know that Divatox lady!? Are you in cahoots with her or something!?"

And this felt incredibly out of character! Why would she assume that? She's never had a situation like this that she could draw this conclusion from. And the Rangers just saved her sorry ass. (Though why she needed saving is anybody's guess since she could just plow through them after a Rainboom.)

Honestly, I think this story would've been better in an Equstria Girls setting (Just make it an Alternate Universe fic to have Spike join).

Plus why did Alpha and Dimitria build a sixth Turbo Morpher. If they didn't, where did they get it from? And why do they need six Rangers? There's never been six Turbo Rangers! It's, like, one of the only team of five Rangers that didn't get a sixth! Is it just for future shipping? Cause it'd feel a weird later unless you're planning to grow there relationships. If not, then, it just feels like you wanted a sixth Ranger so Scootaloo wasn't left out.

But seriously, Orange for Scootaloo? That's a little on the nose, isn't it?

And wait, weren't the Turbo Morphers destroyed? Where did any of them come from? If you just made them this Universe's version of them then this wouldn't be an issue, but you drew the continuity of the Power Rangers into this so I'm going to connect the dots.

Honestly it's a bit of a mess right now, some things just aren't established or just thrown at us without much in the way of an explanation and the Rangers are possibly the most generically put in as they get. They all go to Karate class? All of them?! That feels like an incredibly contrived reason for them all to be great fighters. But Dustin wasn't a Karate expert and had to learn his fighting skills from everyone else (I don't count the movie because I hated it, personally) and it would've been cool! Let's just say for arguments sake, If Button didn't know how to fight because he wanted to focus on his machine antics and was suddenly thrown into his Ranger suit and told to fight. He'd be a lot more chaotic, sure, but we'd get to see him adapt and grow more comfortable into the life of a Ranger.

But overall, I can see something in this so I'll stick with it. Maybe it's because I'm a Power Rangers nut, maybe it's because I also have a Power Rangers crossover on my page, maybe it's because there's a certain charm to how corny this is (Just like the show if I do so say so myself. :rainbowlaugh:)

So I'm going to favourite it and see where it goes.

Keep on Keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

6959910 I wanted try and do something different with this Power Rangers with as much as I could. I try my best to do with what I have and I haven't seen people complain about the Megazord's when they have an all pony team pilot them in other ranger stories on this sight.

I also didn't see people complain when Ninja Storm, Dino thunder, and Jungle Fury started with only three rangers. I just figured I'd break tradition slightly because I wanted to do something different I figured it would make sensemble to start the wit six rangers inoted of the usual five.

As for how they got the morphers back after they got destroyed, if you remember correctly in the Turbo movie, they didn't provide an explanation to where the Turbo Morphers came from, so I figured Zordon and Alpha built them themselves and Dimitria built the orange morpher herself.

Also if you remember from the Rangers in Space, Justin's sentient Zord also had an extra morpher mysteriously at the for no reason, so I figured they had extras on hand, but Zordon and Dimitria weren't around to tell them this before they blasted off into space and Alpha 6's voice box was damaged so he couldn't tell them either.

For the record, this was the first time I've ever done a fight scene ever and it is a lot more difficult than it looks, and you can't expect me to get it right on the first try. I try to incorporate the characters natural abilities in their types, like with Sweetie Belle's magic. The show never explicitly states the Piranhatrons are immune to magic.

I guess I could edit out that part about Rainbow Dash being suspicious of them. I wanted to try to get the characters opinions of the Rangers fight as best as I possibly could. I'm pretty sure I only cut to them once and it was very short.

By the way, I decided to move the Spike's parents arc to a sequel series I have planned. I'm debating whether or not to include the sentient cars from the show or not, so could I have your feedback on that?

Could you also provide feedback about my other story, Spike's Yo-Kai Adventures? Thanks for the somewhat constructive criticism, I only recently started getting into Power Rangers again since I was eight so I'm tryin my best to provide what I can.

6960036 I wouldn't be able to help with the Yo-Kia thing since I have no idea what that is. :derpytongue2:

And yes, I remember there being no explanation to where the morphers came from. I remember it being a pet peeve of mine since we're just supposed to accept these new powers. Remember, the Zeo powers were supposed to be continuously getting stronger and, thus, would probably be better than them.

The advantage to this being a Fanfiction is that you can provide your own explanation to the plot holes of the show to put your reader's minds at ease.

If you ever need to learn about a Power Ranger season quickly, might I suggest watching Atop the Fourth Wall's History of the Power Rangers? It was a big help when I started writing mine.

I honestly wouldn't try to incorparate the senital cars since, well, the cars were able to blend into the environment on Earth since cars are a dime a dozen so could hide in plain sight. They could not do this in Equestria.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the Blue one is still with Justin helping out while the Space Rangers remained in Space to fight up there.

I was also pretty sure that Justin's Blue Turbo powers came directly from the blue car's power source since I was sure the Turbo Morphing grid was shut down when the Command centre was destroyed. (Though these could be fan theories created by me :derpytongue2:)

And don't worry too much about the fight scene thing. I know that they'll get better as we go along.

And I know the show didn't state Pirahnatrons to be immune to magic. I assumed them to be because, if they weren't, Twilight should have mpped the floor with them! She's picked bigger threats then them out of her teeth! (Tirek comes to mind) From what I saw of Pirahnatrons in the show, they were just glorified Putties, so I need an explanation as to why an unmorphed Ranger could take a few down with basic karate and a Princess of Friendship/Element of Magic/Most Powerful MAgic User bar none gets her ass kicked.

And I am trying to give constructive critism, it may not seem like it but I am. I don't revel in the fact that I find these mistakes. I want this story to work and I want it to be alot of fun.

Oh and just for the record, It's only ever been three/five at first. If you wanted to do the SPD thing of ending up with, like, 11 Rangers I wouldn't be against it. But six seems like all of your characters are going to be fighting for "Screen Time" if you know what I mean.

Sorry about how disjointed my reply is. I get muddled with the order in which I write things sometimes.

Lastly, the thing with Spike's parents, I always thought, was kinda stupid. I've never found one that I actually liked since the show portrayed the traditional dragon as a selfish, self-centered bully. The point is that Spike is a dragon, but a pony at heart. It's obvious that he's going to but heads with them, if they would actually be able to tell who he is and would actually care since his egg was used as a science experiment for children.

Keep on Keepin on!

6960457 One thing you should know real fast is that I have my own way of potraying Spike's parents, but I think you should know I don't intend to my version of dragons to have them all be jerks, especially Spike's parents. I have something special planned for them.

If you have any tips for improving the fight scenes, I like to hear them.

I also plan to have some Ranger team ups in both this and my sequel series, so if you have an idea of who I should have my Rangers team up with, I would like to hear it. One idea I have is to bring in the very first team of Rangers, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Finally and I just got this idea out of nowhere, I'm thinking that instead have the sentient car, the lighting cruiser, stay in Equestria, I could instead have serve as a special Ranger power up form for Spike. Let me know if this is a good idea or not.

One more thing, how do you think I should introduce Dinky Doo into the story? I don't want her to be captured and turned evil. I would also like to know how Dinky would be able to learn martial arts and be able to fight.

6961121 You know this is YOUR story, right? In the end I can't tell you how to write it, so write what you want. I'll just write my opinions on how to improve it, but you can ignore me if you think I'm wrong.

It'll be fine with Spike's parents, but you're going to need a Hell of a backstory to explain why they aren't like other dragons.

With the fight scenes, I'd honestly just focus on one or two of the Rangers at a time if they're fighting separatly and try to make each scene last longer than a paragraph. Otherwise, it'll feel like they just mowed through their opponents without any difficulty.

But, overal, it's your story. You want to do something, more power to ya. If I don't like it, I'll just have accept it.

Keep on keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

6960036 can't wait to see what happens next more chapters please

6961121 what is taking so long I'm really anxious to read the next chapter of this story

7075907 Since my Yo-Kai Watch story is my most popular one, I'very been focusing my efforts on that and occasionally working on my other stories. I hope you understand but it's my favorite story to write. So please try and be patient.

7075932 I understand I've been reading ur yo-kai watch story and............ I LOVE IT

Comment posted by Joeyjambo122 deleted Jan 11th, 2017

Curious on if this storyline will continue?

Really enjoy seeing Power Ranger/Sentai fics or Kamen Rider fics where Spike gets to be a Ranger/Sentai or Kamen Rider.

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