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New to writing, but really wanna try and get things out. Oh, and if you follow me, I'll follow you back. Something I got in the habit of doing back on Twitter.

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Hearts and Hooves Day. Anon wants a pizza; Cadance wants to find him a marefriend. Only one of them is going to get what they want today.

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This story is a sequel to A Mother's Wish

For centuries a certain alicorn has been trapped in another dimension, living quietly, and avoiding being seen by the human eye. When she finally found a way home, her spell went wrong, and it pulled a human consciousness in with her.

That said, consciousness is me, Alex. I woke up one day, only to discover that I had turned into a pony, but I didn't turn into just any pony. I became a pony known as Lauren Faust, the mother to Celestia and Luna. Now I’m living in the Canterlot castle; I have a bunch of royals acting like children, changelings running around, and an ancient alicorn prankster stuck inside my head. All I can say is things get a little hectic.

Prequel is an optional side story.

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You can find the original story HERE

Big thanks to STTPStudio for creating a reading of this story.

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This story is a sequel to Phoenix-born rising - the ascension of Sunset Shimmer [1st ed.]

The rite of the phoenix is one of the most celebrated moments among the sun-gazers of Solaria. For with the hatching of a new phoenix, comes the ascension of a new phoenix-born: a mortal chosen by the phoenix to be its new life partner and guardian. Only those with both strength and purity of their inner fire can draw the attention of a hatchling phoenix, so only the best of the best can ever hope to be chosen.

To one young orphan girl named Sunset Shimmer, she could only dream of witnessing the ascent of one of Celestia's chosen. As the day approaches, she learns that she will be able to, as she has been selected by the crown as one of the girls to serve at the event.

Little did she know that this would be the seminal event of her life, and change her fate forever.

Book One - The Choosing
Book Two - The Trials

Original abridged version was my entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest. This is the expanded, full version.

Cover art by me.

Grammar and editing provided by ArgonMatrix

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A man wakes up only to find that, rather than lazing on his couch, hes in an ancient castle in a fictional world. And top it all off, in the body of one of the world's biggest villains.

While he plans how to spend this oddly realistic dream, using what little he knows of the show to tip things in his favor, he will soon find that not everything follows the script he knows.

Will be adding tags if need br, I like the cover art I have at the moment, may change it later.

I do hope you enjoy this little brain worm of a story!

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I have no idea what happened. One second, I'm sitting at my desk, working. The next second, I'm Sombra. Or rather, I'm in his body. And nobody seems to believe me about it...

Now with (amazing!) cover art by Mix Up. You can find their work here.

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A spinoff of TD's Little Rarity and yes, you definitely have to read that one before you get this one.

Takes place in the middle of TD's Little Rarity. After TD and Rarity are captured by the government, the FBI transports them to a secure location. However, word gets out thanks to a news chopper that a magical pony might be on Earth, and the convoy is attacked and Rarity is taken.

And boy is TD pissed off about it.

Written because I had a dream like this, yes, with Rarity, and I woke up before I could see how it ended.

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The last few weeks have not been easy.

I'd finally been able to move out of the home I've been living in in the area i've been living in for pretty much my whole life.

The move, setting things up and adapting to my new home's differences and the new location had not been easy.

Still, I'd gladly take that stress over what I'm stuck with now. One moment I'm walking through the city to head back to the house and the next I'm Cozy Glow, hovering between a buffed up Tirek and mutated Chrysalis and it looks like the Rainboom Laser of Death is headed our way.

Oh, and, before we switched places, Cozy somehow became and Alicorn.

What the fuck is going on?!

Was inspired to write this after reading My Life As A Psychopathic Nine Year Old Filly and thought I'd give it a shot, as writing a character stuck as Cozy Glow and dealing with the aftermath of all her shit, especially the finale, would be funny

Featured 19/10/2019.

Wow. Honestly was not expecting that. Thank you, everyone. I will try to do my best to make this story worth that praise.

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[Spoliers for What Lies Beneath]
Cozy Glow DID have a plan in the works. It was simple and it was easy. All she had to do was get it in every creature's minds that their friendship wasn't natural. A fight would occur, she would lead them all to the Tree, and then they could fix all her problems without her having to raise a hoof! With an excuse at the end~!

That was the plan, but Cozy Glow had decided that instead of them finding the place themselves, she would take them to the grate in person. In the end, she accidentally got herself wrapped up into the dark roots below that waited to see what her fears were... and if she could face them.

For more of the story:
Cozy's Dilemma

Chapters (3)

One lonely night, Starlight decides to release Cozy Glow from her stony prison, and plans to let out some of her frustrations on the vile filly until she discovers that Cozy Glow can't seem to remember who she is anymore, or much of anything else from her past.

Could this be yet another trick conjured up by this scheming pegasus? Can she really be trusted?

The cover art was done by VectorVito. It was used with permission.

Click this Soundcloud link if you wish to listen to music inspired by the story.
The music was made by Vector_Monster.

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One day, I become Princess Celestia in the middle of Lunch at school. A year of testing, spellcrafting, and preparing later, I end up in Equestria, thanks to Discord. Now, I get to meet Celestia, Luna, and others of Royal Company as I troll the shit out of everything. Maybe I'll learn some new tricks too.

Thanks to Blazing Archangel for pointing me to this picture. It fits perfectly!

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