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Black Lives Matter. Good things are good, actually. I write about wizards and wizards' apprentices. 90% of prophecy is just pattern recognition.

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In an infinitely improbable set of events, Twilight Sparkle, Sunny Starscout, and other ponies of all generations meet at the Restaurant at the end of the Universe, make friends, and get thoroughly confused about the nature of the multiverse.

A quantum superposition of all pony generations with the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. If you are not familiar with that, this will not make much sense.

If you are familiar with it, don’t expect it to make much more sense.

Chapters (4)

Stories about monsters disguised as treasure chests were thought to be no more than legends.

But when Sunburst finds the last one in existence, the Changelings come to the Crystal Empire with a demand: kill it and send the species to extinction.

This story is based on a suggestion by LordMentat!

Chapters (4)

Similar to Icarus, Sunset tried to reach the skies only for the sun itself to bring her back down with force. Now she waits in a dark cell for the day of her execution.
But in what would be her last day outside of Tartarus, an intervention from a mysterious individual grants her a chance at redemption.

However, this redemption won’t be earned without labors, and they’ll only increase in difficulty as she completes them.

Inspired by No Time For a Sunset written by Thought Prism which you should go read if you haven't.

If you have, and you're wondering how did I go from Lancer to greek mythology... I've no idea.

Pre-read by the wonderful Dewdrops on the Grass and daOtterGuy

Chapters are being edited by the ever helpful EileenSaysHi! All chapters have been updated! I'm forever thankful for all their help.

Cover Art done by me.

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Spike has a lot on his mind. As a senior at Ponyville High, he's overloaded with classes, buried in stress... and he's been harboring a crush on a certain close friend for longer than he'd care to admit.

Scootaloo has a lot on her mind. As a junior at Ponyville High, she's pouring her focus into the upcoming softball season, dealing with some irritating gossip about her personal life... and can't help but notice a certain dragon constantly looking her way.

Perhaps it's finally time for one of them to do something about all this...

Cover art by https://twitter.com/cassettepunk

Editing assistance graciously provided by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/112079/Daedalus+Aegle

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A mistake with an ancient book of dark magic results in Twilight being 'living-impaired'. What follows is a series of (mis)adventures involving tax evasion and constant decapitation.

The chapters are short. I know. I like small bite-sized scenes, and it burns me out less.

Though this story is a comedy, please take note of the Gore and Dark tags. If that kind of stuff and dark comedy is unpleasant for you, I'd recommend reading something else.

Art is AI generated using Stable Diffusion 1.4

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You have been paired up with Sci-Twi for a school project. Unfortunately, you've been absent so she agrees to meet with you at the library to talk about the work - and maybe more.

Part of the MLP ASMR series on YouTube.

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Having received her teaching degree, Sunset Shimmer is back at CHS to help guide along a new generation with the lessons she's had to learn about magic and friendship.

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Shining and Cadence knew that raising a princess would present challenges above and beyond those of raising a born alicorn. As one might expect of Twilight Sparkle's brother and sister-in-law, they prepared as best they could for many of the problems they might encounter along the way.

Of course, that doesn't mean anypony told Flurry, who feels like this is a bit of an overreaction to her wanting a cookie that happened to belong to somepony else.

Flurry in the cover image courtesy of AleximusPrime, used with permission. Source link to the image can be found by mousing over it.

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When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong sex, and lost in the wilderness.

New Cover art commissioned from Lunar Froxy.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. While Equestria has been a land of peace and harmony for much of its history, it has also seen its fair share of battles.

This anthology of past battles aims to give the reader an unbiased view and historic perspective of some of the most pivotal moments in Equestrian military history as well as a view into the minds of the most brilliant and eccentric commanders of their time.

These are their stories.

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