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Takes place during the events of 7DSJ: Book 3

A long time ago, Raspberry Beryl used her gift of dark magic to create fake precious stones, selling them for cheap so she could have enough money to feed herself. Until her secret was found out and she was run out of town, only to start the cycle anew elsewhere - such was the life she felt cursed with as the descendant of King Sombra.

Nowadays, her fortunes have reversed - friends, family, a warm home, and a position where her unique powers of darkness can be put to use in protecting ponies as opposed to harming them. Everything seems to be going her way until dark crystal randomly erupts from a small farming community. By investigating the disturbance, she may brush with remnants of her past...and another shadowy remnant of the legacy left by her corrupt ancestor.

Chapters (4)

This is an interquel of 7DSJ Book I

Sunset Shimmer wants to be seen as your average teen girl. One who goes through extraordinary events rather often compared to most normal girls, but otherwise totally isn't secretly a magical unicorn from another dimension.

However, this image of normality she projects gets called into question when one of her adoptive parents happens to witness her buying...horse shampoo.

How will she get out of this hairy situation?

Based on this screenshot from Monday Blues

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A sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June: Treasure, and interquel to Seven Days in Sunny June Book III, and Seven Days in Sunny June: Book IV.

Sweet Pea has had it hard from the beginning of her life, but now, Living in San Francisco, things are starting to look up. She's got a great friend, wonderful family, and the chance at a real life instead of that of a street walker.

However things are far from sunshine and rainbows, even in the city synonymous with rainbows. Doubts and fears are re-awakened after the concert. And to make matters worse, in just a month's time, Sweet Pea will have to confront the last person in the world she ever wanted to see again.

Seven Days in Sunny June: Innocence Lost, is a sequel to Seven Days In Sunny June: Treasure. As well as an Interqual to Seven Days in Sunny June: Book III and the ongoing Book IV written by Shinzakura, which of course plays into the greater Berylverse story's started by BlueBastard. With an additional shout out to Flynt Coal. The entire team has been great and thanks for the editing and use of your characters guys.

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This story is a sequel to The Abundance

Everyone has heard the legend of Hearth's Warming Eve. It is the tale of how the three pony tribes discovered a glorious uncharted land and managed to overcome their own mistrust to create a new country: Equestria. It is a story told for centuries, for thousands of years. Every pony, from the oldest pegasus to the youngest unicorn can recite it.

It... is a lie.

For before the ponies... there were others.

Now the sins of Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane, and Chancellor Puddinghead will be revealed. The time for harmony is over and the one who calls himself The Should-Have-Been King has come to reclaim Equestria for him and his kind. Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends, the abstract Faith, Captain Trixie, the princesses, and the resurrected sea king Lord Tydal can stop the genocide of the pony race. To do so they must uncover the lost history of Equestria... but doing so will unearth secrets that should never be told. Knowledge that should never be spoken. For there are some truths that should never be unearthed.

But those who fail to learn from history...

From defender2222, the author of 'The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo', 'Faith and Doubt', and 'The Abundance' comes the long awaited third volume of the Abstract Saga.

Chapters (4)

The Sequel to 'Faith and Doubt'.

It's been two months since the changeling attack and Shining's almost-wedding and much has changed. Twilight Sparkle is now an alicorn and has left Equestria to master her new powers. The sixth element of harmony, the corrupt abstract Doubt, has been reborn in his original form: Faith. He, along with Spike, have gone with Twilight as she sought to heal after the betrayal by her friends and family.

But Twilight's return to Ponyville will not be a happy one; in her absence her friends Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie have been turned into alicorns themselves and the embodiments of their elements. They have seized power and now rule Equestria with iron hooves, using banned magic to turn their friends and family into zealots that obey their every command.

To save Equestria, Twilight will have to do the unthinkable: form a rebellion and declare war on her friends. But will she be willing to make the tough decisions... even if it means choosing between friendship and freedom?

Everything is bad in large doses.

Thank you to all that got this story featured!

The TVTropes page for Faith and Doubt/The Abundance can be found here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/FaithAndDoubt

Cover by the wonderful FerGarcia220!

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There has always been a little voice in Twilight Sparkle's head, whispering dark musings to her. And until her brother's wedding, she has managed to push those bitter thoughts away and focus on the good. She forgives and forgets and holds onto hope.

But when her friends turn their backs on her and her brother cuts her from his life, Twilight finds herself alone, with only the little voice to comfort her.

And it is through anger and hate that has been repressed for so long that Twilight finds the power to rise up. Harmony and Friendship have only brought her pain and suffering. It is time for her to embrace her dark side. No longer will she worry about what others think. Twilight is going to live her life how SHE chooses: without friends, without family, without love and without harmony. She is going to cut loose, have fun, and screw what others think.

For her friends and family, it will soon become apparent that if they don't find a way to mend the damage they've done to the lavender mare...Twilight Sparkle might be lost to them forever.

Thank you to everyone that got this story as one of the Featured Stories here on the site!

The TvTropes Page can be found here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/FaithAndDoubt

Cover created by the amazing FerGarcia220

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This story is a sequel to A Time of Reckoning: Seven Days in Sunny June, Book IV

The conclusion of the Seven Days in Sunny June saga!

She’s defeated an ancient evil and literally saved all of reality. And due to her death and resurrection, Sunset has now become an alicorn - a literal goddess amongst ponykind. But despite all that, she's still living as a human and that means some very human problems.

Now, as the days wind down towards school and her life (thanks to her grandmother) has become far more different than even she expected, how has her life changed and how will the world before her unfold?

If nothing else, it's a new frontier....

TVTropes page.

Chapters (24)

This story is a sequel to Change

There are many changeling hives spread throughout a large portion of the world. Wherever love energy is going to be found the changelings will pursue it.

But now, one by one, they are disappearing.

Many hives located at the very outer edges of changeling inhabited lands are vanishing without a trace, Twilight Sparkle's family history has returned to haunt them all as something is hunting the changelings down. But how? And for what purpose? And more importantly, what does this mean for Queen Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the changeling race?

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover Art was designed by Jesuka.
TVtropes Page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/ChangeQueenOfTheHive
Physical copy: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/806366/change-queen-of-the-hive-physical-copy

(Featured on the first day, 6/11/2016. Awesome!)

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Life is full of surprises. That is a known fact. However, you always expect some kind of minor surprise, like your train arriving a little too late, or your ice-cream having vanilla taste rather than strawberry. But sometimes, life will give you surprises you could never predict. For Fluttershy, it was three little foals. But not her own foals, or even orphans. Three little foals that used to be her and her friends' most fearsome and dreaded foes.

Sombra, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon.

Will Fluttershy's nerves survive this onslaught of misadventures? Will she keep the three villains hidden? Will she even become friends with them? Why do I sound like a narrator to a bad criminal drama? Don't think or try to answer those questions, just go ahead and read!

Edited by: MessoriaAQ, Cerulean Voice, Gidget_TheGear, Twilight Fashion

Cover art by amazing Missangest!

Cover art got featured on Drawfriend in EqD!
The story itself got proudly rejected by EqD!

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It had been one year since Twilight Sparkle vanished in the battle against the evil unicorn Xander, and her friends were still trying to overcome the grief of losing her. On the anniversary of her presumed death, her friends gather at her memorial. What was suppose to be a day of remembrance was shattered by a strange metal object that landed right beside them. Their anger quickly turns to shock as a familiar unicorn emerges... and boy does she have a story to tell.

Rated Teen for violence, language, and sexual content. Rating and tags may change in future chapters.

This is not a Halo fic. It IS however loosely inspired by Halo as well as Star Wars, Mass Effect and several other sci-fi movies, books, and games.

Edited by Jack-Pony, HuskSummers, Coldwall, and sadron

Cover art by Sonic Rain

Chapters (59)