My Little Villains

by HiddenUnderACouch

Drop the Hive

"Ah think... ah got the last one," Applejack exclaimed, dropping the last hen behind the fence. It quickly got up and ran away into the liberated coop, joining the rest of its kin in a happy celebration of regaining their home from two horned invaders.

"I promise: I will make you a new hive, It will be even better than the last one!" Fluttershy said to the giant queen bee, which looked at her with her giant reticulated eyes and buzzed something. "Oh, be assured, nopony will ever disturb you... and yes, I'll plant more flowers... yes, okay, okay."

Finally, the talk was over, and the bees flew back into their forest. The animals came out of their hiding places, feeling that the time of war had passed and peace had been re-established.

"Whew, that was wild, Fluttershy! Ah think chasing chickens is the most fun Ah've had this week," Applejack said, swiping the sweat off her brow. Fluttershy turned to her, blushing.

"I'm glad... you enjoyed it... I should—"

"—answer my questions. Yes, Ah agree with you, hun." Applejack interrupted her. "As much as Ah enjoyed chasing chickens around, you still gotta explain just what the heck two unknown foals are doing here—and one of them’s a changeling, no less!"

Applejack's face assumed a rosy shade as she turned to Sombra and Chrysalis, who were standing by the tree ever since Fluttershy had carried them away from the battlefield. Sombra had kept his eyes low throughout all the action, Chrysalis, however, had observed the entire thing and chuckled from time to time.

"Ah mean... where did you get them?! Where?" Applejack said in a loud voice, boiling with frustration. She quickly gazed at the giggling changeling and then focused her gaze on the unicorn.

"Wait a darn minute. That muzzle seems familiar... those eyes too..." She paled.

"Sombra?! Chrysalis?! What the—" she shouted, but Fluttershy quickly covered her mouth.

"No, Applejack! Not in front of the foals!"

"Flz? Ther munstrs!" The earth pony mumbled, trying to break free from Fluttershy's grasp. Fluttershy didn't want to let go but was forced to, unfortunately.

"So, let me get this clear: you have two of our worst enemies, one of which was supposed to be permanently sealed in the shadow realm and the other sent away flying into the sky, here... as your kids?" Applejack asked, looking at Fluttershy, who turned red when Applejack said the word 'kids'. "Fluttershy, I have no idea how you managed that but this is just irresponsible."

"Sealed in where now?" Chrysalis intervened but, Applejack quickly reminded her to stay silent with an angry glare.

"Shoosh! Adults are talking," she warned the little changeling, "and if you or your friend tries any more tricks, you'll get what's coming to you!"

"Applejack, they're not dangerous!" Fluttershy finally spoke up. "They're nice, they aren't evil at all!"

"Aren't evil?! These two just started a massive war in your yard! Ain't that evil enough for you? They smashed a beehive in the coop, just to avenge... a pecked behind!"

"Hey! A pecked behind is serious business!" Chrysalis objected, finally managing to make Applejack snap.

"Would you just stay quiet now?!" she shouted at her.

"Please, Applejack, stay calm!" Fluttershy tried to calm her friend down. "I know it might look weird but, you have to trust me. You were never supposed to know that they were here... it was a secret."

"Why won't you understand? They're dangerous, they might look cute and cuddly but, they'll sink their teeth into your neck the instant you turn away!" Applejack said quietly enough so that only Fluttershy would hear her. These villains didn't have to know. "By keepin’ them here you put yourself in jeopardy!"

"It's okay, Applejack, I'm fine," Fluttershy assured, but her voice betrayed her. If Chrysalis' issues still persisted... Who knows... if she’d go too far...

Fluttershy sighed and led Applejack away from the foals, so they could talk in private. This issue was serious and children shouldn't be involved.

"Applejack, please, listen to me. I watched these foals and... they don't seem dangerous at all," she whispered to Applejack's ear, afraid the foals might hear her. They'd heard enough already today! "Twilight said they don't remember a thing about their past lives..."

"Ah... Twilight?"

"Oh..." Fluttershy turned red when she realized what she had said. Such irritation, such anger for herself filled her heart. How could she spill something as vital as that? Stupid, stupid, Fluttershy!

Mustering all her inner anger, Fluttershy pronounced the most offensive and horrible word she had ever said.

"Poo!" she whispered, afraid that the children would hear.

"Ah'm baffled by your lack of vocabulary, sugarcube," Applejack deadpanned. "So, Twilight's in this too... Experiments?"


"Called it! Twilight, experiments... is she already working on the way to fix this?"


"Good... at least we're somewhat safe... " Fluttershy flinched visibly at her friend’s relief. "But still, Ah can't believe she would hide something like this... and endanger you, of all ponies! Sweet apples, Twilight, how could you!"

"Please, Applejack, don't be angry! It's nopony's fault!"

"No, it's Twilight's fault! She made this mess and dragged you into it, putting you in danger, putting all of us in danger! What if you don't succeed in handling them?" Applejack exclaimed and suddenly turned very quiet. "Don't get me wrong, Ah think you're the best when it comes to foals, but... you know who they are and yet you let them do what they want."

Fluttershy took a step back and closed her eyes, ears dropping. Listening to others criticize her always made her feel weird but, usually she could hide it. Not this time.

"It's just your very nature. At times, you're too kind," Applejack said and sighed once more. "Okay... I'm calm. Let's not bash the situation and try to resolve it instead."

Fluttershy didn't say anything and just looked at the two foals. Sombra was still staring at the ground and Chrysalis was glaring at the roof of the coop, which was covered in honey, which Fluttershy hadn't had the time to clean yet.

Was she really unfit to take care of three villains? Was she too soft for them?

"C'mon, sugar, don't be angry with me." Applejack said and wrapped her hooves around Fluttershy. "You know Ah only wish best for you."

"I know, Applejack... Thank you for your concern, but I am alright." Fluttershy hugged the earth pony in return. "I can handle it. Don’t worry."

For a moment, they just leaned against each other.

"Would you mind to stop cuddling and talk to us?! My companion doesn't seem too talkative ever since you... how do you ponies call it... ah, yes, 'busted' us!" Chrysalis exclaimed, flailing her hooves through the air in an attempt to get the ponies' attention.

Applejack backed away from Fluttershy and looked at Chrysalis.

"Ah'll be honest with ya, sugarcube: her butt's crying for some whoopin'," she said, much to Fluttershy's distress.

"Oh, no! Violence won't solve anything. You just have to give Chryssie some time! She's a changeling, she hails from another society. Give her time to adapt!" Fluttershy hurried to stop Applejack's train of thoughts. Once the earth pony got something in her head, there was no stopping her.

"No, Ah'm serious! Hey, Chrysalis, Sombra!" Applejack escaped Fluttershy's proximity and approached the two. "Just what were you two thinking causing so much chaos?! And no, revenge isn't a valid reason!"

"Bleh, you're boring. Can I have the pegasus back? She's nicer!" Chrysalis said nonchalantly. One could’ve heard Applejacks popping capillaries a mile away.

"Ya little brat! How dare ya talk like that to an adult?! Ah'll teach ya manners, Ah swear! Ah would land my hoof firmly on your backside, you little lady!"

"Blah-blah, not hearing it! Not hearing you!" Chrysalis covered her ears and kept babbling.

Applejack kept getting louder and louder, the little changeling pulling just the right strings. Fluttershy became scared of whatmight happen. Applejack was essentially shouting at the two, barely containing herself from showing the full extent of her colourful vocabulary, but the most worrying image was that of Sombra, who seemed to be getting tinier and tinier. He tried to hide his face behind his own mane and slowly started to shake.

"Please, stop this, Applejack! You're scaring Sombra!" Fluttershy exclaimed, approaching the earth pony. She couldn't believe she had just said that out loud.

However, Applejack didn't hear her and continued to argue with Chrysalis. Sombra slowly crawled towards Fluttershy.

Fluttershy felt incredibly sad when she heard him cry. He wasn't too loud, just occasional sobs, but the way he covered his muzzle with his forehoof and just quietly wept into it, as if afraid that somepony would see his tears, was just heart wrenching. One or two drops did slip through, looking like sparkling beads on his dark coat.

Fluttershy hurried to him and led him away from the yard and back to the house. He quickly forgot about his hoof and stuck his muzzle into her chest, sobbing bitterly.

"There, there, little one..." she cooed into his ear.

"I'm.. so- sorry... I did a bad thing, but... but I didn't want to do a bad thing... and now that apple pony is angry because of me-e-e-e!" he squeaked and once again descended into sobbing. Fluttershy gently leaned her head closer to him and closed her eyes.

Guilt. She remembered a time where she’d felt guilty. She cried through the whole night.

When feeling guilt, even if you weren’t technically guilty, one should always just let his feelings unwind and... cry a little. It’d ease the burden. At least, it always helped Fluttershy.

She snuggled Sombra closer to her body, letting him pour all his tears out. Here, in the house, nopony would hear him or harass him because he showed his weakness. Here, he could just unwind.

"It's okay, Sombra... You're not to blame," she cooed. "Nopony's blaming you."

"N- no... It's my fault... I threw that hive on the coop... And I lit the fire that put the bees to sleep... Please, Ms. Fluttershy, don't hate me! I don't want to be alone again!" Sombra begged, rubbing his nose against her chest. Fluttershy carried him to the couch and sat down.

"No, I don't hate you, Sombra. It's not your fault. You... just made a mistake. It happens. I forgive you!" She smiled at him, when he finally looked at her. His bright red eyes looked so big and watery she couldn't help but feel water gather in her eyes as well.

"You'll stay with us, I promise... But next time, don't do something that could hurt others, okay?" Fluttershy asked him gently.

"I promise, I won't! I won't hurt anypony else ever again. Just please... don't throw me out..."

"I would never!" Fluttershy said and kissed him gently on his cheek. It was wet and salty because of all the tears but… his tears would dry up and he would be smiling again soon.

She was disturbed by a quiet creak of the door and the sound of hoofsteps.

"Fluttershy, Ah- Is everything alright?" Applejack asked, approaching her from behind. "Ah- Ah'm really sorry, Ah just... couldn't control myself and he was there and... ugh."

"It's okay, AJ. Everything's okay, isn't it, So.." She was interrupted by a loud chomping sound and slowly turned her head to look at Sombra.

His eyes were closed, as he concentrated all his attention on chewing Fluttershy's mane. He tried to get as much of this pink flowing hair into his mouth as he could, but he just couldn't get enough. Applejack smiled when she looked at the little foal.

"Oh mah... Ah'm not usually the one to be touched by anything, but... That's so adorable," she said and gave Sombra a few gentle pats on the head. "Sorry, little one. Didn't mean to scare ya."

"He forgives you. Right, Sombra? Will you forgive Ms. Applejack?" Fluttershy cooed, and Sombra carefully peeped at Applejack.

Now, she didn't look scary or angry at all. Her gentle, simple smile looked welcoming and kind, her deep green eyes emitted honesty and kindness. She leaned a little closer to Fluttershy and patted Sombra on the head again.

He nodded at her, and continued to chew Fluttershy's mane, putting Applejack's mane as the next target in his hit list.

"He sure likes your mane, doesn't he?" Applejack commented.

"Yes, the little foal is real expert of manes," Fluttershy said, stroking his head. "I'll carry him upstairs. Poor foal had to go through so much worry; he needs to get some rest." She rose from the couch.

"Right. You do that... We still have something important to discuss." Applejack said, sat down on the couch, and closed her eyes.

Too many revelations in too quick succession.

"Mrrmmmrrm!" Sombra angrily murmured when Fluttershy put him in her bed. He tried to hold onto to her, like a small child would cling to its mother.

Fluttershy couldn't believe she had just made that comparison.

"Sombra, I have to go... Don't worry, I'll be back very soon. As soon as I'm done with Miss Applejack and Chrysalis, I'll come back up to you," she promised, gently stroking his head. He looked at her with his giant red eyes.

"Yhwu pwomish?" he asked, refusing to let go of her mane.

"I promise, Sombra..." Fluttershy said, and smiled. "So... could you... let go of my mane, I mean, if you really like to...?"

Sombra slowly stroked her mane, and then gave it such a warm hug it seemed like he was hugging his future marefriend.

"Owkay," he muttered and let go of her mane.

Fluttershy left him in her room, sparkling with happiness. It didn't matter, that her mane was dripping saliva or that her chest was sullied with tears. She was just happy that she could feel so much warmth from a pony she once considered heartless.

She quickly descended down the stairs, hushing Applejack in advance, asking her to stay as quiet as possible. They both proceeded to the couch and sat down.

"It's all fine. Sombra's okay. So, what did you want to talk about?" Fluttershy asked, leaning closer to Applejack.

"It's 'bout that changeling, Chrysalis. She's completely uncontrollable." Applejack stated worriedly. "She completely ignores authority."

"I never was... very authoritarian..." Fluttershy whispered.

"No, Flutters! Ah mean, she won't listen to anypony! Ah tried my hardest, but she keeps behaving like a darn queen, like everypony's indebted to her." Applejack turned her head to glance into her eyes. "Fluttershy, she'll eat you alive! Swallow you whole!"

"Ah know this may sound crazy, but... Ah could take Chrysalis to my farm. She can learn to follow rules and respect." Applejack finally delivered the punchline. To her surprise, Fluttershy didn't immediately refuse; instead she turned away and thought.

The pegasus didn't know what to do. If she let Applejack help her, she would fail to keep the little villains' existence a secret; it could easy spill out into the public. On the other hoof... She really didn't know how to handle Chrysalis. She was just... too unruly for her to just simply suppress. She was simply... stronger than Fluttershy.

However, whatever the problems were, Chryssie was her responsibility, and she shouldn't let Applejack suffer because she was too weak.

"Thank you, Applejack, but... I'll have to refuse... Chryssie is my responsibility, and I will handle her... Don’t worry," Fluttershy replied.

Applejack nodded in acknowledgement and laid a hoof around Fluttershy’s withers.

"Ah know how it feels, when you think you have to carry it on your own... but the thing is: you don't have to. I've been through this once..." Applejack said, and sighed, when it became clear that Fluttershy wasn't changing her mind. "Well, fine... but you know where you can find me if anything goes south. Ah'm always ready to help you!"

"May I come out of hiding now? The orange one looks like a friendly pony." Moonie's soft voice reached Flutters' ears and she turned red with a blush.

Applejack looked at Fluttershy, then at Moonie, then at Fluttershy again.

"Nightmare Moon... how cute," she said, clearly unimpressed. "Why am Ah not surprised?"


"Take care, sugarcube!" Applejack exclaimed, turning around and waving at Fluttershy. Little Moonie was standing near the pegasus, hiding from the sunlight in her shadow. From time to time she would peek over her body at the sun and immediately hide, afraid of getting hurt by the star.

"You too, Applejack!" Fluttershy replied. Suddenly, she felt something sturdy and pointy touching her belly. This something quickly ran under her and popped out from under the pegasus.

"I'll miss ya, sweetheart! Don't forget to write!" Chrysalis shouted, smiling slyly and waving her holey forehoof at Applejack.

"Chrysalis... Ah'm keeping an eye on you," Applejack warned, squinting at the changeling with gritted teeth.

"Looking forward to that! I could use more stalkers!" Another cynical joke almost made Applejack to rush straight at the changeling and give her a good slapping, but she held back. If Fluttershy said she could handle it, she would.

Though, Applejack had huge doubts that Fluttershy would be able to stand Chrysalis. Hopefully, she would realize the need of harsh treatment as soon as possible, before anypony would get hurt.

Applejack waved one more time and trotted away, back to her farm. Fluttershy traced the earth pony’s path with her sight, and when she disappeared, took a deep breath and looked down at Chrysalis.

"Young lady," she began in a tone as strict as she could muster, "we have a lot to talk about!"

Chrysalis turned her head to her and made a sorrowful expression.

"Did I do something wrong? Oh, please, forgive me, I didn't want to!" she uttered. Fluttershy felt a little sorry about being so harsh, but she quickly calmed herself and continued.

"Yes, you did!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "You destroyed the bees' home, tried to ruin the chickens' life, made Sombra cry and kept calling Moonie a cry-baby behind her back."

"She durst calling me what now?!" Moonie yapped and tried to get to Chrysalis, who quickly slipped from underneath Fluttershy to the road, where she was protected by the sunlight.

"A cry-baby!" she repeated and then noticed that Moonie wasn't coming out. "What, you're scared of me? You little chicken!"

She turned around, swung her backside and kept clucking like said feathered animal.

"Cheep-cheep-cheep! Cheepo-cheepo!" she kept chanting, which was driving Moonie insane. The little alicorn wanted to go out and hit the bad pony, but the sun would burn her again. Finally, she gave up and walked back into the house.

"Chryssie! Stop this behaviour immediately! You're making everypony sad!" Fluttershy exclaimed, and Chrysalis let out a hearty laugh.

"Chryssie? Hah. That's how my name sounds? Meh, what a bore! I should totally change it to something cool and awesome!"

"Get inside here this instant!" Fluttershy exclaimed and even managed to stamp on the ground with her hoof for once. "Now!"

"Pfff, fine! I'm coming!" She quickly slipped past Fluttershy and the pegasus closed the door.

Chrysalis jumped onto the couch and flexed her body, purring like a cat when her back popped audibly several times. "I think I'll be sleeping here tonight!"

"Thou hast no sense of dignity!" Moonie finally exploded at the display. "Thou insultest me! Thou insultest Fluttershy! And now thou takest the couch for thyself, even though thou wast perfectly okay with a camp-cot! Thou wilt cease this affront forthwith, else I shall be the first to say that thou art a meanie!"

Chrysalis raised an eyebrow at this sudden outburst. "Oh my, look who has teeth all of a sudden, Princess Pretty of Prettyland!" She jumped off the couch and approached Moonie, looking quite furious.

Fluttershy felt a shiver run down her spine. It felt like things were going to heat up.

"Fillies! Fillies, please, don't fight! I—" Fluttershy felt like she had to take action, pacify Chrysalis, do something, but... She couldn't!

"Please... Chrysalis... you can have the couch—" Fluttershy said helplessly, whereto Chrysalis smiled and put her tongue out in Moonie’s direction.

"Take that, you dodo!" she teased the alicorn and jumped back on the couch. Moonie turned to Fluttershy, a betrayed look on her face.

"Fluttershy, why wouldest thou let her—"

"Shhh, Moonie, please, be kinder to her. She’s a stranger, just like you. She just... has a very difficult time adapting to. Give her some time!" Fluttershy begged Nightmare Moon, after leading her further away from Chrysalis. "Please, Moonie. Just be patient."

Nightmare Moon looked at Fluttershy and took a deep breath.

"Okay, Miss Fluttershy," she replied curtly. Fluttershy knew she should be happy but... she felt like she was doing something wrong.

Something very wrong.


The moonlight was seeping through the window and Fluttershy could not stop staring through it. It looked so peaceful, so quiet. Fluttershy hoped it would make her fall asleep, but, no matter how many sheep she counted, she couldn't shut her eyes.

She kept thinking about the foals. and, the strangest thing was, she kept thinking about their future. What was to become of them? When would Twilight finish the counter-spell? Would Applejack really keep her secret?

Applejack would always keep a secret, Fluttershy was certain of that, but about everything else? — Not so much.

Fluttershy hugged her pillow. Surely, Twilight wouldn't approve of what happened with little Moonie. Giving her an ability to walk in the daylight and be just like any other foal really seemed like a silly and dangerous idea, but, at the same time, Fluttershy knew she had to do it.

Moonie was suffering. She was restricted to play alone in the house, or alone outside in the darkness, and Fluttershy just couldn't allow that, no matter what Twilight would say to this.

Thinking about Moonie made Fluttershy's mind ponder about a question: just how was she going to cure Moonie? A potion from Zecora? Some ritual from one of the books in Twilight's library? Or maybe there was an easier way...

Suddenly, Fluttershy felt creeped out. For some reason, a chill ran down her spine and the strange feeling of paranoia crawled into her mind. She wasn't alone in her bed.

Her theory was proven correct, when she heard the sounds of munching from behind her. She slowly turned around, thinking it was one of her critters who crawled into her bed in search of cover, but she almost jumped when she saw Sombra's big eyes, staring right back into hers.

"Sombra? What are you doing here?! I thought I put you to sleep downstairs," Fluttershy whispered, clearly remembering how she carried the little foal downstairs, put him on the camp-cot and even kissed him for the night. "What are you doing here?"

He chewed her mane some more and smiled. "I came here for you, Fluttershy," he mumbled, her pink hair stuck in his mouth. "I want to fondle you."

Now, that was a surprise. Fluttershy felt a tremor run down her back. Fondle her? What was that supposed to mean?! And how did he sneak up on her without her noticing?

"You'll do... what now?" Fluttershy squeaked, looking at him. "Fondle... me?"

"Yes," Sombra replied matter-of-factly and snuggled closer to her. He felt warm, and the sensation of Fluttershy's own mane tickling her made her giggle. "I like you... I like you a lot..."

"Umm..." was as far as Fluttershy came with her phrase. This foal was weird. At one second, he was timid, the next, he’d creep into her bed. "Thank... you...?"

Sombra ignored her confusion and just kept on greedily chewing her mane. He started rolling around in it, wrapping himself into it.

"Mmm... butterscotch..." he mumbled, licking a patch of her mane. Fluttershy felt very weird, but... she couldn't drive this foal out of her bed. She really didn't want to. For some reason, the feeling of a small, warm, breathing body near her own made her feel powerful and able. She carefully extended her hooves to Sombra and pulled him closer to her and delved her muzzle into his mane.

Never before had she felt so powerful, holding this little pony in her hooves. She felt that Sombra depended on her as he would depend on—

"Mmm... You're so tasty... and so kind...." Sombra kept mumbling as he snuggled closer to Fluttershy and touched noses with her. "Will you be my mommy? Please?"

—a mother.

"Mo- mommy?" Fluttershy mumbled, shocked to hear the word from Sombra. "You want me to be your...mommy?"

"Yes. You're the best mommy ever!" he chirped, kissing her on the nose. "You helped Moonie. You forgave me when I trashed your yard, and... you didn't shout at me when I cried... ponies would often shout at me when I cry, but you didn't... You're so kind and so soft."

He hugged her, his hooves only big enough to wrap her around the neck.

"You're the best mommy I've ever wished for... Please, be my mommy. Pw-eeease!" he begged her, rubbing his cheek against hers.

"B-b-but... why me?" Fluttershy kept on mumbling. "I'm- I'd not be a good mother... I- I can't even cook..."

"No, you can cook! That rice pudding was delicious!" Sombra exclaimed, looking at Fluttershy. "Pw-eeeeease, Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy looked at the foal and felt paralyzed. She was faced with a choice that would change her life forever. And not only her life, but the life of this foal... and the two others.

If she agreed to this, she would have to take all of them under her wing, take care of them, protect them, and teach them. That meant bye-bye friends and personal life and hello, three little foals, who couldn't sit in one place without breaking something.

Fluttershy looked at Sombra; he grinned back at her with a sweet, childish expression on his face, showcasing sharp teeth—a sweet, nice foal, so easily manipulated, as demonstrated by Chrysalis, and yet, Fluttershy had a feeling in her gut that this foal was full of secrets, and not all of them were pleasant—this mane thing of his, for example.

"Yum," was Sombra's quick reply to Fluttershy's thoughts as he gently chewed her mane, still staring at her. He reminded her a lot of Moonie, with her big, round puppy eyes.

Nightmare Moon, a little princess, at her best: picky, snobbish and fancy, and yet at the same time, so fragile and innocent. Fluttershy had promised to defend her from the sun, but... would she be able to do that?

Chrysalis. Fluttershy sighed. This filly seemed so impossible, and now that Fluttershy had nopony but herself to discuss her with, she realized that the little filly was a real rebel machine. Fight back! That was her motto. It didn't matter what to fight; as long as there was the possibility, she would continue to fight.

Fluttershy closed her eyes and asked herself the question once more: could she do it? Could she really do it? Her life would change forever; it would be riddled with difficulties, devoid of fun and filled with stress. She looked at colt Sombra once more. She’d made her decision.

"Of course," she replied. Sombra widened his eyes and smiled even more.

"Really? You really will be my mommy?! Thank you!" he exclaimed, snuggling to her. "Hooray...yaaaay! I have a home now! I have a mommy! My own mommy!"

Fluttershy felt a little weird. Little Sombra was so happy... in fact, too happy. Had he never known what having a family and home felt like? Fluttershy wanted to ask him, but his smile made her swallow her words. Such questions would surely invoke a negative reaction—and why ruin the foal's celebration? After all, he had just found his family.

Family... Fluttershy glanced at Sombra, who had curled up into a ball on her chest, with his hooves tucked under him and her tail still in his mouth. Could they become a real family, she, Sombra, Moonie and Chrysalis? It seemed so unlikely, but Fluttershy knew for sure: she might not be able to become friends with all three, she might not be able to take good care of them all, she might not be able to handle her responsibilities as a mother, but...

She had to try. It was her duty to at least try. Refusing the foal's call would be just as cruel as throwing him out.

Fluttershy closed her eyes and snuggled closer to the little ball of fluff that was so eagerly chewing her mane. She had promised to herself to at least try and try her best.

She wouldn’t be the Element of Kindness if she didn’t.