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The rumours of my death... · 8:33pm Apr 12th, 2015

...were never there, actually. At least, I didn't notice any.

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THIS IS... Rhodos. · 1:37pm Jul 3rd, 2014

Howdy, ladies and gentlecolts! Guess what, I'm finally back to Motherland, with a newest update ready to go up once my editors are done with it!

Besides MLV, I've got something reaaaaally special for people who are fans of one of my particular masterpieces. A reaaaaaaally special surprise. But it's a secret! Don't tell anyone!

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Πετάξει στον ουρανό · 5:49pm Jun 20th, 2014

I'll be leaving my beloved country for some time, going away for holidays to Greece. But worry not - I'm taking my lappy with me, where I'll keep working on the next MLV chapter, which will contain something bretty gewd, and something you will not expect!

Till the next update, battlebrothers(sisters)!

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My Little Villains: Q&A · 9:22pm May 1st, 2014

Hello there, foals and fillies, stallions and mares, alicorns and

So, here's Q&A for My Little Villains! Hooray!

Here, you can ask any question regarding this piece of writing - be it about the plot, the characters and so on. You also can ask a certain character a question, if you so desire. However, there is one rule:

If the question requires spoilers to be dropped, that question will be left unanswered, for obvious reasons.

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Need your help · 8:54pm Apr 11th, 2014

Hello, Hidden's here, with some dire news. The next update, as well as the future of MLV, is in danger.

You see, MLV was edited by a good friend of mine, but now, he can't edit it because of his IRL reasons. My other editor, Messoria, believes that it would be better if I find somebody else to edit the grammar, as he's not a native english (just like me).

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Dear MLV readers · 6:21pm Apr 3rd, 2014

I know you are all very excited for the next 4th chapter of MLV, ooh yes you are (and it's in the works, just be patient. It will arrive soon.) however, I had a question I wanted to ask you:

Would you read any tie-in fics, related to MLV? Like, some side stories, or (quite unlikely, since my editor will eat me alive) non-canon clop outtakes (which in any way will be quite irky. They're kids, for kressakes!)?

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia · 9:19am Mar 24th, 2014

*Somewhere, in the most frozen and dark corner of Siberia*

"Hey, moron! Wake up!" The police officer shouts, looking at the document he is holding in his hand.

"Woh? What?" HiddenUnderACouch opens his eyes, to find himself in the trash can. "Oh, hey, officer. It's alright, I'm just sleeping here."

"I have good and bad news for you."

"Oh... even like that? So, what are the good news?"

"Your fanfic got featured. And you also have over 100 followers."

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The cute train unleashed · 9:40pm Mar 23rd, 2014

It had arrived, folks! It had arrived at last!

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