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Sweet Sauce was once a Stallion of renown and stature, a pony others respected and admired. Unfortunately for him, all that success eventually turned to pride, and ended with a sentence of banishment from Equestria.

There was no term to his sentence--but Sweet Sauce was not the kind of pony to surrender. He had centuries to reflect, to reconsider, and to gather power for his triumphant return. But perhaps he should've spent a little more time.

His incredible spell worked, returning him to the world of his birth. But instead of his own powerful body, he's now a small, useless earth pony, in a world that has forgotten he ever existed. Sweet is determined to make up for his mistakes, and to prove to the princesses of Equestria that he is a changed pony.

Too bad he looks like a homeless little colt without a cutie mark.

Updates Thursdays until complete. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Coverart by Solder Point.

This story was written as a Patreon reward for Boopy Doopy.

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The Empire is starting to see a little more tourist traffic. The tourists, however, are having trouble seeing anything. When every native surface in the nation offers a choice of 'reflective or refractive?' -- well, it's rather easy to spend their entire vacation stumbling into buildings, usually right next to the door.

Cadance is working on the problem. But she can only treat the walls. The crystal ponies aren't going to cover themselves... unless a certain designer can get them interested in the foreign concept of 'clothing'.

It's a challenge fit for an artist!
Or a madmare.
When you hire Rarity, you usually get both.

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.)

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Twilight hasn't been living in the tree for very long. She's still trying to figure out how to be both a good friend and a decent librarian. So if there's something going on where the local pegasi have to stay in the air as much as possible and Rainbow just needs her to bring a book up to the balcony, where everypony can see Twilight turn it over... that's really not so much to ask, is it?

A minor act done for one mare is a friendly favor.
Two is a trend.
When you reach the third, herd mentality is already out of the starting gate and galloping.
Four through fifty inclusive is 'Welcome to Ponyville'.

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Astrid never expected any of this to happen, nor did she ever want it to happen, especially not to her. Lost in a world that is not her own, trapped in the body of a creature that is not her own, Astrid wants nothing more than to go home.

However, going home may not be an option.

Edited by the fantastic Babroniedadand ShimmerLeaf!

A Displaced Story featuring Legend of Zelda
Conflicting tags: Adventure/Slice of Life
Tags may be added or even changed as the story progresses
Currently not accepting crossovers

Featured on 5/12/17, the very first day! Thanks!

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Luna forgot something on the moon. A magical artifact that even now threatens to destroy the entire lunar body! And Twilight only has a month to get there and stop it from doing just that!

Can our intrepid hero manage to create a whole space program from scratch? Perhaps with the help of her friends, the magic of friendship... and untold trillions of bits from the royal treasury... maybe she just might succeed!

Or the moon will explode. Maybe.

Story written as a prompt for Bean's Writing Group!

Cover art from this hilarious video.

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Delivery Ponies, the best new thing of modern deliveries!

Through fresh meals, telegrams, surprises, you name it, these lovable li'l creatures will make sure they leave you 100% satisfied with their snuggly services! Just select the "Pony Package", and we'll make sure you get what you need faster than you can boop the "Place Order" button.

They only accept cuddles, huggles, boops and more as tips. :heart:

~Featured 4/25/22; 4/26-28; 5/2~

Leave a comment and like for them, they work very hard for us all. ❤

WARNING: selecting the Pony Package may result in never-ending squeeing, sore cheeks from smiling or high-risk of contracting diabetes.

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With the barrier broken and the Monsters free, Asriel Dreemurr is apprehensive about what he knows is coming. He won't be able to maintain his form for much longer, and is afraid of no longer being himself again.

Then, a mysterious figure offers him a deal. A second chance, an oppurtunity to redeem himself... but the figure chooses where he gets that second chance.

Not wishing to become a Flower again, Asriel takes the chance, and is transported to a whole new world of magic, wonder, sights no Monster has seen, and of course, the magic of harmony and friendship.

And into whose hooves does the figure send him the young Prince to? Why, the hooves of someone else who has been given a second chance, and seeks to redeem herself and make up for the mistakes of the past. None other than the Princess of the NIght, Luna herself.

Come along as the young Boss Monster does his utmost to make good use of this second chance, and along the way, find family in a land far from his own.

Awesome cover by Cyaneworks over on Furaffinity~!

EDIT: (Featured 4/21, just hours after posting)
Agabaagabagabagabagaaa, FEATURED?! Within hours of me putting it up? Thank you thank you thank you aahhhhhh you're all amazing

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The Enterprise is sent to investigate a bunch of mysterious signals that ripple from deep within an unexplored area of the Gamma Quadrant. In their investigations, they come across a strange creature—a small white unicorn with an adventurous spirit. Lost in space, she just wants to go home, and the mysterious signals are her best lead.

However, unexplored space is always filled with strange new worlds, vast mysteries... and dangers the likes of which no one can be prepared for.

Part of the Transcendental Sequence. (The start, actually!)

"Secretly" a mega-crossover. No previous knowledge of any franchise should be required to read.

Updates every 13 days.

Major Editors: Ebony Sable, Shilic, Code/GunGoose

Cover art: JumboDS64, my Krita skills, this, and this.

-GM, master of The Beginning

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Starlight Glimmer managed to successfully save the Mane 6, Spike, and the Princesses from Queen Chrysalis while inspiring the changelings to reform.

Except for Chrysalis. She instead chose to flee in disgrace after warning Starlight to sleep with one eye open.

However, as the group watched Chrysalis run away, Spike asked a big question.

EDIT: Featured through 04/19/22-04/21/22!!

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Doing laundry is always a chore, and sometimes I envied my pony neighbor for rarely having to do laundry. Until I found out she wasn't allowed to wash her blankets.

It’s an unfair rule and shouldn’t apply to ponies, but the laundromat clerk won’t budge. A creative solution is required.

For Bicyclette’s Thousand Words contest

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

Now with a reading by Rainbow Infinity Readings!

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