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This story is a sequel to Trial and Error: Second Edition

Nikolas, a human from the magical land of Kansas, is about to be killed by an assassin. At the last moment, a mysterious force pulls him out of harm's way... and into Equestria. Just as he starts to relax, however, he finds that Equestria has its own team of assassins, and they're under the same orders to kill him!

Armed only with the knowledge of how his own world works and accompanied by his newest friends, Nikolas must brave the perils of being hunted down, or end up as Equestria's first dead human.

Part one of three.

Chapters (34)

This story is a sequel to Failure, Eternally Retold, Part One: The Human Element

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Akaitora and Nikolas continue to make their way across Equestria in search of the components that will save Nik's life, and all of Equestria in the process. From an active volcano to the bottom of a lake, they'll have to deal with all the challenges of cutting across the country in a stolen prison transport vehicle while being chased by an army of soldiers that are trying to kill them.

All the while, large chunks of Equestria are disappearing as the world rips itself apart. All hope now rests with a human, a convicted terrorist, the mare he loves, and a scholar.

Part two of three.

Chapters (21)

Coming from a broke and broken family, I never kept high hopes for anything. When my mother died and I moved out of the house, finally making a life of my own, I decided to treat myself. I had a few grand saved up for a rainy day, and I was going to use them to go to E3, video games were one of the few things that kept me sane before and now. That and MLP, but with the show on hiatus, again I figured it would be fun. I got a pretty good Reaper costume. I rarely played him in Overwatch, but I liked his backstory and character. Riding to E3 in a train was kinda fun dressed as him, mainly since I was not the only one dressed up. When I got to E3 I got the usual, games, little trinket things, then I came across what was a sad looking stall, but there was a pair of really good looking guns Reaper carried, and my costume didn't come with those, so naturally I bought them. When I tried them out by myself in the bathroom, my luck, the lights went out...and I was falling...Okay someone spiked my cherry root beer!

Co Written by: Xinrick

Chapters (13)

This is an alternate dimension adventure featuring Sunset Shimmer. When she gets banished from Equestria, she is invited to join a team and starts a journey with them to find the way back to Equestria.

Just like or dislike if you feel this story good or not good. Your criticism will help me a lot.

(My little pony crossover with Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, owned by Matt Roszak.

The picture is owned by LeonKay.

Warning: Sunset is in her pony form throughout the story. And maybe OOC.

P/S: If chapters have (...) In its name mean the chapter is edited.

Chapters (35)

Did you ever look at that battered old Knight in the Forest and wonder, What happened to him? Ever wonder what his history was? Or how he ended up there? Well my friends, this story should tell you all that and more.

Cover art is not mine, it is SharkAlpha's.

FEATURED ON JULY 6TH OF 2016!! Oh my gosh! I...I have no words! I never thought this would happen to me! Thank you to everyone who supported me! Thank you so much!


Chapters (8)

Life's a witch, and then you die. Just ask Fluttershy.

A Halloween fic.

Edited by R5h.

Chapters (1)

From town to town, Steve has been known for being a real crowd pleaser. He has thrilled mares and colts all across Equestria! The fun soon comes to an end as he must make a gripping decision, either to continue his career as a Party Entertainer Extraordinaire, or move into a much more elusive performing job. The bills need to get paid somehow, and the bits are just one buck away...Does his shop in Ponyville bring him money and joy, or will the moral repercussions leave Steve mad with guilt? A shop intended only for mares, and only for legal ones at that... That is, until a fateful day The Cutie Mark Crusaders show up.

Chapters (3)


Chapters (31)

This story is a sequel to Ponyfinder: Roots of Stone

Two denizens from two worlds collide in the middle and get dropped onto Everglow. Thankfully, one of them is Zecora. Surely she can handle a little adventure without panic being required. Her partner, lacking fur, has a sword but comes in peace.

Takes place in the same universe as all my other MLP/Ponyfinder stories. No, you don't need to read the others to enjoy this.

Chapters (27)


Chapters (20)