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Dragon Shimmer

Just someone who really like dragons. Especially mage dragons and rare dragons.



This is an alternate dimension adventure featuring Sunset Shimmer. When she gets banished from Equestria, she is invited to join a team and starts a journey with them to find the way back to Equestria.

Just like or dislike if you feel this story good or not good. Your criticism will help me a lot.

(My little pony crossover with Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, owned by Matt Roszak.

The picture is owned by LeonKay.

Warning: Sunset is in her pony form throughout the story. And maybe OOC.

P/S: If chapters have (...) In its name mean the chapter is edited.

Chapters (35)
Comments ( 100 )

Question what's crossover with?

Eh on description there. I don't plagiarism to anyone don't worry.

Would you like some help editing later tonight?

Just not an "can't fix" fiction. Maybe I can because i am busy writting chapter 6 here :v

Or... Writting combine editing is fine xD.

What is this a crossover with? You mention "EBF" but googling that just bring up European banking groups.

Ack really? Oh boy i have to fix this. Thank you for you comment.

5 likes and 1 Dislike... That a good start.

This is pretty good!

Tks you, i am thinking about what to do next.

That's okay. I would suggest trying programs like Grammarly or simply autocorrect, they might be useful. But as I said, it seems like a very good read, good luck with the story!


I’d be happy to be ur editor!

Fine. I trust you this but... I don't know how to invite you edit the story xD.
P/S: the next chapter almoost done

Anyway you should read all of the chapters though.

Nice, but grammar mistakes.. Imma help you with that!

Ok.. so how can you help with grammar? All chapter is published.


In a PM. Send me a PM, and I’ll reply with the edits to one chapter. Then you copy-paste that in place of the original. Don’t worry, I won’t change too much. :twilightsmile:

How about you point it the grammar wrong and fix it? I will fix imidiately

The premise has promise, but problems plague your prose.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :derpytongue2:

A little trick I like to use is to build the scene in my head and let my imagination act it out. It keeps the dialogue flowing naturally.

Ok.... She have a long way to find a way to be back though

I will say that I've yet to see an EBF crossover. Just needs more polish. Maybe an editor.

Wow you really touch my pain here because I don't have an editor. And I need to think Sunset skills and stuff :v

Maybe not an editor, maybe just more practice. Keep writing, keep learning, keep improving. :twilightsmile:

Warning: this Sunset Shimmer maybe little OOC.

How so?

Idk because that the proof that.... I don't know how much about her personality.
If you thing this Sunset is too OOC please let me know and I change the warning.

Okay, wow. That's actually the shortest amount of descriptive writing I've ever seen.😯

See...... That was I told you in mail xD.

Yeah, it's like we're polar opposites of each other.

And how is the story ? ;)

Kkkkk.... I know. Maybe it just scored at the action not ...storyline :)

I'm gonna finish this story soon to prepare next part :v

Comment posted by Dragon Shimmer deleted May 17th, 2021

Okay... Thanks, I guess. But why you give me this link?

It had a comedy tag and it wasn't even ise to funny.

I have an advice for you. "Please read all of the chapters before doing judgement."

Like elder said, " don't judge the book by its cover." And you are falling to that.

Your wording is giving me a headache like another writer I know.

Maybe because you don't have an experiment to read a series. (I have a headache when I first read a series, believe me)

Dude i read the Illiad in a three week period read a Bible for fun cover to cover in eight months, in a year I read CS Lewis' chronicles of Narnia and about five months to read tolkein's lord of the rings and a week to read his story The hobbit.

Then why you can't read this series? Judge in the first chapter is not a good point you know?

I will take a judge if I read all the chapter. Look at "The new hero" by "Alex the lone wolf". The
grammar have no wrong, but the content is trash outhere.

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