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I dont know if fluttershy would be this mean to somebody

Season Two, Episode Nineteen: Putting Your Hoof Down

Fluttershy dumps two wagon loads of refuse and litter on top of two mares going over a comedy routine, when she could have easily walked around the small pond or flown across the bridge. Later that episode, she drops her own mail, inciting her rage in which she grabs a tourist asking for directions and throws him across town. Not even her friends are spared, as she insults Pinkie and Rarity right to their faces.

This story is meant to take place after that episode, with full implications of the lesson from that episode learned.


Fluttershy dumps two wagon loads of refuse and litter on top of two mares going over a comedy routine, when she could have easily walked around the small pond or flown across the bridge.

Yeah, that was particularly eyebrow-raising, considering she has access to a third dimension two-thirds of the population don't - UP. This scene never did make sense to me; what, did her impatience and rage make her forget about her own damn subspecies?

Though, the mares kinda did deserve it for blocking a bridge for said two-thirds of the population, who can't effortlessly circumvent them. They could've gone over the bridge and parked at the side of the path, or something convenient - but nope, gossiping mares be inconsiderate gossiping mares.
This scene utterly blows.

though Some might need to shift

Why is "some" capitalised?

One with wings, and more importantly, knowledge on how to use them.

So...Rainbow? She is the supposed "fastest flier in Equestria", or some tripe like that, so wouldn't she be the best choice for wing-usage knowledge?
Fluttershy's not really the ideal choice, seeing as how she tends to walk instead of using her wings.

'Some' is capitalized because I didn't catch it before I published.

The fact that Rainbow Dash spends so much time in the air does make her an ideal choice. However, several factors mitigate that. I mention a few of them, such as Kai having no way to reach her in the clouds, but there are also several that I don't mention because they don't particularly matter. These include, but are not limited to, Rainbow's house being made from and floating in the clouds (see Swarm of the Century and Dragonshy) and Rainbow being a particularly strong and fast pegasus (see Fall Weather Friends).

Meanwhile, Fluttershy walks more often, as you have pointed out. Her home is on the ground. It's far enough away from other homes in every wide establishing shot, but close enough that she can be inconvenienced by a neighbor overwatering his plants. She's easier to reach. She may not be the ideal choice, but she is a choice that is capable of being made without the need for extra tools, time, and planning.

Usutora walked in with a chest on his back.

A chest from the Castle? Isn't that technically robbing the Princesses?
Or could it be categorised as abandoned goods, since the Princesses have only been back here once in several centuries and didn't collect it?

"Liepzig madchen," he shouted to the trees. "Ich brauche dich. Ihr Haar ist aus feinster Seide, Ihre Augen aus klarsten Smaragden. Deine Federn warmen mein Herz. Ich stelle mir vor, deine Lippen schmecken nach dem sussesten Honig. Ihr Atem muss nach dem magersten Fleisch schmecken."

Joim'n I'm guessin'. The bloody lil' buggers 'o started both dem World Wars - 'n lost both too.

Usutora is a thief. He comes from a band of thieves. Before the change in leadership, he was specifically the lockpick of the group. Tundra was the distraction, by way of hypnosis (he once convinced a warehouse guard that he was a bowling ball. The guard was found the next morning rolling back and forth down the alleyway speaking terms of the sport.) and Frostbite was the acrobat. They are not above theft.

That being said, yes, this counts as abandoned goods, along with everything else in the castle. Although, the princesses are the lawmakers, and are thus capable of giving themselves exceptions and laying claim to everything within those walls. Even if they did, they could also give all three of the ponies in that room pardons. It is all at the princesses' whims.

Also, Kai does speak german, but only when drunk or drugged. The same goes for latin, though he can access that when sober, as well.

So absolutely nopony realised Fluttershy was foalnapped?
...Okay then.

Kai was there every single day, telling them all that she was safe. Except for the day that he was drugged. He had Applejack to vouch for him, so most of them assumed he was telling the truth. Also, ever since Kai started trusting Fluttershy, she could have him deliver letters in her own hoofwriting. Nopony had a reason to believe she was being held against her will.

I'm really enjoying this story; keep it up!

Haven't read this yet but that german bit has atrocious grammar.

Perhaps you should read it, then. The paragraph of german text is meant to be interpreted as nonsense whether you understand the language or not. The character using it is hallucinating from drug use.

Of course, you'd have known that if you'd read the story.

Well since you had replied that he only speaks it under the influence I figured as much, just not the kind of speech pattern I'd expect from drugs.
Not like my comment was ment as personal offence.

People react differently to substance abuse. Some people start parties and can remember what happened the next morning, others wake up clad in nothing but mud in the middle of a field next to a tied up goat, and don't remember when they left the country.

Even the substance can determine the change in character. I know a man who has a memory as clear as crystal with champagne, rum and schnapps, but he blacks out with beer and tequila.

When I saw this series I hoped but I knew you shouldn't hope there is only despair

He had read every book available to him regarding flight dynamics and wind manipulation, and still he could not take flight. he could only barely glide at the best of times. He would have to think of something new.

Capitalized word has been missed.

It has been fixed. Thank you.

Okay, hold on just a freaking second. Are you seriously expecting me to believe that a 6-year old was sent to prison with no trial and no chance to explain himself then abandoned by literally EVERYONE and then railroaded into a lifetime sentence and Celestia knew and honestly didn't give a shit!? In what way is that possibly believable? And don't bother to mention Cozy Glow, she was clearly a psychopath and everyone knew it.

Furthermore how did anyone ever even get the idea that he wanted to kill Celestia? He was freaking SIX! The CMC were closer to NINE and they did WAAAAAAY more crazy and potentially illegal stuff.

This story was originally written years before Cozy Glow was around, back when there were only two seasons. It was then retconned between seasons three and four, and then rewritten after my return. As for Celestia not caring, she was completely unaware that it was happening until his release. She was even going to apologize to him, but he was already of the mindset that the guards were evil, with two exceptions: the detective who refused to arrest him because of the obvious, which cost him his job, and the one that took him home, but made sure to tell him that this was not his job, mentioned above. By the time the truth came out, the actually guilty party had escaped and Kai was hiding from the law. There was, in fact, an actual terrorist plot at the core of this, and Kai was thrown under the bus as a distraction, successfully gumming up the system.

Wow. That was one of the most depressing endings I've ever read. No justice, the guy is still an outcast and the Guards are heartless bullies all. Depressing, no happy ending, and everyone basically still hates him. Downvoted.

It was tagged as dark and sad. Did you truly expect a story tagged in such a way to end with a big parade? With him being awarded a medal for his efforts? Sad and dark stories are at times met with sad and dark endings.

If it makes you feel better, the sequel sees him redeemed, and even gives him a happier ending.

11235283 Has it been completed? I would read it, as long as there is actual justice for him. Those Guards were just assholes for no reason and who tf threw a 6-year old in jail?


It is finished. All three pieces. He does not seek vengeance on the guards that threw him in prison, but he does end the story settling into a peaceful life. He goes through hardshipscalong the way, but he walks away from the world-ending event with the promise that life will go on.

11235312 Thanks for the link.
Well, if you like dark stories, feel free to read mine.

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