• Published 13th Aug 2020
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Trial and Error: Second Edition - Kiernan

A strange stallion kidnaps Fluttershy for his experiments

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Haven't read this yet but that german bit has atrocious grammar.

Perhaps you should read it, then. The paragraph of german text is meant to be interpreted as nonsense whether you understand the language or not. The character using it is hallucinating from drug use.

Of course, you'd have known that if you'd read the story.

Well since you had replied that he only speaks it under the influence I figured as much, just not the kind of speech pattern I'd expect from drugs.
Not like my comment was ment as personal offence.

People react differently to substance abuse. Some people start parties and can remember what happened the next morning, others wake up clad in nothing but mud in the middle of a field next to a tied up goat, and don't remember when they left the country.

Even the substance can determine the change in character. I know a man who has a memory as clear as crystal with champagne, rum and schnapps, but he blacks out with beer and tequila.

When I saw this series I hoped but I knew you shouldn't hope there is only despair

It has been fixed. Thank you.

Wow. That was one of the most depressing endings I've ever read. No justice, the guy is still an outcast and the Guards are heartless bullies all. Depressing, no happy ending, and everyone basically still hates him. Downvoted.

It was tagged as dark and sad. Did you truly expect a story tagged in such a way to end with a big parade? With him being awarded a medal for his efforts? Sad and dark stories are at times met with sad and dark endings.

If it makes you feel better, the sequel sees him redeemed, and even gives him a happier ending.

11235283 Has it been completed? I would read it, as long as there is actual justice for him. Those Guards were just assholes for no reason and who tf threw a 6-year old in jail?


It is finished. All three pieces. He does not seek vengeance on the guards that threw him in prison, but he does end the story settling into a peaceful life. He goes through hardshipscalong the way, but he walks away from the world-ending event with the promise that life will go on.

11235312 Thanks for the link.
Well, if you like dark stories, feel free to read mine.

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