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I left for eight years. Now I've returned, a changed beast.

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I like where this is going, it's going to be all kinds of fun.

Man Twilight is going to get one hell of a shock when she edits all the videos

Especially episode thirteen. There's certainly going to be a few words over that little indiscretion when she finds out.

Ok I can't believe I'm about to say this but, can we not do the sex, I mean it's never a bad time for sex, but bugs man? Thats a little weird even for me.

Sorry, whole section on insect coitus is already written and edited. You are welcome to skip it, as the sections are named, and you can join us again in Episode Fourteen, which has no bu-... Well, I suppose it depends on your definition, but I would classify it as a mammal before even thinking insect.

Love this story please keep going 💛

Ok do grasshoppers even have dicks? Never mind don't answer that. I need a shower I think I can feel them crawling in my hair.

Well, no, no they don't. It's really more of a tube that just spits it out. The part about the females using theirs to dig holes is accurate, though.

For the sake of the story, though, it was more entertaining, and the weird, creepy sex that I was going to put in here, I thought would be better in a different section. Keep your eyes peeled for the mythical creatures that I have to make up just to have all the necessary bodily functions to make you glad it doesn't really exist.

I said not to answer that! Bring on the bizare tentacle monsters and creapy aliens just no more bugs!

I love the bug section in this story so erotic more please

>”be on the lookout for watersports!”
>19 chapters later:

Is it still gonna happen? :rainbowlaugh:

It is. The story is still ongoing, and I have only just reached the halfway point of my outline. Rest assured, it will happen. I just have to reach that point in the story.

The problem with doing random crossover content like this with no warning is that readers like me are now 100% lost. The last three chapters might have as well been gibberish to me, which was disheartening because I was following this story until then. It's weird to run into 16 chapters in. I get this is a tongue and cheek story, but the nsp gag went on a little long for me to find it entertaining.

I understand the confusion, as that's one of the reasons why I don't often do crossovers. This is about as random as can possibly do, as I more often than not try for a cohesive narrative. Being able to follow the story is important, and I apologize for going off track. This selection of chapters, or episodes as I've named them, is solely intended as an absurd joke.

It may please you, then, to know that the NSP section is over, and we'll be going right back to our regularly scheduled programming as of tonight. Thank you for your patience.

I don't know whether to be excited or disappointed that Twilight is getting in on the action. I mean, in an obvious way. Lol.

Slowly, the female pegasus began to lift her body,


At this time, probably seven. After the cephalopod arc, there's one more audience suggestion that I wanted to add, plus one of my own. After that, I may take breaks from other stories to add to this one, as the episodic nature just allows me to add on extra chapters, as everything just goes back to the way it was at the end of each installment.

And of course, there were some ideas for made-up creatures that didn't really have enough content for an arc, like the venomous trouser snake and the latchkey pulse crab. And have you seen a female hyena's reproductive organs? Wild stuff.

If there's still some interest later down the line, I may do a season two sometime in the future. But I think, for now, it's time to move on to the big finish.

Will there be another insect one? I liked the first part honestly

I'll be honest, I did think of bringing in my oil scorpions from a different piece (very interesting creatures) but I then realized that Fluttershy is probably not going to be killing them in spectacular fashion, so their most bombastic and spectacular traits are kind of wasted here. At best for this story, they come pre-lubricated, but she'd have to throw out her clothes and bathe in a river before interacting with anything that has fire or electricity, or risk being immolated.

That said, if she did kill one, the easiest method would be to throw a lit match at one. They go up in flames immediately, spewing sticky incendiary fluid from their tails like napalm, screaming in pain for an average of forty-five seconds until their boiling insides become so pressurized that the carapace explodes.

Pretty to look at, but she would insist on non-violence, making them far less fun to write about.

That said, the final creature does have some arthropodal inspirations.

Lol. Every time something with a penis happens to Fluttershy :rainbowlaugh:

genuinely this is a good read. chapters are brief and interesting and really hot. fluttershy and beastiality is just a no brainer. i got to episode eleven in one sitting before i took a break. excited to read the rest :yay:

Another picks up the camera and follows along.

my mans right there is a team player lets goooooo

This was a great story; I loved it and can't wait for Season 2!

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