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I write what I like, if you don't like it then don't be a hater and leave. I'm here to have fun and crossover it with my little pony

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This was pretty good! I look forward to more.

Kinks included: Futa on Fluttershy, Male on Fluttershy, oral, vaginal, incest, group sex, slight rape, interspecies, cucking.

I'm revealing you more kinks that you slightly missed when I first read and found in chapter one;

Blowjobs, Boobjobs/Titfucks, BJ/Titjob Combo, Massive Creampies, Submissive Fluttershy, "Daddy" kink, etc....


Hot little story, but one sexy nitpick: if the bimbo wasn't wearing panties, then there was no need to pull her skirt down...just flip that baby up and TAKE HER TO POUND TOWN!

Can't say no to more Fluttershy clop!:rainbowwild:

This was a hot chapter. I've always wanted to read a clopfic involving Fluttershy and Bow Hothoof. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Poor RD, feels bad man

Image source? Asking for a...friend.

Forgot where i got it sorry

Noted and added thank you

The artist is Snudd, also known as Snuddy.

The derpibooru reference number is 3193724

Thank you! Or rather, my friend thanks you...

Kinks included: Futa on Fluttershy, Male on Fluttershy, oral, vaginal, incest, group sex, slight rape, interspecies, cucking, blowjobs, titjobs, anal and more.

There's nothing about this I don't love.

Feel free to throw out ideas to make you love it more

lactation/breast feeding. I mean she has the assets for it

Bdsm and breeding. Make a broodmare out of her!:twilightsmile:

Edit: Maybe also call her Flutterslut!

Have somepony ask her to say no and she just can't because she likes it so much.

Been a full month. Hoping this project isn’t abandoned

no i haven't it just takes time to write something and not be horny

Well, taking into account that you involve Cadence and Shining Armor, one more option for Flutter would be to go to the Crystal Empire, where the two princes could fuck Fluttershy. Being that she would be looking for help to overcome this curious dilemma.

Ah I was hoping to see her get done by Bow again as it was implied he and his wife had plans. Guess Fluttershy is gonna be a slut to all Equestria.

Great chapter, I have a suggestion.

Breeding fucking with Big Macintosh and Applejack.
The siblings try to impregnate Fluttershy.

Hmmm, i love the chapter, spike being a horny little nympho is great! Hopefully he gets more screen time later on.

I have no idea who to pick/suggest next. I like the idea of Big Mac... Maybe tenderhooves i think his name is? the stupidly large stalion with the horseshoe cutie mark?

That being said is the issue of potentialy getting pregnant

I have three ideas for Fluttershy's next encounter:
Rarity's parents, Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles-Have sex with Hondo but in front of Cookie.
Filthy Rich- He pays her to have sex; mistakens her for a prostitute.
Has a gangbang with Royal Guards who are visiting Ponyville of duty.

Looking forward to whatever comes next. I liked this chapter.

Another excellent chapter! Well done!

Maybe in the next chapter, Fluttershy could go to the Ponyville Spa to have a relaxing treatment after her session with Twilight and Spike, but she ends up getting dragged into this little orgy with the spa twins, Lotus and Aloe Blossom using strap-ons.

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