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Unintentional sleep rape :trollestia:
(With no penetration.)
But that's splitting hairs to be honest. :twilightblush:

Oh, don't think me a prude, friend. I have written a fic with somnophilia before - and have discussed the issue within the comments of that fic - and a fic with rape in it before. However, the quandary with the somnophilia in this fic is that Dusk didn't know what he was doing, ergo, 'accident.' I'm not trying to distance myself from the act, nor imply I'm justifying it. And yes, I do realise the conflict of interest with it and the romance tag, but Gleaming's character understood what an naive idiot her brother was and ergo, the justifiable case for the romance tag. So, yeah. :twilightsmile: I'm not trying to distance myself, deny or imply anything with that comment, I thought I trying to partake in banter, but eh.

Funnily enough, in the other fic I mentioned above, someone commented that I was too negative with the depiction of the fetish. Sometimes, there's no pleasing people. :rainbowlaugh:

Well if that's what is upsetting you I'll add the tag, apologies. I won't add dark due to the context however. I hope you forgive me for my negligence. If you see from my other stories where such things occur I have tagged it as such, it's not something I blatantly downplay or ignore. I know what rape it, it's not a very black and white issue. I was just thinking with context in mind.

I appreciate the thought, sincerely. I recognise your concern and will be more diligent in the future. :twilightsmile:

If you wanna get hyper technical, Gleaming raped Dusk in chapter 2 since he's under-age. This creates a double negative and therefore no rape occurred at all. Fact!

If you wanna get mega-hyper-super-duper technical, rape is defined as

Rape is when a person intentionally penetrates another's vagina, anus or mouth with a penis, without the other person's consent

in the UK. Ergo, not a single act of rape occurred at all! (Joking.)

Well this was a perfect Dusk Shine clop story, I can'T wait to see the next chapter, keep it up.

9577915 9577867
Alright, settle down kids! We already get enough hate from the anti-cloppers. There's no call for us to be at each other's throats as well!

I feel no animosity towards him, and I do apologise if I came off as such. :twilightsmile:
Edit: Please do not leave dislikes on Buster's comments he was only trying to help. Thank you.

Remember, not just the author sees your comments on the story.
Perhaps better suited as a PM in the future?

okay bruh, first i see you go make Femanon, and then you come and make Dusk Shine incest, like man, just take me already.

I'm glad you liked it, that means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

Is this fic going to include any intentional rape?
Asking before I put it on my "read later" list (which I don't use anyway but still).

No. Nopony gets raped in this aside from Dusk's questionable machinations on Gleaming in chapter 1. The tag is there solely for that.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Added it to the list. :heart:

You realize that the mods have to approve the story becoming publicly available right? That means that if it was actually necessary they would have told the author to add it before it was approved. Unless of course you're trying to imply the mods aren't doing their jobs and will punish users for their own incompetence?

You know that was a pretty fun read. Now I'm really curious to see that third chapter and possible future spin off. Keep up the good work.

Bolero: a one-movement orchestral piece by the French composer Maurice Ravel (1875–1937).

<--- Sigh... Here we go again

>her disappointment was immeasurable, and her day had effectively been ruined
Wait a minute I know where this is from

Haha, yes. Whilst I understand your aversion, there is a competition going on, one which I wished to participate in. Getting into the featured box was a mere up-tick of fortune for me. However, it does put forward a notion. If you do not wish to see smut, there is an option to hide said smut. I use it at least once a day to see what made it into the featured box that isn't clop, but you can have it on permanently if you wish. This is one of those instances where I don't feel obligated to apologise. But, I only hope you're not too upset.
The third chapter is going to be a timeskip. As for spin offs and continuations, that isn't yet something I'll consider. I have a lot of other things to get around to first. Believe me, I have a lot of sequel ideas, and they typically come right after I finish a fic. I am having fun writing these gender-switched characters, and may do something with them again in the future.

Gotta love genderbent Equestria.

Good shit

I see a button do disable 'mature content' However, I only want to disable fetish fics. But I dont see a button for that.

And no, I'm not not upset. People read what they want to read^^

She was lucky not to be in oestrus.

Shame if I'm being honest //finger guns

Good show man, good show on this chapter and this story so far, loved it. 11/10 definite mmf.

It was something of an imperative, disgust was a fleeting emotion, for the nectar that covered his hoof looked like honey to his eyes - sweet, and mouth wateringly delicious. He brought it to his mouth, dragging his tongue over his limb, scraping against the marecum. At last, he understood the secrecy, why mares were so intent on keeping this secret close to their chests. The way the flavour danced on his tongue, the rush of excitement that washed over his young body. He recalled a definition in his head, the only one suitable to describe the taste. Mares had literal ambrosia between their legs!

Ah, the innocence of youth...

... soon to be lost.

Solaris help her.

That would be interesting. :trollestia:

The door creaked open, unsurprisingly, and Dusk Shine grimaced. The first line of defence had failed. Now he’d have to rely on the cushiony walls, the robust blankets, and his own will, to keep him safe. Gleaming, meanwhile, looked upon her brother’s ‘fortress’ with bemusement, closing the door with her hind leg. It was four individual pillows forming some of a lidless box around her young sibling, a thin purple blanket was tossed on top. An admirable attempt, she had to admit.


He. Was. Ready!

Are you really? :moustache:

Dusk Shine’s smile was gone, and he feared forever; his sunken eyes hollow, going over every single thing the mare revealed to him. She was excruciating in her detail. He now knew the purpose of her bits, and the purpose of his, yet this knowledge came at the most horrific of costs: his innocence. He looked up Gleaming, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to formulate a sentence. None came. Was this the burden of forbidden knowledge? A part of him wished that he had never stared into the abyssal chasm of his sister’s cunt… vagina.

Yup. I think my subconscious somehow knew this was going to happen.

“Yeah… no,” she replied flatly. Although, this was Dusk they were talking about. She wouldn’t have been surprised if the colt had sported a stiffy in the past and thought it was just an elaborate and fleshy book stand for leisurely reading.


Not much better, arguably, but that was up for debate.


“So you’ll sex me?” Dusk asked, hopeful.

He still hasn't lost all his innocence, though. :rainbowlaugh:

Dusk did nothing as Gleaming kissed him. He didn’t shrink away or move his lips, he just let the moment embrace him, like a soft hug. They were soft, almost as soft as the lips between her legs, yet his lips pressed to the one’s on her face was more captivating for the young colt. Even though she held it for a mere few seconds, the moment felt as though it lasted hours for him; the fleeting contact was surreal, feeling like a dream, his heart adorned with butterfly wings, his belly tied with myriad knots...

We have a romantic!

She was lucky not to be in oestrus.

To be fair, though, I don't think his sperm is developed enough to fertilize.

... Wait, strike that. With his big cock, I need to throw that thought out the window.

“I love you,” Dusk interrupted quietly, gently rising and falling, his body dragging him unwillingly to sleep. He was all tuckered out.

Gleaming continued to stroke her brother’s head, smiling at him tenderly even though he couldn’t see. They had to come apart at some point. To take his dick from her, clean up their messes, never talk of this again. That fact seemed tragic to her, but she couldn’t imagine how the two would live continuing such a thing... but, for the time being, she was contented to just lay there. Dusk in her arms, gently breathing as he was drawn into his dreams – no doubt they would be about her. And admittedly, she knew hers would be about him. “I love you too, Dusk,” she admitted in a whisper, planting a kiss on the top of his head as she too fell asleep...

Nice romantic ending. :twilightsmile:

Lovely little story. Wonder how this moment affected their future relationships.

So did you intentionally use a line from the adult movie know as taboo. Ir was that coincidence?

Coincidence. I've never even heard of the film. I'll give it a look though.

Really old flick starring kay parker. I discovered it on pure curiosity on retro erotica.

If you go to the search page, you can filter by tag. Type -#fetish to filter out all stories with that tag. Same with any others you don't like.

I just wish there was a #futa tag so I could filter THAT out, but it's just lumped in with the others for some reason. You can sort by body type though, so using #Mlpfim, #EquestriaGirls, #Human, or #Anthro (or -#yougetthepicture to exclude them) can help refine them.

Part of me is imagining what Bolero will think when he finds out... assuming you're going with the Cadance = Bolero name others have used. But then, I've always been one for 'Cadance and Shining have an open marriage and Cadance is suuuuuper kinky' thing, myself. Can only imagine the fun if it was R63 too.

It depends on whether or not I want to handle the potential sequel as a clopfic or something a bit more grounded. One idea for a bonus chapter is Bolero finding out and then doing something about it. Probably not what anyone would do catching their wife and brother having sex, but still.

Oh hecc... I didn't expect the feels. Well done.

i need a sequel, someone get this man 20 likes!

A sequel sounds awesome but I would also like to know what happened the day after Dusk and Gleaming had sex. And Dusk's reaction to learning he did something illegal. I don't know I think there are a bunch of one-shot ideas for what happened in those ten years.

“He wants to have a foal.”
I mean, you can give her one, s'not like Bolero has to know //fingerguns

Damn fine end to this story man, damn fine!

Prince of love. I personally could see him going oh I knew from the minute we met. Then asking if he can watch next time... but that's my personal head canon. Prince/princess of love (lust and all forms there in.) I also uave it in my head that for some reason being a alicorn gets rid of alot of negative genetic information in the dna... take that how you will.

I am betting Flurry Heart was his.

Thank you. Feels just seemed realistic in such a situation.
The likes have been achieved! So, yes. A sequel is definitively a prospect. I just have to finish a commission (my first ever commission) and a free request for someone I'll initiate the planning of it.
For a continuation, the 'day after' would be the prologue for sure. However I'm not exactly sure at this point in time whether the continuation would be after chapter 3 of this fic with 'aside' chapters detailing the past ten years, or just continuing straight on from the second chapter of this fic and eventually leading up to chapter 3 of this fic. But, like I said with the comment above, I'm not exactly sure yet.
Thank you for the nice words. I mean, technically yeah Dusk can be the one to impregnate her, but he's guilty enough as is, stealing fatherhood from his friend and brother-in-law would definitely inflame things to say the least. :twilightblush:
One of the ideas I had for a non-canon bonus chapter is Bolero finding out, being half-okay half-angry with it, and forcing his wife to deepthroat her brother's dick, with some degradation thrown in for good measure. Like, realistically, would someone be totally okay with their wife committing an incest affair? Eh, I wouldn't know :rainbowlaugh: As for the second portion of your comment, I know what you're getting at. But, at this point in time, I'm unsure if that's the route I should take in the continuation. It'll definitely come up, I reckin.

Thanks for commenting. :heart:

I'd love that drama if I'm being fully honest, hehehehe. Plus I'm a sucker for incest impreg.

But good show, my dude, this was a heck of a read and I looooved it.

Gonna give this a thumbs up even though that last part touches on things that I personally find... Distasteful... But honestly this story was a good take on the concept of incest and forbidden love o.o Heck even though I have issues with it personally, I STILL can't bring myself to say it's not a good story XD

Side note: Though I cannot fathom why the internet is so damn hyper-size fixated... like really? Does everything have to be ''BIG'' to be worth writing about? XD It's freaking everywhere! xD

I'm glad you didn't let personal grievances get in the way of liking this story. :twilightsmile: The final chapter and Dusk's guilt is supposed to be an acknowledgement of how wrong it is. But the thing about me is: I love, love. So I couldn't bring myself to make it too much of a downer in the end.

As for the 'hyper-size' comment, I must apologise for that. My own kinks bleed over into the fics, even where it's not suited. In this case, cock worship, cock awe and large cocks in general. Initially I was going to make him more 'reasonable' in terms of size. Believe it or not, he used to actually be larger than depicted, with his member going to his chest, but even I realised how ridiculous that it - that that I'm saying a member that goes above halfway up the belly isn't in itself ridiculous, but still. If it means anything, I had originally envisioned a clop scene taking place in chapter 3 where due to his growth his size was a lot more 'proportioned' and less ridiculous. He's still hung mind you, but it seems less insanely obscene.

But anyway, thank you for the comment :raritywink: I appreciate it sincerely, and I appreciate your like as well. Thanks!

You're welcome! :twilightsmile:

As for the hyper-size, well you manged to make it so it wasn't obnoxious or anything so I'm very grateful for that, I've seen one too many works that personify the idea of ''That's just too big...'' xD

But it's not like it's wrong to let your own tastes bleed into the story in a logical way, it just makes the story more ''Yours'' =P well as long as it's done logically xD

It's a bittersweet ending but a realistic one based on how you established the characters. Dusk needed to come to terms with his relationship and realise for himself that he has to move on. The two of them confirming that they still love each other, even though their physical relationship has ended was a nice touch.

This alternate ending brought to you by The World's Strongest Writer.™

“Do you love me as much today as you did yesterday?”

“Yes,” Dusk answered, tightening his grasp about his sibling, his consciousness half-sleeping. “But not as much as much as I will tomorrow...” For it grew stronger every day. Gleaming pulled her little brother closer into a hug.

"So Bolero wants a foal..." Gleaming mused.

"Yeah," Dusk confirmed with a heavy sigh.

"I've always wanted a foal too," she said. She rolled onto her back, pulling him on top of her. She pulled his face down to hers to kiss him. She whispered into his ear. "But that doesn't mean it has to be his."

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