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I left for eight years. Now I've returned, a changed beast.


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nice work on the chapters out so far

"You can always come to me with your problems," offered Spike. "I'm a dragon who doesn't have wings. I know what it's like to have my own kind flying around when I can't. And once Rainbow comes back from her trip, she can pick you up and carry you around, and stuff. I'd do it myself, if I had a pair of wings. I'd pick you up and carry you all over Ponyville, just to see you smile. Even if we are spread a bit thin right now, always remember that you have friends who love you."

Scootaloo chuckled. "Thanks, Spike. I needed that."

"Plus, even if you can't fly, there's all kinds of things you can do that I can't," Spike went on. "I can't hover, I don't have the build for extreme sports, and nopony in all of Ponyville has as much control on a scooter as you do."

"Too true," smiled Scootaloo.

"And no contest, you're more polite than Diamond Tiara and her mom combined. They may be rich, but they have no class."

With a laugh, Scootaloo leaned in and hugged Spike. "That made me feel loads better."

"Always happy to help," hugged Spike back. "Just come to me if you need someone to talk to. I'll do my best to listen."

Suddenly, Scootaloo pulled back and kissed Spike fully on the lips, waiting there for a few seconds before pulling away. "One of these days, Spike, you're going to be a great coltfriend. I envy the mare who ends up with you."

Spike blushed. "And I hope you find the stallion of your dreams someday. He's a lucky one." He looked up at the sky. "It's supposed to rain soon. I should bring these bags to the mayor's office, and you should think about heading home for the night."

"Okay," smiled Scootaloo. "Thanks for listening. and remember, not a word to anypony."

"My lips are sealed," he answered, hopping down and grabbing his bags. "Have a good night."

As Scootaloo puttered off into the grey skies, Spike smiled to himself. It was always nice to help somepony in need, and he was glad that Scootaloo had found her smile again.


So a kiss stole his wings and she hopes another kiss gives it back?

That is what she believes, yes.

Scootaloo smiled back, but that smile was short-lived. "Spike, what's that poking between my legs?"

"That's that book you knocked off the shelf. You landed on it."

"Oh. Um, which book is it? I'll try and put it back; get some more practice in with these wings and new body."

"The title says The Pony-Sutra. Huh, don't recall Twilight reading me that one. I'm not sure where it goes. Wonder what it's about?"

"Let's open it and find out."

Very cute. If this is complete before May 31st, it would make a great story for the May Pairings contest. Spike and Scootaloo might qualify as an unusual ship.

Unlikely to be done by that time. We still have the romantic drama, and then the legal action, and I've been asked for an epilogue, as well.

Sooo...They told Twilight the part about the blanket covering them up, but did they explain what they had just finished doing right before that? Because if they did, then Twilight seemed to have no reaction to the two of them having sex or taking each others' virginities.

Twilight did react, but she also promised Spike she would try to keep her emotions in check. They did tell her, and her reaction was logical, almost clinical. More on this later, but to answer your question, yes, they told her, and her reaction was very mild.

Good on Holiday for being the voice of reason. Also, really, Twilight? Just gonna drop that little nugget with no preamble or consideration for what would follow? Might want to think things through a little more next time, aye Princess?

Just because she's intelligent doesn't mean she's smart :twilightblush:

She was actually going to give the exact measurements from her tests. Having Rainbow Dash in the room would be a violation of privacy if she had, but Twilight was actually give the aunts the details. The laypony probably doesn't know how to translate figures into usable information the way she does, so "systolic 123, diastolic 76" means nothing to them. Sore, one of them might know, and if one of them had problems like mine, they'd both know, but most non-diabetics won't be able to figure out that a glucose level of 121 is exceptionally worrisome.

"I figured as much." Pinkie produced a pillow and clipboard from under the table. "Now, when did your troubles seem to start?"

Pinkie has pillows stuffed away throughout Ponyville for emotional-crisis/sleeping emergencies. Nice.

At first, I was abit confused at Scootaloo's "confession". Then I realized that she was referring to herself as the colt rather than the filly.

That's Pinkie for ya, always right on top of things. That was a very creative and excellent letter and way to end the chapter. Bravo to you!

Again, Twilight seems extremely nonchalant 'bout the possibility of Spike being a father. But still, good chapter, and, I guess since she knows that any potential hatchling will grow up under good influences anyway, it's relatively okay...still, for the princess of panic attacks, this is pretty good control.

While I have a lot more to say about this, much of what I would say would spoil the story.

However, something I can say without spoiling the ending is that Twilight tends to be calmer and more collected the more dire the situation, and really only has panic attacks when there's not as much pressure. When things are drastic, she shines, but the most difficult thing for her is to relax. Having Ember there is really going to push her to trove that Scootaloo is a perfect specimen of a dragoness, and to learn new facts about the care of female dragons. She's too excited and driven right now to be panicking.

For everything else. I'll just let you stew in those thoughts for a bit.

Dragon Child Protective Services.

"You there! You are unfit to be parents because you're too young. I don't care that you are under the protection of the Princess of Friendship, your hatchlings are under Dragon Rule."

Evil Cackle ensues.

This doesn't end up being fully explained in the story, but to put it in as few words as possible, previous dragon rulers had put together a rule that any unclaimed eggs belonged to the king so he could have as many children as possible, biological or not. They would be reshaped to fit his desires, and then take over his reign to keep it moving along as he saw fit, and not go changing everything. However, with a lack of unclaimed eggs came an addendum, that being point four of that law, basically saying that any fertile eggs that were outside of dragon lands were considered abandoned, and belonged to the king, as the parents of the eggs must be traitors, unless they can prove their citizenship, which neither Spike nor Scootaloo can because they're Equestrians.

Point sixteen states that, once the ruler of the dragons (Ember) is informed of the errant eggs, he (she) is to send out a party to collect them, and kill any traitors that resist the lawful procurement of the eggs.

Now, Ember is bound by this law by way of ancient treaties and alliances, and if she starts breaking the rules, it could fracture the dragon lands into smaller factions that are already on unpleasant terms because the dragons are aggressive by nature. She can grant exceptions to Spike and Scootaloo because they're beyond the age that she can start to reshape their minds. That said, she's not required to brainwash the hatchlings, and she'd absolutely be on the other side if she could completely rewrite centuries of tradition. But she can't just announce that the rule will change without upsetting key figures in her court, so the decision has to stand as it is written in the book, until such time as it can be properly revised.

And If I were allowed a fourth genre tag, it'd probably have been easier to see this coming, as you'd have asked yourself when the tragedy was going to come in, but alas, rules are rules...

It's a fair explanation at least. Still. It should be hard to call the eggs abandoned with living parents, no matter where those eggs were laid. And automatically assuming that eggs laid outside of the dragon lands belong to traitors is a dangerous notion. Given who Spike is. The dragon that actually claimed the ruling scepter just to give it away, plus adopted younger brother of an Equestrian Princess, this action, realistically, could cause a war. There is no such thing as an absolute rule or law. Practically everything has an exception, in one form or another.

Of course there are exceptions. One of the reasons that judges exist in the first place is to determine whether or not an exception can be made. The judiciary powers that help keep the alliances in working order could absolutely grant an exemption.

But Ember's goal is to minimize the threat of a war within the dragon territories, and try to prevent a war with Equestria at the same time. In her eyes, rehoming Scootaloo and Spike's eggs until they're old enough to qualify for dual citizenship (something she would be willing to grant) is worth it to keep tempers from rising above a simmer.

But ah, if I say too much more, I will be spoiling the method that they use to resolve this matter.

Fair enough. I have more than my fair share of 'incomplete' stories on this site. If I spent more time writing my own stories and less time reading and writing comments maybe I'd have more done.

Can't help but notice Scoots wasn't that upset at Smolder for forcing her drakefriend to grope her. Hehe. 😜

Ember sighed and clasped her claws together. "Well, this has gone to shit. I almost knew it would, but I was hoping to avoid this." She turned to Scootaloo. "By the laws of the dragon lands, those eggs will need to be taken back with us, where they can be hatched in the claws of a more experienced parent. The main reason I was hoping you weren't pregnant was that I didn't want to be forced to confiscate your eggs."

Well, since the law only states they have to be hatched by a more experienced parent, then all they have to do is take the eggs to the hatching grounds...which they'd probably have to do anyway since the eggs need the heat of the magma under the rocks to hatch... then let Torch, the previous dragon lord and an experienced parent, watch as they hatch, just as he's done for previous generations. Once they've hatched, they go back to their parents.

Even dragons love loopholes. 👍

It's a bit more complicated than that, but you're not too far off.
The hatchlings do have to qualify for dual citizenship, which has an age restriction. There are further exceptions that would lift this restriction, but neither Scootaloo nor Spikequalify for that, exception, either.

Ah, bureaucracy...

My biggest problem with this is that there is no reason dragon law should even matter to them. They aren't in the dragon lands, they're in Equestria. On top of that, niether Spike nor Scootaloo were ever subject to dragon law. They're Equestrian citizens and always have been.

Twilight's responce should have been to just say, "Yeah, no. That's not happening. I don't care what you say. I don't care what your laws say. You are not stealing the children of Equestrian citizens."

I will agree that there is a case to be made for jurisdiction and a counterpoint to be made against it for extradition.

But there's also a case to be made about Twilight complying with the laws of the dragons, showing her respect for the rules and regulations of foreign countries. If she finds a way to make it work without upsetting the balancing act that keeps their truce going (which is what's going to happen, even though it's Scootaloo's idea), she's going to take that option.

Yes, Twilight has the right to say "No." If she does, Ember has the right to declare war on Equestria, and a fair few of her warmongering citizens will invade whether she issues the order or nit, because their laws say they can, because Ember can't change them all just like that.

Friendship is Magic, so let's not try to damage the friendship connecting two sovereign states. Let's try to find an agreement, where we do the least amount of damage possible.

"Scooperoo here has found a way to keep you here in Ponyville without separating your eggs from their parent,"

Nice chapter. It's Scootaloo and parents.


It's Scootaloo and parents.

No, no, both of those were deliberate.

You see, earlier on in the chapter, Ember couldn't remember Scootaloo's name "Scooter-something," she called her. Later on in that same conversation, she still doesn't have it quite right.

As for the other... Well, you'll see it soon enough.

I see. Ember needs to remember scootaloo's proper name.

There's an extremely easy solution to all of that. Scootaloo isn't a true dragon, but a transmogrified pony. Thus, her offspring would also not be true dragons.

She could also claim that it was pony magic that changed her and that Spike was born from pony magic as well. My headcanon is that Spike's egg was unfertilized and Twilight’s magic fertilized it. And yes, that would make Twilight Spike's father.

It doesn't even have to be true, either. Dragons know pony magic does weird stuff, so it's believable.

Spike: So, Ember, as Dragon Lord, you can command dragons with your scepter, right?

Ember: Yeahhh...?

Spike: So if you were to command, say, Garble, to use all his bits to build an embassy here in Ponyville and stay to be an ambassador...

Ember: *winces* I dunno, that's cruel. even if it is Garble?

Spike: Not that cruel. We have poetry beats every Tuesday at the cafe.

Garble: Sign me up!

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