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It's a bright and sunny springtime day in Ponyville, the perfect kind of day for Twilight Sparkle to visit her new friend Fluttershy.

Also, did you know horses poop fifteen times a day?

Takes place in Season 1. Rated "Gore" for gratuitous gross bodily functions.

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Author Interviewer

Just posted, already got a downvote. XD

Author Interviewer
Story Approver


So what you're saying is Fluttershy is totally full of shit. :V

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This is certainly something that I read.

butt what did twilight actually say to her?!?!? :pinkiegasp:

This story officially forfeits your right to post "Damn it, Estee," in a Comments section again. Permanently.

You must expand on this!

We need a heartfealt shipping story. Set in this universe. Where small horses poop.

15 times a day.

First I was like:

What the hell?

After reading this:

What the hell?

I thought this smelled seemed familiar. Should've known it came from a fibrous Writeoff nugget.

And I'm going to have to second 8546521. You've forfeited the right to post "Damn it, (author name)" regardless of who fills that blank.

Comment posted by geb deleted Nov 12th, 2017

It's the audience at the Wonderbolts show I really feel sorry for.

Where did Super Trampoline touch you... was it the brain?

I approve of this story, but . . .

Needs more poop.
Why did Knighty let us have emojis?

Damn it, Present Perfect.

This makes me feel better about placing in the middle third of that writeoff.

I hate myself for liking this. :ajbemused:

Sometimes being alive just feels..... Right.

I gave it a like.

Now let us never speak of this again.

Beyond the WTF factor, this reminds me a tiny bit about the old PC RPG Albion, actually.

It came out in... 96, I think? Old~ game, at any rate. And it had these Kajit looking cat-folk people that among other cultural oddities, get this, just didn't have the nudity taboo of us slash the in-game humans.

For some strange reason, I can't imagine why, this took the form of all the males wearing 'only' loincloths, while the females wore either classical togas (as in, one boob on full display) or topless. :trixieshiftleft:

And it was... surprisingly good and tastefully done, actually. Really hit you right in the face and made your jaw drop the first time you saw it, but after that initial shock it was just something the cat folk people did differently becuse they're simply not humans, and you got used to it.

So, yeah, kinda just made me start wondering how'd this would work played straight in, say, HiE story. Think that would be one heck of a shock to mix up the rather—pardon the pun, stagnant sub-genera. :twilightoops:

What a bunch of horseshit.

Leave me out of this.
I do have something worse coming up though

Site Blogger

For maximum* authenticity, I read this on the toilet.

5/7 would poop again

*maximum possible in modern polite society

Maximum authenticity would be reading it while walking outside, pooping as you went.

Site Blogger

Fair point; I have edited to reflect my less-than-maximum authenticity

Site Blogger

It should ship Rarity with the plumber who finally installs a toilet in the Boutique

I remember this. It's just as shitty as I remember.

I read this .. I new better, there was adequate warning. "But I didn't listen!"

Such a shit story.

What the shit? :rainbowlaugh:


Or, for the thrill seekers, you could pair reading the last lines with performing a successful Cannonball Dookie. YOLO!


That happened.

Though honestly you'd think tiny horse civilization would have developed indoor plumbing. Or sanitation. Or chamber pots.

At the very least they have outhouses as one is shown in "the last roundup". I don't even wanna know what kinda condition Pinkie and Applejack left that thing in.

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone can truly lose that right. I mean... there is always better worse things that can be published. This can’t be the best worst masterwork travesty that could be posted, right? Right? :rainbowderp:

This came out before I ever heard of Mister Hanky.
You're welcome.

I liked it.

Who would write such a thing? :twilightoops:

Go to church

I've been almost totally inactive on FIMFic for three months, and this is the first complete story I read upon coming back.

I think I'd upvoted and downvoted about seven times before I finally decided what was the appropriate rating. :facehoof:

:rainbowlaugh: Good thing I read this before dinner and not after. :rainbowlaugh:

Reading this while eating a snickers bar
I cant finish it

Author Interviewer

You are home, my son.

first i asked "why" but then i thought "why not"

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