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There are only three real monsters: Dracula, Blackula, and Son of Kong.


Rarity's latest design, the möbius scarf, brings a new dimension to fashion... literally. Unfortunately for Sweetie Belle, she's about to experience this new dimension firsthand. Luckily Twilight and Fluttershy have a lot of experience in dealing with dimensional rifts.

Hope you kids like barely-passable science jokes.

This one you can blame on FloydienSlip because when I jokingly said the words Möbius Rarity, he told me to write it, not realizing that I'm me. The foolish fool...

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EDIT: Goddammit, Alex. I can't even.

Lol schrodingers sweetie belle instead if Schrödinger's cat haha funny

Just....take my follow:trollestia:

Fluttershy the genius.

Blame Angel for that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3872023 Don't worry. I'll still love you when I return to my starting point.

Fuk ye boi. :heart:

What did I just read and where can I find more?

You read something glorious, and you can find more here:
(can't post as url because it messes up)

And that's why I'm fine in my twelve dimensions. Because you know, transcending oxygen.

my instintanious thought "Watch as I work my gypsy magic, eye of the newt and cinamin, watch as the matter drips to batter, open the portal jump in!"
soon as I read different dimension :twilightblush::twilightsheepish::facehoof:

Dat Spike Ex Machina. The fragile state of reality's a bitch, ain't it Sombra?

“Why am I always the one getting flung into different dimensions?”

I see what you did there. :twilightsmile:

“If you’ve got Spike, then were’s Sweetie Belle?”


I didn’t really want to get revenge on, not anymore anyway,

You accidentally a word.

Why does the title reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog?

Whoops. Thanks for pointing those out.

First thought reading that title...

So. Mobius One is really Sweetie Belle.

Explains... nothing.

So much technobabel, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

That was a wonderful bunch of randomness that I just read. :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowhuh: What did I just read?

He's so precocious. But only sometimes, depending on his current state of being.

Perfect soundtrack. :rainbowkiss:

Fluttershy is best mad scientist.

I think you're the first person to comment that's realized Fluttershy is a closet scientist, and the "Angel can be so precocious thing" was just her deflecting.

...I love you.

I love you too, man. :heart::pinkiehappy::scootangel::twilightsmile:


Isn't Mobius Sonic The Hedgehog's planet ?:rainbowhuh:

I've read this twice now. I'm also completely disappointed that you didn't put bookends in this so it's a true mobius fic. Other than that, I'll also be disappointed if this doesn't have a TVTropes page last Friday, what with all the lampshade buying.

Also also, Sweetie, you get to go to another dimension new galaxy, intergalactic planetary because you're second cutest unicorn, behind Twilight.

Welp... that happened.

You pretty much get all your story ideas by filling in Mad Libs with "Trixie" and "Twilight", don't you? :rainbowlaugh:

A serious question: my quantum physics isn't quite what it should be--is any of the physics in this story NOT made up on the spot?

Mad Libs and also the SA skype chat. Trixie and Twilight are my go-to characters, though, that's for sure.

is any of the physics in this story NOT made up on the spot?

Uhh... no... no it's not. There's, like, bits and pieces that almost sorta kinda maybe make sense if you don't think about them too hard, but for the most part it's me taking a lot of liberties with the little I know of these sorts of things.

Well, son of a bitch... that woulda been really clever if I had thought of it.

“Why am I always the one getting flung into different dimensions?” she asked the universe.

At least she got to bring her body with her this time.

A delightful bit of random pseudoscience and topological silliness. Thank you for it. And remember: Spike is to Sombra as paper is to rock.

I'm sorry , but I can't give a like for this story.:fluttercry:

A like just doesn't explain how much I love it. :heart: :pinkiehappy:

...Fluttershy, who do you think you're fooling? Not me, and most likely not Twilight. You're secretly a villain with an incredible knack for anything and everything involving theoretical science. Don't deny it. After all, you're doing a horrendous job actually keeping it a secret to begin with. And besides, an Element of Harmony secretly being a villain is hardly a new concept in your little corner of the multiverse.

4077229 Ahh, good. My jokes weren't completely for naught.

“Why am I always the one getting flung into different dimensions?” she asked the universe.
The universe decided it’d be best not to answer that.


Fluttershy watched as Twilight grabbed another book and moved the others aside so she could stuff this new one in there. “Oh, umm, you know… anything you have on the use and application of quantum particles as weaponized structures would be great.”

Wait, What?!
'Weight is a downward force caused by gravity.'
Seriously Greg?


Not a fan of that ship

That was pretty weird in a sciency sort of way.

Angel is so precocious, and is also best excuse for when you don't want pople to know you're a mad scientist. What's up wif you flutters? Y u no have other excuses? They're going to go and be like "Girl, we know you're hiding something!"

They really hung a Spike on that Lampshade, didn't they?

Sombra was also arrested for making an illegal clone fall.

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