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Sunset Shimmer goes for a haircut, and her hairdresser is the first familiar face she's seen in a while. Who knew, in this place, years now from her graduation, she'd be sharing this conversation with Adagio Dazzle?

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In the winter, there isn't much green in Ponyville.

CW: Seasonal depression / Seasonal Affective Disorder

First place in a Quills and Sofas speedwriting contest with the theme "spring" and the prompt "the cold that lingers". Originally written in 75 minutes, this version has seen some editing and adjustment. Special thanks to Lofty Withers, LostInFandom, Snow Quill, NoponyPones, RedParade, Decaf, and Vis-a-Viscera for pre-reading during the contest!

Check out the fantabulous reading by Rainbow Infinity (aka TheLegendaryBillCipher) here!!

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A distraught Sunset Shimmer meets an odd loner, who turns her once fading world upside down.

Now with growing light in her life, she has to work on bettering what she has become.

Or risk losing all she loves again.

Now in a episodic format, takes place before Pony Sunset Shimmer arrives in the human universe.

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For thousands of years, Equestria has been held together by love and the magic of friendship. That is, until one unicorn decided to take matters into his own hooves. And in casting out what he viewed as weakness, he inadvertently caused the very downfall of his country that he so feared.

I wanna thank TheExhaustedBrony for letting me make an extension of his story: A just betrayal. Please read his story before you read this one, because this story starts right at the end of the original story, just slightly different.

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Twilight Sparkle has decided to start a vlog so that she can share some of her first experiences with you!

Told in 2nd person with only Twilight's lines to you and others.

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Rainbow Dash has lost an eye.

The eye finds this rather disgruntling since they were doing such great things together! But alas, fate had other plans, and now, Rainbow Dash's eye must find a way to reunite with his lost host.

With a proverbial smile and an accent to make the mares swoon, the eye swims into the depths of the ocean that covers Equestria's surface, ready and eager to strike up jolly conversation with like-minded mutant creatures of the deep.

What could go wrong?

This is a parody of Empty Horizons, written by Goldenwing.

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Pinkie Pie has a rough morning and tries to get through it with her friends. Well, with one friend in particular.

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Flash Sentry. The nicest guy you could possibly know. Always there for you. Always a gentleman. Always a friend.

Always a friend...

And nothing more.

Now in his mid-thirties and still single, he finds himself struggling with yet another romantic rejection...

Check out all my stories here!

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Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, had a falling out with said teacher. Escaping through the mirror, she found herself in a world ruled by war, where dragons rule the sky, and demons lurk in the dark beyond.

Intent on returning home, yet prideful enough to not want to have nothing to show for it, join Sunset as she climbs the ranks of the Kirin Tor and sets out to be the most accomplished magus of her generation.

Image taken from the Legion Trailer, Harbinger: Khadgar
Oh my god, This got featured on 27/9/2019!!!! Thank you guys!
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