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Tony Stark considers himself a fairly open-minded guy, given the whole Iron Man thing and all. There's nothing that can't be explained away by science.

...Even a very tiny lavender unicorn who ended up in his lab. Maybe. Who seems intent on calling him dad. Well, at least he can say to himself he won't have to find a gift for Pepper this year. Now, explaining this one to SHIELD, on the other hand, not to mention getting over his crippling parental anxiety issues? Yikes. ...somehow, facing Ivan Vanko again sounds more appealing.

Set Pre-Avengers. Proofread by TheRedParade

featured on 6/23/20, 6/24/20, 6/25/20, 6/26/20, and on 6/27/20. Top of the box!

(Iron Man and associated characters property of Marvel Comics)
(New title suggested by Airy Words, thanks! 👍 )

Chapters (1)

A mission ends with Fluttershy being revealed as a changeling. The Mane 6 pause on the walk back home to discuss this development.

Featured on Nov. 14 2019. :yay:

Chapters (1)

Driven by an intense Warp storm, a Rogue Trader vessel finds itself crippled and stranded above a world no human has ever visited. The natives are friendly; can the visitors say the same? A Warhammer 40k/Friendship is Magic crossover. Yes, really
(12/02 added epilogue to last chapter)

Chapters (11)

When they're bored on weekened nights, the Young Six all like to play a game of Questions and Answers with each other to lead into conversation topics. Gallus asks a question about Ocellus's changeling abilities that leads to interesting revelations about everycreature.

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Luna has a brilliant idea to cure Twilight of her ophidiophobia. Twilight thinks there are far too many hypothetical coils involved in this plan.

Preread by KevinItk

I blame Blissey1, Silfoe—the former because he commissions snake princess pics, the latter for drawing them so gorgeously—Fractalman, and also Damaged. Y'all know why.

Chapters (1)

Gallus really should have remembered that not only was he friends with a changeling, but said changeling can feel certain emotions.

Specifically: Love.

Implied Gallus x Silverstream

Pre-Read by Darth Link 22

Chapters (1)

It's a nice day in Ponyville. In the busy market, between two stalls, a changeling is sitting on the grass. Next to him is a sign that says "feed me".

Meant to be a nice little slice of bug horse life. A little cute, a little sad. Hopefully an enjoyable read, either way.

Cover art is by Sapphfyr

Audio reading available here:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Chapters (4)

Luna has hidden a deep, dark secret from the ponies she watches over so lovingly. Were they to discover it, she can only imagine what it would do to the image they now hold of her. Twilight thinks it's just precious and plans to uncover it once and for all.

In the name of dapples.

Written because I was brainwormed by the wonderful art of my friends, Amarynceus and SilFoe. In turn, they were then brainwormed to make a couple contributions of their own.

Cover art by Amarynceus, because why not use something I brainwormed by the person who brainwormed me?

Chapters (1)

Luna discovers a vast and ancient being approaching Equus. When she and Celestia go to meet it, they see into the early dawn and eternal twilight of their universe.


Based off of a thought/realization I had in my studies.

Illustration "Black Islands" used under creative commons share-alike, which the artist (Equestria-Prevails) put all of his art under.

Chapters (2)

Toby was looking forward to a very interesting project for his English class: writing to a complete stranger somewhere in the country to learn about them. However, through some anomaly, his letters make their way to Twilight Sparkle, an alicorn princess in the land of Equestria.

Though confused over how this is possible, Toby and Twilight decide to continue writing to each other, getting to learn all about each other and developing a strong friendship through only their written words.


Inspired by the movie Her as well as a short story I read in middle-school, along with a since-deleted story called Pen Pals by user Justin Daniels.

Just something I’d update now and then.

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