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Quantum Mechanic

Quan-tum Me-chan-ics (N): The branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles.


Hey guys · 4:52pm Dec 9th, 2018

Sorry I've been absent for a really long time. Life got in the way of one of the things I really wanted to do and money was a major factor in all of it. Plus I really didn't have any ideas for what I wanted to write down for stories like "The Grand Architect" so I had to distance myself from it for a while. Now I'll try to be more consistent with my writing schedule and hope to pump out a few more chapters in the short term.

If Anyone was Wondering

A wee bit about me. [UPDATED]

My name is Quantum Mechanic but my real name is Shane. I was born in Pennsylvania only a few miles south of Pittsburgh. My previous account name was "Heir Soldier" but the character thumbnail has stayed the same. I am 18 yoa since March 31 of this year and I have officially been in the MLP fandom for about 5 years and those four years have been some of the best years of my life.

I am a fan of the Doom, Fallout, Battlefield, COD, and Halo video games although Fallout - New Vegas is my favorite out of them all in terms of console video games. My favorite PC video game is DOOM II: Hell on Earth.

My favorite TV show (other than MLP), is probably Doctor Who, but I like Sherlock and Supernatural just as much. My sister showed me Sherlock and Supernatural, I showed her Doctor Who and thus made me a part of the SuperWhoLock fandom.

My favorite pone is Starlight Glimmer. My favorite princess is Princess Luna. When I draw a ponysona of myself, I always draw myself as a pegasus rather than a unicorn/alicorn.

If you want to ask me anything (with of course a few exceptions), just post them in the comments section below. Have a good day and enjoy all that you read.

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can't wait to see you in the comments then and I'll hold you too that, if you wanna join my discord and talk while I write it, come on in.
kitsuga: https://discord.gg/Pj2hbJ8

Interesting. I'll definitely give your fic a read.

Fiaura is a Goddess of Fire, Passion, and Rage.
As for the character Wandering Sunrise in FoE: Dead Tree; she represents something of the Sunrise, you know it will come just not when. You know it will come from the same direction and return to the same place; just not how or when.

Quantum Mechanics is a term that explains the fundamental interactions with objects at a subatomic and microscopic level. In my opinion, the best way to understand how something large works, you must also understand everything small that goes into it. For example, a car runs off an engine, which runs off of a chemical reactions, which runs on fuel, which is comprised of molecules. Small things, if changed, can have a bigger impact on things in the long run. I myself chose this name because I, within my friend group was the one fundamental difference that brought them and many other people together. Just as a change in one object or chemical can make something work or fail, I was the thing that made a difference within other people's lives.

What about your name though? Is it your real name or is there something behind it too?

So hi there! Thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy Bone Daddy and Dead Tree. I just finished the outline to my next story and we're about to finish up chapter 18 of Dead Tree.

Very good pick for favorite game ;) but the others I'm on the fence about a few, you obviously like shooters but a lot is in a name, why call yourself Quantum Mechanic?

No worries mate! I appreciate it all the same!

Oh, sorry. Happy Birthday for March 31st.

Actually I'm 18 this year. I just haven't updated my info thingy yet.

Hey, my uncle lives in Pennsylvania. Good to know, my friend. I'm guessing you've turned 17 this March, right? I turned 18 on 7th March. And you also like Princess Luna. And you also like Doctor Who. Shocking, we have so much in common. Have a follow in return!

I'm glad you do, and I'll try my best!

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