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Quantum Mechanic

Quan-tum Me-chan-ics (N): The branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles.

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Liked and followed. You're pretty good!

It's a good start, though I hope you're not following Fallout 4's tune the whole way!! Keen to see why a pegasus was in this stable rather than another, so I'm expecting more to be revealed!
I'd suggest getting a pre-reader, spotted a few errors but that's the English teacher in me. Solid work, looking forward to more!

"soury" - sour is just fine!
"a cockroach I think scampered around its enteni" - needs a comma to break up the sentence, and I think you're looking for the word "antennae", but "antennas" also works fine
"I loaded one of the mazanines" - magazines

I'm not going to follow a Fallout 4 kind of theme the entire way. I will admit, however, that the first few chapters will hold a few references to Fo4 but they will fade out over time. The original FoE had a heavy Fallout 3 influence and that's the reason why I will write it like this.

There is going to be a new chapter? :pinkiehappy:

Yes there will be. I just haven’t had the time to deal with my fic cuz life got in the way and I’ve had a hard time thinking of ideas.

Interesting premise, one that has a potential to become a great FoE story. Quantum sounds like na interesting character and I’m curious to find out what happened to him. Judging by his “Unmarked” look, it had to be quite na ordeal.
However, there is not a small number of typos littering the place, some issues in tense consistency, a bunch of lengthly sentences that would benefit from a comma or two and also some unnecessarily detailed descriptions that break up the tense moments considerably. Still, it’s nothing that a good editor couldn’t fix. Hoping you’ll continue this story!

Cool. Thanks for the praise. I promise that after I get some of the stuff in my life handled, I'll continue with this story and iron all the typos and errors out.

Alright, you are welcome and thank you for your answer :twilightsmile: If you need a second pair of eyes to look it over, I think I can help.

That would be nice. I only have two eyes.

Well then, just send me a PM when you don’t have so much on your plate and we will talk about the details :pinkiesmile:

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I honestly don't know. I never imagined anyone would ask that.

Interesting, nice to see more of Detrot. Also wondering how much significance is the description of Inferno going to bear thorough the story.

I've been planning on getting Dante's Inferno involved for quite a while actually. Every time I read PH or the original Fo:E my mind auto defaults to it with how the world is set up. I'm surprised that Inferno hasn't been brought up about it before.

I see. Looking forward to that then!

Hey guys. I'm going to try and do my fanfic again. There will be some major and minor edits to the story as I had had enough time to fully process what I wanted to do with the story. When I have time when I'm not at work I'll be working on this.

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