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On a day of celeberation, Twilight reflects on her life, who she is, and who she loves. She decides she is happy with the world.

Written as part of the Pride and Positivity event. Please go support that, and the Transgender Law Center. Every little helps, and please be awesome.

CW for some possibly dysphoria triggering descriptions at the beginning.

Trying to write this story was a struggle but when I listened to Vylet Pony's Antonymph this morning, I figured out the exact direction I wanted to take it in, what I wanted to do. This is fluffy celebration, pure and simple, with notes of my own personal life sprinkled in. I hope people enjoy it!

Cover art credit goes to @nebulanovia over on twitter, specifically for her free pride icon pack. They are wonderfully cute pieces.

Thank you to Silver Mint for proofreading this, and for also making the Spanish translation!

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Having learned much about Equestria from both Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, the two principals from CHS have always been curious about what the world is really like. Luna finally proposes the idea that the two should find out themselves just what its like to be a pony...and not just any pony but royalty as well. What could possibly go wrong in this situation?

Twilight could probably name about thirty of them.

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Rainbow Dash hasn't been having a good time since Discord was defeated. Her supervisor suddenly thinks she can't handle a simple weather schedule. Her relay team all suddenly have a grudge against her. Something isn't right, and it's not limited to her. Applejack's family is watching over her like a jailhouse warden. Twilight is avoiding them all, visiting with strange ponies, and losing sleep on something she won't talk about. Pinkie Pie, and Rarity are both having problems they can't explain. And for Fluttershy, it's the worst of all.

Without Twilight’s guidance, 5 ponies have to figure out what happened to the town, and why their lives are so messed up despite Discord being long gone. Somehow they have to get Twilight to open up to them again, and accept help from her friends. But nothing they do seems to work right. They’re at a loss of what to make of any of this, until Rainbow Dash stumbles upon a truly chilling revalation, that throws into question everything the 5 of them have ever known.

When trouble calls, Dash wants an obvious goal, a big bad monster to defeat, but now the only thing she can see in front of her are all her friends.

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Princess Celestia has a hot date and a room full of naughty accessories. Twilight Sparkle has a question about her homework and a flair for showing up at unexpected times. Suddenly Twilight has many questions, and Celestia is pushed into a situation she has lived in terror of for years; 'The Talk.'

This story isn't clop, and no sex actually happens, but the subjects do come up. Thus the tag.

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Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are the only two living ponies in the world that can lay claim to one of Equestria's most prestigious titles: the protege of Princess Celestia, ruler of the land of Equestria and perhaps one of the most powerful magic users to ever walk the face of the planet.

However, they are not the first: since Equestria's medieval ages, Celestia has held pupils under her tutelage. Some of these pupils went on to do great things, while others fell prey to their own ambition and power, but even though those students have been dead for years, Celestia still remembers every name that came before.

Her reminiscing becomes more than memories, however, when her very first pupil shows up on the castle steps. One by one, Celestia's former students begin to appear in the prime of their youth, their minds seemingly leaving off right after their deaths. It's up to Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer to find out why these ponies have risen from the dead, and what they're being drawn to...

Rated T for sexual references, profanity and violence.

Featured on 4/14! Thanks everyone!

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Fluttershy gets more than she asked for when she visits the Library and hears moaning from behind the door. Concerned that Twilight may have developed a problem, Rarity and Rainbow Dash go and investigate.

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Twilight has an experiment planned, and it centres on Rainbow Dash.

As anxious as she is, Dash really has no right to complain.

It was her idea after all.

Fan Reading!

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After becoming an alicorn princess, Twilight receives a new pair of wings. Celestia and Luna comfort her in their own way before her coronation. What they should've done was teach her how to hide her arousal.

This story was written in the midst of the "alicorn Twilight" hysteria which permeated the brony fandom in the weeks leading up to the season three finale.

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"The town of Ponyville doesn't exist."
That's how this all started. That single matter-of-fact sentence is how this entire thing began. Because despite what the books say, despite what the maps say, despite what the princesses say, Ponyville does exist.
Lyra remembers. Her memories of Ponyville run perpendicular to her memories of growing up in Canterlot. But of course nopony believes the crazy conspiracy mare.
That's fine. Lyra doesn't need anypony to believe her. She just needs to find her way home.

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