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Applejack asks Sunset if she ever misses an aspect of her home. Specifically, one aspect that can possibly be filled in a big way this side of the portal.

The following contains young adults talking in a frank manner. Reader discretion is advised, not recommended for those with a maturity level above twelve years of age. Parental guidance is not advised, they would not understand.

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil,
Steel Resolve, and Somber Star for their edits and suggestions.

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It's one of the highest services a pony can aspire to.

Some ponies shouldn't aspire that high.

(Now with author Patreon page.)

Audiobook performance by ObabScribbler.

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Twilight wakes up one day to very strange circumstances. Everypony is gone. It's always night time. An oppressive, heavy sheet of fog dominates every corner of Ponyville.

And an insufferable headache won't leave her alone. But that's the least of her worries.

Proof-reader: 0_0

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Twilight, Discord and Spike are on Earth. Except it's Antarctica. And Equestrians lose their magic on Earth. And it's very, very, very cold in Antarctica.

Not related to any of my other fics.

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What's one of the more embarrassing things you could ever have happen to you? Getting a wingboner in front of all your friends seems pretty high on the list. Twilight is of course grateful for her wings, but they do have their downsides. Lucky for her, a good friend won't mind comforting you even under such awkward circumstances.

Rated T for: Sexual themes

Featured story on June 2nd 2018
Holy shit, I didn't expect it'd be a popular story at all. Thanks you guys. <3

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If there was one thing Twilight Sparkle had learned since ascending to alicornhood and becoming a princess, it was that ponies talked. Then, quite suddenly, they were talking about her.

And then they were talking about her love life since she was a single princess, unmarried and approachable.

She was still getting used to that part.

She was especially getting used to talking about it with Sunset.

5/14/2018: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

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Cadance and Shining Armor attempt to nominally fulfill one of Equestria's oldest and most intensely awkward royal traditions.

(Part of FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns project. Many thanks to Themaskedferret for support and pre-reading services, and to many others for support. Tagged "sex" for repeated references in dialogue; no explicit activity on-page for which you will thank me.)

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Ever since Rainbow Dash introduced Sunset to the human world’s version of the Daring Do series she has been an active member of the fan community. After spending countless hours in the Daring Do fansite’s Eris server, she’s made many friends, but there is only one that she feels a real connection with. The user who goes by the name “Gr0ss1y Incandescent”. Turns out this same User she’s been crushing happens to be her counterpart.

Punk Rock Prom Queen Presents a tale of self-love taken to its hilariously logical conclusion.

Featured on 2/1/18

My entry into Aragon's Comedy (is serious business) Contest under the prompt we learned something narcissistic.

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Falling in love with the mythological book series Midnight Castle, Lyra Heartstrings has created her very own fan fiction site, a home to all that enjoy reading and writing human fiction.

This is the life and times of that site.

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Rainbow Dash has seen how Applejack looks at her sometimes. One day, she eventually decides to ask her about why she does it so much. Afterall, asking for someone's orientation is a simple, straight-forward question, is it not?


Rated 'Teen' to be safe and for topic.

Written/edited by: FireRain

FEATURED 26/11/17! Thanks so much, peeps!


I mean, really, I'm sure the majority of us got some of the same vibes and impression during that episode featuring Countess Coloratura and Applejack. From childhood to the present, they seemed to be rather close. Looking at Applejack interact with Rara is what has always gotten me thinking about where they stand.

To me, it's like they have something a little more than friendship, and I wrote this to inquire upon those curious thoughts.

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