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Changeling Headcanon · 9:46pm Feb 19th, 2014

- Changelings do eat physical food. They can't survive on only love anymore than a plant can survive on only sunlight. Not requiring calories does substantially cut down on how much food they need though.

- There is no "hive mind." Changeling's are individuals, though they do live in colonies that can roughly be described as "hives."

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My Headcanon of Equestria · 5:06am Jul 19th, 2013

FiM leaves much unknown about Equestria, giving fanfic writers considerable freedom to form their own ideas- as they've done in great variety. Naturally, I have my own headcanon. Note that I don't require a story to fit in lock-step with it; in many cases I prefer a story opposes it in one way or another. Having such diverse interpretations of Equestria leads to diversity in the stories. With all that said, here is my own headcanon of Equestria in bullet-point format:

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