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He smiled slyly at me. "Well, what do you wish for?".
I smiled back, and, slurring my words, answered, "I wish to be a pony in Equestria,".
"Consider it granted," he said. "Just close your eyes,".
"If you say so," I shrugged, and closed them. I felt his finger touch my forehead.

Inspired by the story Trust Once Lost, by Greenhorne

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I had always wondered what life in Equestria would be like if I went there; having adventures with the mane 6, learn about the magic of friendship, all that good stuff, with ponies.

It's something that I had wished for a long time...

And of course, life decides to send me to Canterlot High.
Life just isn't fair, is it?

Now pre-read by:Pinkie Pool/God-like Turnabout

NOTE: This story does not represent my actual views on Equestria Girls and the concept behind it.

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Our protagonist, a changeling created before the renaissance of its species, wakes up trapped within a cocoon-like egg of sorts. Upon breaking free, he finds that he is underground, alone, and in the dark. He has little to no memories of who he is nor how he got here, yet he feels like he should. To top it all off, there's a disembodied voice in his head claiming to be the queen of changelings and she has very big plans for him. He can't help but feel like he has his work cut out for him. What a doting mother.

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Oh night of Storms what hast thou brought?
An outsider so different yet so alike.
Oh lord of Change what hast thou caught?
A Paragon of Storms by thunder’s strike.

A Golden Empire Shining Bright.
The ruler benevolent and kind.
A Republic for those who love the Night.
The leader with a presence of mind.

Oh night of Storms what shall we do?
Don’t give in to hate, don’t give in to fear.
Oh lord of Change would you give us a clue?
A Paragon of Storms is growing near.

Is this a tale about one who fell?
When it comes only time will tell.

(Sonnet of the storm, written by unknown year 264 Celestial rule)

I believed that I knew how the universe worked. That my purpose in life was to enjoy it to the fullest and not look back. Not a bad life if you ask me although it seems the universe had other plans. On one night all that I knew took a drastic turn. Not only did I find myself in completely different world separated from my quiet life I found myself in that world. Armed with my foolish pride, my hidden self, alien knowledge and the art of deception I took my first steps on a journey with no end in sight...

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Severe thunderstorms are a commonality when living in a mountain fire lookout tower; an event that comes and goes with ease. However, when a storm takes a turn for the worse and causes the resident lookout to fall unconscious, the scene that greets him on awakening is about as unsettling and unwelcome as can be.
Or is it?

With his radios and cellular service cut off, Equestria's first human visitor is left to his own devices to figure out why he and his tower are now in the middle of an mysterious and dangerous forest. Well, at least the clouds still move on their own, that's a good thing, right?

Look out Equestria, there's a new human in town!

*Takes place during/after Season 9

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It was 1825, and it's been a year since Ludwig van Beethoven had premiered his Ninth Symphony. One evening as he did his daily walks in the Austrian countryside, a surprise storm forced the composer back into his cheap, rented room. Where a mysterious shadow whisked him away to Equestria, taking everything, including his music along with him.

Holding Ludwig captive against his will, the shadow tells him that if he ever hopes to see all he knows and loves in Vienna, he would have to give him something in exchange. Something priceless that only he could give. The shadow demands that he'll give Beethoven one year to compose his Tenth Symphony, or give up all hope that he will ever return home.

Please keep in mind, this story is partly edited. Only between chapters, 54 to 61 is edited by Circut Breaker.

Music for this fic are, in chronological order:
- Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata) 3rd Movement.
- Bagatelle in F minor.
- Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 "Pathetique" 2nd Movement.
- Für Elise.
- Rondò alla ungherese, quasi un capriccio Op. 129 "Rage Over a Lost Penny".
- "Music to My Ears" by DJ PON-3.
- Concert Etude #4 for solo cello by Bukinik.
- Cello Sonata in A Op.69: Allegro, ma non tanto, 1st Movement.
- "The Old Grey Mare" Variations in the style of Beethoven. Improvised by Richard Grayson.
- Salve Regina (Cello solo, arranged from the Gregorian Chant by Tomoyan).
- Symphony No. 1, 1st Movement.
- Symphony No. 1, 4th Movement.
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- Native American Music & Chants by Phil Thornton.
- "Oyate Miye" (War Song) by The Native Tribes United.
- "Lakota Lullaby" by Robert "Tree" Cody.
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- Missa Solemnis: Gloria; In gloria Dei Patris
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- Missa Solemnis: Credo; et vitam venturi sæculi
- Missa Solemnis: Sanctus; Benedictus
- Piano Concerto No.6 in B flat, K.238. 2nd Movement: Andante un poco adagio by Mozart.
- Choral Fantasy for Piano, Orchestra and Choir.
- Coriolan Overture
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- Symphony No. 9: 4th Movement (Ode to Joy).
- Piano Concerto No. 1, 2nd Movement: Largo, Romance by Chopin.
- Piano Concerto No. 5, "The Emperor"
- Bagatelle No. 3. Op. 126.
- Reconstructed Largo from Oboe Concerto in F Major (Hess 12)
- Symphony No. 10, Unfinished (Reconstructed by Barry Cooper)
- Beethoven's Last Thoughts (reconstruction from the sketches of Ludwig van Beethoven)

Chapters (62)

While Europe sinks into bloody war and the powers of Nazi Germany dominate the continent, a new dark power begins to rise that could destroy them all.

The Nightmare is returning. And all will bow before her glorious night.

Editors: Tek, Mitch H, Cerulean Blue
Photo Credit: Russian documentary on the Nazi saucers in Antarctica.

Nazis and alicorns and rockets, oh my.

Chapters (21)

John’s life had taken a turn for the worse since he moved from the bustling city of Los Angeles to a quiet mountain town named Dewford. He had expected a change of scenery and a calmer state of living.
That was not the case, as he’s had to deal with racist citizens, money problems, and several people who won’t get off his back. Life had gone wrong so far. Now he has to deal with a strange hippie girl with a butterfly tattoo. John just hopes this new addition doesn’t complicate things further.
Edited by:
A Dumb Door [chapter 1-2}
Sqarishoctagon [chapter 3-40]

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Yuri is living his life in a secluded part of the Moscow metro. That is, until tragedy strikes a neighboring station and Yuri and his friends are forced to undertake a journey through the dangerous metro system.
In Equestria a lone changeling scout is starving in a cold forest and is getting desperate to find a new source of love to help her hive survive.
Friendship can be formed out of necessity. Morals can be bent in the name of survival.

(Proofread by Kalash93)

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Princess Cadence, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash can't remember what happens minutes after teleporting to an unknown location. Their memories are a blur and have difficulty evaluating the situation. They soon encounter something that turns their perception of the world upside down and soon discover they are no longer in Equestria. Their past unfolds and memories resurface, bringing the truth to light one step at a time.

This endeavor put some strain of the lives of three particular humans with problems of their own. They encounter a life changing series of events which transpire into new discoveries and friendships.

Chapters (21)