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Stef thought he had it all, but after he woke up one day in the land of Equestria, that all changed.

Stranded in a forest with no friends and no hope in sight, he finds out quickly that he’ll need help if he ever dreams of getting home. Thankfully, the Princess’ top student is on the case! What will Twilight learn from her unlikely bond with this human? And could Stef learn that a life away from earth isn’t so bad after all?

Takes place parallel to the show, with some stories overlapping with its episodes.

Edited by: Luckyfanisaac

Up to the chapter In my room and from after Making Real Friends and onward are Proofread and re-written by Bookish Velvet

Cover-art by JennieOo Check her out if you're interested in having your own fan-art made, I can highly recommend her.

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Applejack finds a young colt in the orchard. He’s clearly starving, has marks all over his body, and claims to have lost everything. Naturally, Applejack wants to help, but how does one heal from losing everything?

This story was inspired by the numerous “human turned foal” stories out there. The chief inspirations are “Family” and “What A Strange Little Colt.”

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When Twilight first saw her, she thought the mare was beautiful, and she couldn't help but be attracted to her. When she got to know her more, she began to realize that the mare was somepony she connected with and loved. But as date after date went by, the mare got more and more nervous, as Celestia struggled to figure out how she would break the facade to the mare she had grown to love.

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I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon uptopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by WhinyChimera13

Featured June 4, 2021. Thanks y'all!
Again on June 17!

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Friar Jacques de Charrette was tired. The Templars, his first Order, were gone, massacred by a treacherous King. His old wars are over, as the Kingdoms of Europe tear each other apart for land and power. Now a Hospitaller priest, and an old man, Friar Jacques expects nothing more than to live out the rest of his days in peace. But Providence has other plans in store for Jacques, and when a distant land has need of his aid, the dutiful warrior priest will answer the call.

He just would have preferred that someone warn him about the magical talking ponies.

Perhaps an odd foray into Human in Equestria writing, but I enjoy being unconventional. We often see modern men flung into the medieval world. What about a medieval man being flung into modern Equestria? A 14th Century Supplement in Celestia's Court is a companion volume, with a list of character descriptions (first chapter), canonical vignettes, and non-canon comedy chapters which will be added as time goes on. It is not required reading, but you may find chapters useful for context or amusing for the lack of context.

General disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction. 'My Little Pony' is the property of Hasbro and its affiliates. References to historical figures are made, but these are subject to creative license, and resemblance between original characters and those of other works are coincidental. I will make an effort to note when a historical reference is made in case people want to check the source material (and to cite my own sources), but these will be relatively few in number.

My Little Pony and its contents are the property of Hasbro, Inc. and its affiliates. Please support the official release.

Cover art is Heor Corbray by Nordheimer - it is the property of Nordheimer and I own nothing of it; thanks to lordelliot for finding the original, since I couldn't remember where I found it.

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After an urgent summon from Fancy Pants, both Celestia and Luna attend Day court. However, a new precedent is set when Fancy Pants presents a male alicorn to the two princessess, one he found dumpster diving behind his house...

September 6th 2019 - Featured on the day of publishing? Damn! And we even got that little flame indicating the story is hot! Thanks so much to all of you!
May 30th 2020 - got featured again! Yaaay!
September 11th 2020 - featured once again!
September 18th 2020 - featured again! Really?!

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Silver Spoon. Derived from the phrase "born with a silver spoon in your mouth," which implies being born into wealth, privilege, and now being a pony too apparently.

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A few weeks have passed after Nightmare Moon's defeat and Princess Luna's freedom and she has returned to Equestria to rule once more by her sister Celestia's side. However, a mysterious young griffon is discovered, and the questions about this young unknown griffon grow as Celestia and many others try to find out how and where he came from.

No solid answers come and communicating with the young griffon is going to be more of a challenge then they could believe.

(The one rule is revealed in Chapter Six. If you wish to be spoiled, reveal the spoiler, but if not, read to Chapter Six. Also, if there is a better way of wording this, please let me know.)

The one rule is: Letting someone hold the Griffon's (Young one's) plush and returning it to him is for him to have absolute trust in someone without the need for words.

Chapter 1: Proofread by Truthseeker
Chapter 2 to 4: Proofread by Katarina Mau
Chapter 5.5: Checked over by Mr_Mopey
Chapter 65.5, 75.5: proofread by Akira Dragonborne

Featured: 126 times

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Stardust was just like any other thestral, he woke up, he went about his day to day life, and he went to sleep, never breaking from the norm until that fateful day… the day he was ripped from his own reality and thrust into a familiar, yet unknown world, made a pawn in a centuries old feud between an ancient king and powers that threaten to destroy the very universe. Saddled with a role he never asked for, Stardust embarks on an impossible quest, a journey to find his way home and back to the life he left behind, a journey whose outcome could determine the very fate of the world itself.

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Twilight Sparkle and her best friends are in deep trouble... yesterday.

Starlight Glimmer's been holding onto a secret for a long time now. Her old villainous days of messing with Starswirl the Bearded's spell alerted an alternate dimension full of shape-shifting monsters, and now this malevolent faction from beyond seeks to send their minions back in time to the first year of Twilight's stay in Ponyville in order to consume the magic of harmony. So, to secure the timeline and save the multi-verse, Starlight has devised a plan to project herself back several years and play bodyguard for the Elements of Harmony.

There's only one problem. Her great and powerful best friend steps in during the execution of the spell. Now both Trixie and Starlight are stuck back in time—fused magically to the same physical avatar—with an incredibly difficult mission to accomplish during the first year of Twilight's friendship lessons. Can the two time-displaced mares work together to thwart an alternate dimension's meddling? Or will they fail and hoof the future over to chaos? Even worse—will they get too relaxed with the comforts of the past and miss an opportunity to be heroes?

Credit to KeronianNiroro for the vector
Scampy for the edit.

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