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The Lone Wanderer has been known as the man who shouldered the nightmares of every man, woman and child in the wasteland, so that they may live. But when the Wanderer was once again abducted by aliens, he found himself falling, quite literally, into a whole new wonderous world, untouched by the horrors of nuclear devastation.

He has been facing other people's nightmares constantly for almost a decade, it was high time he was allowed to wake up.

Meanwhile, the ponies of Equestria are baffled by a strange object that fell from the sky.

Fallout/FIM crossover. HiE. T for violence and some language.

Now with a TVTropes page!

Chapters (11)

My name is James Clark, and I am a Private Military Contractor. No, not Mercenary. Yes, there is a difference, but that's beside the point.

Ok, where was I? Ah yes, I was just entering my office in Downtown Houston one afternoon to hear a job offer. When I got there, I found a beautiful, robe-wearing woman waiting for me. Now, in this day and age, most people would find that strange. I didn't for two reasons.

1) In this line of work, you run into a few crazies. If I had a dollar for every nut-job I turned away, I could buy a small European country.

2) It was Halloween. Hell, I was on my way to a party dressed in a replica suit of Veteran Ranger Armor from Fallout: New Vegas, complete with gas mask and real riot gear I borrowed from a friend on the SWAT team. I was gonna win the costume contest for sure!

I'm getting off topic, aren't I? Anyways, this weirdo offered me a job without going into much detail. No location, no objective, not even a dollar amount The only thing I got out of her was the promise that I would be saving thousands, if not millions of lives.

Every instinct told me to turn the job down, and yet I still accepted it. Maybe the idea of playing hero again had its appeal.

God, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Nigel M Chalmers, Emperor

(15/10/2015) Turned status back to incomplete pending an Epilouge and Alternate Endings chapter as per comment suggestions.

After being banished by Celestia for his misdeeds, the alien Emperor of the Crystal Empire is back... and out for revenge.

Emperor Chalmers is not a happy space man. After being stabbed in the back by Equestria, he was sent to the depths of the Underworld. Kicked out for causing too much trouble for the wardens, Nigel now has the chance to take back his empire and show Celestia just how disappointed he is with her.

This time things will be different. This time he has friends.

Chapters (15)

"Ponykind must have run out of colours when they finally got to this pony. Everything from his mane to his ass was all seven colours of gloom and doom. He was so dark and brooding he probably ate glittery emos and shat vampire bats.” - Quote of the Week

1000 years the ponies have prayed for a saviour to deliver them, whether it was their long lost sun goddess Celestia, or even Nightmare Moon, maybe even the chaos lord Discord, anypony! After suffering under the yoke of a tyrant god for so long, they decided any saviour will do, even a dark demonic overlord. One unicorn sorceress finally decides to take matters into her own hooves. She sets out to the frozen ruins of a long lost Empire in the Crystal Mountains bearing a grand sacrifice of 1000 ponies in an attempt to summon the dark demonic overlord of the Crystal Empire.

When the dark ritual turned up a blank, the universe decides to shuffle in the next best thing. Will he rise up to the expectations of his newfound flock? He'd better, and quickly, for the tyrant god's inquisition is out to get him and the 1000 'blasphemers' involved in his summoning. With a nation to build and an evil tyrant god to fight, never has there been a taller order to fill. But it's alright, he's a dark demonic overlord, right? He quickly finds that with some smokes and mirrors and the help of 1000 very magical ponies, anyone can look the part, even an entirely magic-inert pizza delivery dude.

Now a long-haul fic! Many thanks to everyone who convinced me to make this a reality!

Many many thanks to the Editing team, Dumbgamer99, Not A Hat, and Brad The Brony. Be sure to thank them by checking out their pages!

Our lovable number one overdude assistant, Crystal Heart, now has a musical theme, aptly titled 'Dual Core A.I.', kindly provided by AdmiralTigerclaw! Epic now comes in an entirely new flavour! Many thanks!

Somebody kindly messaged me and told me I should announce here that the story was featured from 27 - 30th of April. I completely missed that but many thanks for making that possible, everyone!

Cover Art: Placeholder drawn by me. Will be a background for a full cover at some point.

Chapters (12)


"My lady once wrote in her very personal and very secret diary that I have problems appreciating personal space. I beg to differ on that sentiment." - A Butler commenting on Professional Discretion -

I'm a Butler. My friends, the imaginary ones at least, call me Butler. My job, looking after my lady, can be...challenging at times, but rewarding. Lately the job's become a little more difficult, especially after my lady's sister returned from the moon and the parliament decided to try and pass an entire bill just to be able to legally get rid of me. But managing the chaos is part of the job description, even if it means I must secretly become my lady's knight captain of her personal bodyguards in order to keep my job. Though even I could never have anticipated having to train knights cunningly disguised as maids to stay one step ahead of the nobles. Ah, the things I do for my princess.

Featured 9 - 12 August 2014. Many many thanks to everyone who kindly made this possible! You guys have doubled the fun!

Now featuring the editing talents of our resident editor Dumbgamer99. Be sure to thank him by checking out his page and giving him a follow!

Butler tag kindly made by undead003. Many thanks! (You'll find it actually works if you click on it.)

Cover Art: This picture totally contains ninjas. You just can't see them, cause they're that good.

Chapters (10)

He never loses a fight.
He can walk through camps of Raiders and defeat them without firing a single bullet.
He has been banned from all of the Strip's casinos, twice.
Someone once reported that bullets turn around and jump back into the gun when he is fired at.
He has survived nearly everything, hardly breaking a sweat all the while.
So what will happen when his luck finally runs out?

Story complete on its birthday!

You should probably play New Vegas before reading this.

"Happy fuckin' Birthday you glorious bastard of fiction"
~T6, 11/26/2015

Chapters (11)

Equestria is still picking up the pieces after the defeat of Tirek, and everypony is helping out with the paperwork, even Rainbow Dash. Things change when Princess Celestia arrives, bringing with her a letter with some very stunning accusations of the exploits of a resident in the town of Oasis. Now, the main six are tasked with finding out if the letter was truth or fiction. Did this Mister Baker really do what they claim? Only one way to find out.

However, Mister Baker is not who, or what they expected.

Rated Teen for occasional language.

Proof read and edited by the amazing SunnyPack , Snakeskin Ducktape, and Tyrannosaurus Tux.

Chapters (11)

A world of talking ponies?
Sounds pretty strange.
But if you ever find yourself there...
Well, you might find something you've been looking for your whole life.

Offical song for my fic (according to me at least) from chapters 6 untill the end.

Chapters (15)

Teleportation: Once just a dream, but recent breakthroughs in technology changed that. However, this technology is still in the testing phase, and very unpredictable. Oporture, the company behind this amazing teleportation device, has been hiring people to test the safety and effects of the portals. This is where our protagonist, Stan Baine, begins his misadventure.

* EDIT 12-9-12* I decided to rewrite this story into first person, as I remembered how much I hated third-person. All the chapters will be up again soon, I apologize for the inconvenience.

P.S. This story takes place before "Keep Calm and Flutter On".

Chapters (11)

The Caprica. At one time, an impressive piece of technology for humanity. Originally built for peace; retrofitted for war. But now, Marcus is all that remains of the human race after a hostile alien invasion, and he uses the only life he's ever known to escape his captors. Making a blind jump to unknown space, his skills as a pilot, and as a man in uniform, will be put to the test.

Rated teen for language and some adult situations.

Chapters (14)