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Living and Dying in Equestria - TwilightsmyMare

Ordinary guy finds himself catapulted into a strange land. Finds something he didn't expect.

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Chapter 12 (The Second Monthiversary)

Time... No matter how you try to deny it, change it or ignore it. It just keeps passing.

I was well aware of this, every morning, every evening, every moment I spent with Twilight I tried to make last longer. But I couldn't stay by her side all the time, she had her duties and ponies needed my assistance still.

My rescue of the Crusaders had clearly made its way around town as I found myself inundated with requests for help again. I did what I could; mostly it was just ponies needing a hand with small things. A local businesspony named Filthy Rich got me to pose for some advertising photos for his store. Silly, but he paid well, and I was building up a fair amount of bits.

I recruited Spikes help with a plan I had come up with, the end of my second month here was coming up and I wanted to surprise Twilight. I convinced him to start sending letters to various people and places in Canterlot, with his help I managed to arrange what I hoped would be a nice... Well romantic weekend for Twilight and I, maybe I couldn't manage to tell her how I felt but I could show her.

Friday arrived, Spike was more then happy to hang out at home for the weekend, he told me he had plans to help Rarity all weekend. I chuckled to myself, good for him.

I came down in the morning to find Twilight looking for Spike.

"Rick, have you seen Spike this morning?”

"Oh, I think he left early. Something about helping Rarity all weekend."

"Oh. He usually runs things like that by me first..."

"You didn't have big plans this weekend did you?"

"No. I was just going to go over some old notes."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Well good. How about some breakfast?"

We sat down and ate together; afterwards I cleaned up quickly as Twilight started gathering her notes. Before she got too into it I made my move.

"Say Twi, it’s a beautiful morning. Before you start, want to go for a walk?”

We usually took our walks in the evening so I hoped I wasn't being too suspicious.

She smiled at me. "Sure."

As we headed out I left a small bag of bits for Spike on the table in case he needed something. I had a much larger sack tied to my belt.

I led Twilight on a meandering walk through town gradually nearing the train station. I could hear the whistle as the train approached the station.

"Let’s go watch the train arrive." I suggested.

She looked at me slightly suspiciously. "Ookay..."

I grinned at her and as we walked up the train came into the station.

"Say Twi, I've got a crazy idea."

She looked up at me. "What?"

"Let’s get on the train and go to Canterlot."

She stared at me a second. "Rick. We can't just get on; we need tickets, and their pretty expensive last minute.”

My grin got wider as I pulled my hand out of pocket with two tickets in it. "Well how odd... I seem to have two tickets right here..."

She looked at me shocked. "How did..."

"Come on Twi. It'll be fun I promise."

"Sneaky..." She smiled at me hip checking me gently as we boarded the train and found our cabin.

"Now what’s this all about?" She asked.

"Not yet. Just be patient, please?"

She leaned against me as the train got underway; I put my arms around her and gave her a squeeze.

"What about Spike?" She asked.

"He'll be ok, like I said he’s got plans. Just you and me."

She looked up at me. "I like the sound of that."

I gave her another squeeze. "Me too."

We rode like that just talking about little things, dozing a bit as the click and clack of the rails lulled us. Eventually the amazing city of Canterlot came into view, as we disembarked I pulled Twilight deeper into town.

"Where are we going?"

"Not yet. Soon all will be revealed."

As we got closer to our destination I pulled a scarf out of my pocket and wrapped it around Twilights eyes.


"It’s just for the surprise. Please?" She relented and I led her carefully into the lobby of an upscale hotel, we approached the desk and I leaned across and whispered while gently covering Twilights ears.

"You have a room ready for me?"

The clerk amazingly showed no reaction to my appearance and handed me a key. "Top floor sir." No doubt my payment in advance helped things a bit.

I scooped Twilight up in my arms and carried her up the few stairs to elevator.


"Sorry Twi, didn't want you to trip." She snuggled against me contentedly as I pushed the button for the top floor.

The elevator opened to a short hallway with only one door, I awkwardly fit the key into the lock and opened the door as I was not particularly willing to put Twilight down yet.

The room was done up just as I had asked, I put Twilight down gently and removed her blindfold.

She blinked and looked about the room.

"Well Twi. What do you think? Happy second monthiversary."

I had originally planned on a smaller but nice room on the lower levels but they had offered me an excellent price on the penthouse suite as it was the off season.

The room itself was beautiful but I made a special request for it to have quite a few displays of Dahlias.

I knelt down beside Twilight trying to gauge her reaction, when she looked over at me her eyes were filled with tears.

"You... You..." She tackled me in a hug burying her head in my chest. "Why? Breakfast in bed would have been plenty." She whispered.

"Not enough to show you what you mean to me. Do you like it?"

"Rick! I love... It. I love it. Thank you."

I hugged her tightly as we lay there on the floor. "Well its getting a bit late. Shall we go down for some dinner?"

We headed down to the posh dining hall. We attracted quite a bit of attention, the other patrons stared at us. I ignored them; Twilight was all I was interested in.

We ate a lavish dinner then headed back up to our room; Twilight walked about the room sniffing the flowers as I walked over and opened the balcony doors. There was a magnificent view of the city and Twilight joined me shortly leaning against me as I put my arm around her.

"It was wonderful." She sighed.

"Well don't get too complacent, there’s more fun to be had tomorrow."

I walked over to the phonograph that was in the room and selected a record, I cranked it up and music started to play, a soft tune. I offered Twilight my hand and she put her hoof in it, we came together and danced slowly.

"I wish this day would never end." She breathed.

"I know exactly how you feel." I whispered as I held her tightly.

Eventually the music stopped but Twilight and I kept dancing slowly as the moon came up and the stars appeared. She stifled a yawn and a scooped her up into my arms turning to go back inside.

"No. I don't want it to end." She pleaded.

I sat down on the balconies bench still holding her. "All good things must come to an end they say."

"But why?"

"So we can strive toward the next I guess." I got back up with her in my arms and walked over to the bed placing her gently in it; I got undressed and followed her in. She snuggled up against me her head on my chest.

"How did you arrange all this?"

"Spike helped a lot. All those bits I got from Filthy Rich helped too." I chuckled.

"You spent all your bits on me? You shouldn't have!"

"Not all, I still have plans for the rest. Anyhow I don't need bits, all I need is..." I squeezed her to make my point.

She blushed prettily. "Oh... I was just going to surprise you with a picnic."

"That would have been great, I'm sorry I ruined your surprise."

"Don't be silly. We can do it later."

"It’s a date."

We drifted off to sleep.

Another day gone... But spent with Twilight... No regrets.

I awoke the next morning to a gentle rapping on the door followed by a voice. "Your nine am wakeup call sir."

"Thank you." I replied.

Twilight awoke stretching against me.


I squeezed her gently. "Morning. Sleep well?"

She smiled up at me. "I always do lately. So what do you have planned for today?"

"Oh a little sightseeing, some shopping. Light lunch and a dinner surprise. You'll see." I said with a smile.

We got up and freshened up in the bathroom then I got dressed and we hit the town. We meandered around seeing some of the same sights we had before and some new before ending up at Twilights favourite bookstore. She looked around excitedly at the new and old books.

"Oh I wish I had known we were coming! I would have brought some money."

I took my bag of bits off my belt and put it in front of her. "I brought some."

"Rick! I can't take this."

"Twi. What makes you happy?"

"Well... Books, studying, learning, my friends and family... You." She said blushing slightly.

I leaned down and hugged her. "Seeing you happy makes me happy. So go ahead."

She kissed me on the cheek. "You’re spoiling me!" But she relented going around the store picking out books she liked and some she knew I would like as well, some for Spike, the Crusaders and all our friends as well.

By the time she was finished we had a large stack of books which I got them to deliver to our room at the hotel, my bag of bits was nearly empty but I didn't spare it a second thought. We stopped by Donut Joes for an afternoon snack then made our way up to the abandoned parapet she had spent so much time at as a filly.

We relaxed on the bench together my coat around her shoulders to ward off the cool breeze.

"I used to always associate this place with being alone... But I think I have a new appreciation for it now. Our place..."

I hugged her tightly and kissed her brow. "Don't forget that Twi. Even if I... Well, I'll always be with you in some way right?"

She looked at me her beautiful eyes filling with tears. "No. No! I don't want you with me that way." She wrapped her forehooves around me tightly sobbing in my chest. "I want you here like this! Always!"

"I'm sorry Twi. I didn't want to upset you. We'll think of something... Come on no more being sad, time for your dinner surprise." I wiped her tears away and hugged her tightly.

I led her over to a small collection of homes beside the palace, trying to follow the directions Spike had given me until we came up to small well kept house.

"This is my brother’s house." She said with a surprised look.


We walked up and tapped on the door; Shining Armor opened it and smiled at us. "Twily! Rick, glad you could make it."

Twilight hugged her brother as we entered. Cadance entered from the kitchen smiling.

"Good your here. Come and sit dinner is almost ready."

As Twilight and I entered the dining room we got a surprise. Twilight parents were sitting at the table already, this I hadn't planned for.

"Oh, Mr and Mrs. Sparkle, good to see you again." I managed to blurt out.

"Mom, Dad... What are you doing here?"

"We were invited of cource dear, and when we heard you would be attending we made it a point to come." Her mother explained.

We all sat down as Cadance and Shining Armor brought in the meal. Twilight and I on one side of the table her parents on the other and Cadance and Armor together at the head of the table.

We ate in relative silence, everyone perhaps feeling a bit awkward. The meal was excellent and the dessert even more so.

After everyone had finished Cadance and Armor looked down at us all from the head of the table with big smiles on their faces.

"I hope dinner was good for everypony... Er, everyone." Cadance started.

"But we didn't just invite you here just for dinner, Cadance and I have an announcement."

We were all on the edges of our seats Twilight put her hoof in my hand and I squeezed it comfortingly.

They waited a second building the tension then spoke together.

"We're moving to a bigger house!"

Everyone collapsed back in their seats expelling the breath they had been holding. I wasn't so sure they were finished; Armors grin was even bigger now.

"Because we're having a foal!" They finally burst out.

Twilight hugged me tightly before rushing over to her brother and Cadance along with her parents. They all hugged and cried happily.

I sat back and watched them feeling very much like the outsider. None the less I was very happy for them, if worse came to worse a new niece or nephew would definitely distract Twilight if I was gone...

They all talked until late evening discovering the foal was due in about five months; they didn't know the sex of the foal and were going to wait to find out.

When we headed back to the hotel the moon was already up and the evening chill, I put my coat around Twilights shoulders as we walked. She hardly noticed she was so excited.

"You’re going to be an aunt Twi, that’s great."

"Yes! I can teach him or her so much! Maybe it'll be a unicorn! There will be even more I can teach... What if it’s an Alicorn?! There hasn't been one born for hundreds of years in Canterlot!"

"What about Cadance?"

"Oh she moved here when I was just a filly. This is going to be great! I can teach and you can take him or her on rides and tell stories!"

"Uh..." No I didn't want to make her sad again, for now that fantasy sounded perfect.

We walked into the lobby and Twilight turned to me. "May I have the bag of bits please?"

"Of cource." She levitated it and walked over to the receptionist talking in low tones glancing back over her shoulder to make sure I was staying back.

"All arranged." She said with a sly smile handing back the bag, didn't feel like she took many bits.

"Hmm... Sneaky mare." I grinned.

She giggled as we took the elevator up to our room.

It was late; the books were neatly piled at the foot of the bed. Tired I quickly got undressed and followed Twilight into bed cuddling together.



"I... Never really thought about it before. Do you have any foals back home?"

"Children? No."

"A marefriend then?"

"Girlfriend. I've had a few over the years but nothing very serious. Nothing now."


"I'm not sure, just something about me puts them off I guess, most just want to be friends."

"What puts them off? Your kindness? Thoughtfulness?! Selflessness!?"

I blushed slightly. "Heh, not sure. What about you? Many coltfriends?" I asked remembering the proper term.

"Oh... No never. Nopony wants a strange mare like me."

"What?! Don't be silly, if they got to know you they'd be lined up around the library to ask you out."

"Not likely. Equestria is a largely matriarchal society, maybe seventy percent females to thirty percent males. They can largely pick and choose... Besides, I'm not interested in stallions anymore..." She glanced up at me her eyes glowing softly in the moonlight.

I was tempted to make a joke about mares but I really wanted to believe she was talking about me.

I tried to change the subject before I said something stupid. "So what time tomorrow for your surprise?"

"We can sleep in, not until noon."

We settled down and I gently stroked her silken mane drifting off to sleep.

A rouge breeze blew through the balcony doors, I opened my eyes for a second but it didn't continue. I closed my eyes lulled by Twilight soft breath and her steady heartbeat and slept.

I awoke the next morning to the sun streaming into the room, Twilight lying beside me reading one of her new books.

"Morning. Just couldn't wait could you?" I said with a grin.

"Just an hour earlier." She explained.

I chuckled. "Well I'm going to take a shower so you keep on reading." She smiled happily at me and got back to her book.

I hopped in the shower tossing my boxers aside and turned on the cold water. Ugh, she had such an effect on me. Her scent, the curve of her neck, her eyes... Other parts of her anatomy... I slapped myself hard. Keep it together, even if she does like you it’s not like that.

My passion cooled I cleaned up with hot water and dried off, exiting I found my clothes freshly laundered and pressed. Another service of the hotel I guessed. Twilight was wearing a beautiful and simple sundress.

"Now where did you get that?"

"The receptionist mare was quite compassionate about my situation."

"What situation?"

"Oh...! Just having to plan on a budget." She answered with a nervous smile.

"Well that was very nice of her." Just then came a knock at the door, I opened it and a well dressed pony laid a basket in front of me and turned to go.

"Just a second." I fished out a few bits and gave them to him. He looked surprised before smiling and wishing us an excellent day.

I picked up the basket only to have it pulled from my grasp by Twilights magic.

"Tisk, tisk. Not yet." She smiled.

"Lead and I shall follow my lady." I replied with an exaggerated bow.

We exited side by side and rode the elevator down. She led me on what I believed to be an exaggerated meandering path to our destination.

Eventually we arrived at a beautiful and secluded small park where she opened the basket to a picnic spread and blanket.

I laid out the blanket smiling at her. "I should have known."

"You really should have." She replied smugly. We began to spread out the snacks, as I did so I felt a drop on the back of my neck, looking up I saw storm clouds gathering.

"That’s odd... There was no storm scheduled for today.” Twilight pointed out.

"Maybe we should..." I was interrupted by a peal of thunder as a lightning bolt struck a nearby tree. "Whoa! Twi we better..."

"Stand by me Rick. No storm is going to ruin my dat... Picnic."

I stood beside her holding my jacket over her to keep her dry; her horn glowed powerfully as a translucent shield spread out past us just over the radius of the blanket. The rain stopped hitting us, another lightning bolt hit the tree next to us splitting it in two, and half of it fell toward us. I covered Twilight with my body hoping to ward off the blow, but it never came. Just a dull thud and when I looked the tree half was laying to the side of the shield.

I stared stunned for a moment as Twilight nonchalantly finished spreading out the snacks employing a small spell to dry the blanket and us.

I turned to her. "Twi! You’re so amazing!"

"I wasn't sure it would work, I've never tried it for these circumstances. You... You risked your life for me."

"Oh... Well I guess we weren't in any danger. But I would never let anything happen to my mare... Best friend."

She smiled at me shyly. "Sit, we'll be fine."

I sat beside her as the storm raged outside we enjoyed our picnic together.

The storm finally let up early evening; we packed up as Twilight let her spell lapse. Our first few steps were quite muddy.

"Oops." I put the basket handle in the crook of my elbow and picked up Twilight.

"You don't have to..."

I kissed her cheek ending her objections and we made our way back towards the hotel only to be stopped by Shining Armor and a group of his guards.

"Twily! Are you both ok? That was a fierce rouge storm. Was anypony else up there?"

"No it was just us. I managed to shield us."

"She was amazing Armor!"

He grinned at us. "I'm glad your both ok. We had better go up and investigate. Take care you two."

We continued to the hotel, as soon as we entered a pony came and took my muddy shoes with a promise to launder and return them. Twilight promised to get into the bath as soon as she got upstairs to take care of her dirty hooves.

I carried her to the elevator and into our room turning to the washroom and gently placing her in the tub as she levitated her dress off and put it aside I quickly turned away to leave.

"Don't go."

Her words stopped me in my tracks. I glanced behind me to find her staring at me turning on the water in the tub and pouring in some bubble bath.

"I... I should let you get some privacy."

"Rick. I don't wear clothes most of the time. Just stay and talk to me."


"Please?" Her eyes pleaded to me breaking my resolve instantly. I sighed hoping I wouldn't do something I would regret. I put my coat aside and rolled up my sleeves.

"Alright Twi." She smiled happily and sat down as I moved a chair over to sit beside her. The tub quickly filled up with water and bubbles smelling faintly of vanilla, I had requested it in case she had wanted it.

She relaxed back in the tub and we chatted about how strange that storm had been.

Eventually I couldn't help myself and reached over lathering up her soft mane. She sighed and leaned up against the side of the tub as I washed and rinsed her, being sure to keep my hands above a certain point. I gently washed her soft ears, neck and face. Careful to keep the soap out of her eyes, I was surprised to find them tear filled as she looked at me.

"Oh Twi..." I leaned forward and kissed her nose softly.

She smiled at me leaning forward... To clap her hooves together splashing me with water.

I leaned back flabbergasted as she grinned impishly. "Oh you want to play like that do you?" I asked grabbing a small rinse bucket and filling it from the sink. "Gotcha now!" I splashed her and she shrieked as the water was a bit cold.

She pulled the bucket from me telekinetically and filled it with bath water soaking me as I unsuccessfully tried to dodge. I moved over to the far end of the tub and began splashing her as she flailed her hooves laughing as she maneuvered the full bucket behind me dumping it over my head.

"Ok, ok. You win Twi." I lunged forward pulling the plug on the tub. "Hah! Deprived of your source of power!" I laughed, just then the bucket got dropped over my head blocking my vision momentarily. I moved it up just in time to see Twilight launch herself off the tub into me tackling me to the ground.

"Surrender!" She demanded poking me in the ribs gently.

I grabbed her in a hug barely resisting the urge to kiss her passionately. "You got me."

She hugged me back tightly. "Don't you forget it." She whispered.

We dried off and I rung my clothes out before Twilight dried them with her magic. We got into bed exhausted and very clean.

"Thank you for an amazing weekend Rick."

"Wouldn’t have been amazing without you Twi." I sighed. "Well back to Ponyville tomorrow morning. Spikes probably eaten everything in the library by now."

She snuggled against me giggling.

We drifted off to sleep easily.

Just as I planned, sort of.

I hoped she understood how I felt now. She is pretty smart she probably had me figured out a long time ago.

One month shy a few days to go. I had to think of something...