• Published 13th Jun 2012
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As It Were - Minotaur

Sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll! No, just kidding. It's actually just a HiE.

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Humble Beginnings

"Right this way, sir." The somewhat attractive brunette said as she led me down a corridor. With a sigh, I couldn't help but think about my current situation. I just couldn't believe I was going through with this.

"Uhm, Mr. Baine? We're here."

Well. No turning back now, huh? Whatever.

I was lead into a completely white room littered with strange machines, all making some sort of buzzing or beeping noise. It sounded horrendous, almost as if it was designed to make you mad.

I turned my head and noticed three scientist, complete with labcoats and all, walking towards me. The smaller one in the front smiled at me and said, "Aaah, Mr. Baine! We have been expecting you. My name is Dr. Lancaster, and I am the scientist spearheading this unique operation. I do hope you liked your walk through Oporture. Are the facilities to your liking?"

Great. A smartass scientist who thinks he's the shit. They're near the top on my List of People I Hate, along with politicians.

"Uh, sure... They were alright. Too much science, though. Not trying to be rude, but can we just get on with this? I have other places to be." Somehow, I managed to say all that with a friendly smile.

Dr. Lancaster smiled and said, "Of course, Mr. Baine! We just need to warm up the machine. I trust you have no electronics on you?"

"I mean, I have a watch on, is it that big of a problem?"

"OF COURSE!" the tiny frame which belonged to Dr. Lancaster boomed.

"Ah, do excuse me for that. I did not mean to yell, it's just that this machine is very delicate, and we have had disastrous results when electronic devices are introduced to the quantum teleportation rays of-"

"Fine, fine! Sorry I asked! I'll just take it off, no need to lecture me."

"I'm glad to see you understand!" Dr. Lancaster chuckled.

As I took off my watch, I couldn't help but reminisce about the past. My life seemingly flashed before my eyes.
Five years old. My dad leaves me.
Ten years old. My mother dies in a car wreck.
Ten years old. I start living with my grandma.
Fourteen years old. My grandmother is steadily becoming more sickly. Her coughs just refused to go away.
Sixteen years old. My grandma is informed she has lung cancer.
Eighteen years old. My grandma is at the hospital 24/7. I try and do all I can for her, but I just don't have the money.
Eighteen years old. In a desperate attempt to earn enough money for my grandmother's surgery, I enlist in the Marine Corps.
Nineteen years old. My grandmother dies. With nowhere else to go, I stay in the Marines.
Twenty-two years old. I am diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I get prescribed some pills to take care of it temporarily. This gets me kicked out of the Marines, for "safety concerns."
Three days ago. I see an ad online to earn some easy cash. All I need to do is give them my name and address and sign a liability waiver. I quickly do this, but then realize that I'm basically going to be used as a guinea pig.
Today. I am one of the first humans that will experience being teleported. They are basically trying to test the safety and effects of the teleportation device, hence the waiver..

"Mr. Baine? Mr. Baine!"

I snapped out of my daze. No sense in thinking about the past, just keep on moving ahead.

"Yeah, yeah. Is the damn machine ready?"

"'Damn machine'? Yes, 'the damn machine' is ready, so to speak. Just step in there." Dr. Lancaster motions to a door.

With a sigh, I walked over and pushed open the door. Well. Here goes nothing. Fuck my life.

I stepped into the room, which looked like something out of a sci-fi novel. Almost the whole room was covered in metal, except for a glass window, which the scientist used to keep an eye on everything, and some blue circle in the middle.
There was an odd feeling in my gut. I quickly dismissed it as just being nervous.

"Ah, can you hear me, Mr. Baine? I won't be able to hear you, so just nod your head yes or no."

I nodded at the scientist.

"Great! Now, if you would be so kind as to step in the middle, we can get started."

I looked over, and saw the scientist was motioning at the blue glass-like circle in the middle of the room. I walked over and stand on top of it.

"Good, good. We are going to start now, but be warned, this may hurt a tad bit."

Dr. Lancaster walks over a flips a few switches, then pulls a lever down.

A huge lever starts the machine? How stereotypical. Fuckin' scient—
My thought is cut short as light starts to come out from the circle beneath me, and from above by an as of yet, unidentified source. I look up, and see a half-orb made of the same material as the circle beneath him sticking out of the ceiling. I feel none of the promised pain, but instead a light, tingly feeling.

"Good, everything seems to be proceeding smoothly. Now to bump it up to stage two."

Dr. Lancaster pulled a second lever, adjacent to the first.

With a grim smile, I laughed to my myself. My spider senses tell me that if I'm gonna die from this, right now is probably when things will go wrong.

Arcs of lightning start to appear from the orb, and traverse down my body, before landing and being absorbed by the circle. This caused an unpleasant feeling, and made my hair stand on end.

One of Dr. Lancaster's assistants whispers, "For some reason, the plasma bolts seem to be focused more on his left side than his right."

Dr. Lancaster looks at his assistant, and says, "It must be your imagination. Things are going SO WELL, and we need to continue."

He turned to the microphone and said,"Mr. Baine! We are proceeding to stage three. This is the stage the actual teleportation happens. Relax yourself! Things seem to be going just fine."

Wow, I'm not dead yet! I guess I should give these scientists a bit of slack.
But then, a sudden pain in my left thigh told me it may not be over.

Dr. Lancaster's eyes widen. He finally saw the peculiar spectacle his assistant had described, and realized what was going on.
"Mr. Baine! Mr. Baine! Check your left pocket!"

I checked my pocket, and pulled out an iPod touch.

Realizing that I was in some deep shit, I snickered. "Shit."

Suddenly, the iPod got jerked from my hands. It seemingly floated in the air, being held in place by the lightning constantly circling around it. Remembering how Dr. Lancaster flipped a shit when I asked him why bringing in electronics was bad, I knew that I probably wouldn't walk away fine from this. Called it, didn't I? Only a bit later than I expected. Oh well, not like anyone's gonna miss me.

"Oh god... Tim, Zack, I recommend we get out of here as soon as possible." Dr. Lancaster starts backing away, eager to get the hell out of the mess Stan had made.

The assistants look on, as Stan just stays where he is.
"You don't mean we're just gonna leave him in there, right?"


"Aaah, I'm SO bored." Princess Luna says, to no one in particular. It was night in Equestria, and Princess Luna was watching over the Principality she ruled with her sister. A sudden, unnatural flash and explosion in the distance piqued her interest. A smile suddenly grows on her face, as she realizes this night may not be as boring as she once thought. She spreads her majestic wings, and flies off towards the forest the flash seemingly came from.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The only color I could see was white. Everywhere. No end, no beginning, just white.
So. This is limbo, huh? Not a bad place. It's very peaceful. No sound. No annoying people. Just... me. Alone. Ah, I'm still kinda... sleepy... I've got all the time in.... the world.... might as... well... sleep...

As Princess Luna arrived at the forest, she saw a very peculiar sight. Some strange creature was sprawled in the middle of a crater, grasping what seems to be a piece of metal in his... claws? As Luna looked over the strange creature, she noticed many scratches on the creature's body. She put two and two together, and looked up. Many tree branches were bent or broken. Suddenly worried that it might be dead, she gasped and slid down the crater. After a quick check to make sure it's breathing, she pondered on what to do.

Poor thing must have fallen while flying. But, I've never seen one of these things around here! Should I just leave it here?I can't bring it back with me... but it is hurt! I don't want to let it die. Besides, I'm curious as to what it is. Celestia will probably know.

She decides to take it back with her. A flash of her horn, and she teleported herself and the creature back to Canterlot. What she didn't realize, was that she just set in motion a series of events which would change Equestria forever.