• Published 3rd Jun 2012
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Living and Dying in Equestria - TwilightsmyMare

Ordinary guy finds himself catapulted into a strange land. Finds something he didn't expect.

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Chapter 9 (Parents and Princess)

I awoke the next morning staring up at the canopy over my head, something was wrong. I couldn't feel Twilight against me, her beautiful head resting on my chest. I sat up quickly looking around and almost upsetting the tray sitting right beside me, Twilight was right beside the bed smiling at me.

"Morning! Happy monthiversary!" She said pulling off the cover on the tray beside me to reveal breakfast for two.

"Monthiversary?" I asked while blinking sleep from my eyes.

"Well... It’s been one month since you arrived here."

"Oh!" I said as I caught on. "Thanks Twi!" Together we enjoyed the delicious breakfast no doubt provided by Celestia’s expert chefs.

After eating Twilight went into the washroom to shower as I got dressed, as I was finishing there suddenly came a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it to reveal two unicorn ponies. A stallion with a light blue coat and a dark blue mane and tail and a mare with a white coat and a purple and white mane and tail. They somehow looked familiar to me.

"Can I help you?" I asked. Taken aback they both stepped back. The stallion stepped forward.

"We are looking for Twilight Sparkle. Is she here?"

I was about to answer when Twilight called out to me from the washroom doorway. "Who's at the door Rick?" I turned to tell her and stopped dead, she was standing in the washroom doorway towelling herself off, her beautiful mane soaked and flat against her body, she looked so beautiful I felt my heart skip.

I quickly turned back to the open door. "Two unicorns looking for you Twi." I stepped back as they both rushed in having heard Twilights voice.

"Darling! Thank Celestia your ok!" Said the mare as the stallion interposed himself between me and Twilight.

Twilight stood shocked for a second as they rushed in. "Mom?! Dad?! What are you doing here?" Her parents? Well I guess that would explain the similarities.

"First we hear you've come to town and didn't stop by to see us. And then your brother informs us your showing some strange creature around town?!" Her mother said breathlessly.

"Armor did not say that!" Twilight retorted.

"Close enough dear. And we can plainly see he’s right here with you. While you were taking a shower no less!" Her father said while watching me closely. I just stood to the side trying to make myself look as harmless as possible.

Her mother turned to me. "Please wait outside while we speak with our daughter would you?" I opened my mouth to say something but thought better of it and with a small wave to Twilight exited the room, the door closed as I left.

I could hear voices raised in the room but I sat across the hall to wait I really had no business hearing that conversation anyhow. Well maybe I did... I had just begun to raise myself up off the floor when the door swung open and Twilight's father stepped out and closed the door behind him. I stood up straight and waited for him to say something.

He just stared at me for a minute then spoke. "So. You’re going to be staying with my daughter in Ponyville?"

"Yes sir."

"Hmm... She’s so stubborn, takes after her mother." He sighed heavily. "Just take care of her."

"Of cource! She means a lot to me... Sir."

He looked at me with a small smile on his face. "Good."

Just then the door opened again and Twilight and her mother came out.

"Are you sure about this dear? He’s very strange to look at." Her mother asked her.

"Mother! Don't..."

"Yes, yes." She trotted up to me then circled me looking me up and down. Coming back around to the front of me she leaned in close whispering. "If you hurt my daughter I will make sure you regret it."

"I would never... I'd die first... Ma'am." I replied.

She leaned back looking slightly shocked and a bit pleased.

"Well good then. You two have a good time." Her sudden change in attitude was surprising. She leaned over to Twilight and whispered. "Remember to use protection."

Twilight stood shocked for a second. "Moooommm!! Stop it!"

"What dear? You remember the spell I taught you when you turned eighteen don't you?"

Twilight quickly galloped over beside me.

"Yes mother! Okay good to see you both, love you, we've got to run now bye!" And with that she leaned against me and teleported us.

After a moments disorientation I looked around and found we were on the abandoned section of parapet we had visited before. Twilight turned out looking at the view and screamed.

"AHHHHHHHH!! They frustrate me so!!"

I just sat back on the bench and let her vent for a few minutes, eventually she finished and came over to sit. I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

"Everyone’s parents drive them crazy sometimes Twi. Their just trying to look out for you." I whispered in her ear.

She sighed and leaned against me. "I know."

We just sat there quietly for a few minutes, the wind picked up blowing her mane in my face and with it her beautiful scent. Okay, this is my chance.


She looked up at me, her eyes so amazing. "What?" So close, just a little more.

"I... I think..."

I was interrupted suddenly by a voice from above us.

"Here you are Twilight! I thought you might be here, but I didn't expect you would have company..."

Flying down before us was another Alicorn! My god was Twilight connected with every powerful being in Equestria? Well I guess she has saved it a couple of times now so why wouldn't she be? This Alicorn was close to the same size as Luna and had a light pink coat and a purple, dark pink and yellow mane and tail. She had a small crown also with a small purple gem in it similar to Celestia’s, also a fairly simple golden necklace and hoofcovers.

Twilight hopped off the bench excitedly. "Cadence!" As she landed they both did a cute dance.

"Sunshine, sunshine. Ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and give a little shake!"

I stood back as they giggled and laughed together. After a moment they turned to face me together.

"Cadence this is my friend Rick. Rick this is Cadence; she used to be my foalsitter and married my brother! So she’s my sister too isn't that cool?!"

"Very cool." I bowed my head slightly to her. "Very nice to meet you Princess."

"I've been hearing a great deal of rumours about you Rick. Celestia, Luna and even my husband all seem to have a different take on you. And your connection to my sister here." She said with a smile.

"Nothing too bad I hope?" I replied.

"Well Luna... Never mind about that. I'm just concerned about my favourite sister in all of Equestria."

Twilight grinned happily.

"I assure you I mean Twilight no harm, or anypony for that matter."

"That’s not quite what I meant, but it’s good to know." As Twilight walked past her over to me her horn glowed softly its aura surrounding Twilight and I for a moment. It faded quickly and she displayed a surprised look on her face that was quickly replaced with a smile.

I looked around but couldn't see any effect the spell might have had.

"That’s very interesting... I suppose I'll have to tell my husband he was right, for once. Oh Celestia I'll never hear the end of it." Cadence giggled.

"What do you mean Cadence?" Twilight asked. She had missed the spell when her back was turned.

"Oh just that he thought Rick here was nothing for me to worry about. I can see now that’s true."

"Really? I'm so glad!"

I still had no idea what had just happened but if Twilight was happy... "I'm glad you've put your trust in me. I'll do my best not to disappoint."

"I'm sure you will." She smiled slyly at the two of us. "I would love to invite you both over for dinner but I believe you have a train to catch right Twilight?"

Twilight looked shocked for a second. "Oh! Yes we do. We will have to do dinner later sis! Give my love to Armor!" With that she grabbed my arm and dragged me off down the stairs towards the train station, I managed to wave bye before Cadence disappeared from view.

"What’s the rush Twi? We could catch the train tomorrow if you want to see your brother and sister in-law tonight."

"I know, and I would love to stay but it’s the beginning of applebucking season."

"Apple... Bucking?"

"It’s what the Apple family call harvesting time. A few years ago Applejack had to do it alone because Big Mac had been hurt. She worked and worked, wearing herself out and she just refused any help. She was being very stubborn!" Twilight explained as we traveled.

"You wouldn't know anything about being stubborn now would you Twi?" I asked, nudging her side as we walked.

She gave me a gentle hip check back with a grin. "Maybe a little. Anyhow, after some time she realised she just couldn't do it on her own and relented allowing all her friends to help her. Now we go and help every year! She and Big Mac could handle it, but it’s a fun thing we all just do together."

"Sounds nice. I hope I won't be a third wheel. I mean if it’s alright I come."

"Of course!" We arrived at the train station just in time. Twilight fixed the conductor with a 'don't mess with me' stare and handed him our tickets, intimidated he took them and stepped back allowing us entrance. We quickly found our cabin and sat down a bit winded from our rush here.

"Rarity’s party is coming soon too right?" I asked.

"In a week! Thank you again for getting that dress." She hugged me tightly.

"Anything for you Twi."

Twilight flipped through her new book as we traveled letting me read over her shoulder as she leaned against me.

After a few hours Twilight drifted off to sleep, she must have gotten up early to get that special breakfast for us. I just relaxed gently stroking her mane and neck.

Strange... All those other times I thought I was in love; they were meaningless to what I was feeling for this amazing purple unicorn pony...

I was suddenly jerked awake as the train slowed, I must have fell asleep too. Looking out the window I could see we had arrived at Ponyville.

I gently shook Twilight and whispered in her ear. "We're here Twi."

"Oh!" She yawned and stretched against me. "Lets go home Rick."

"What about the applebucking?"

"Early tomorrow morning. Really early." She giggled and yawned again.

We exited the train and walked through town to the library.

"Spike! We're home!" Twilight shouted as we entered.

"Oh! Uh welcome home!" Spike said from the kitchen hiding something behind his back.

"Spike! Have you been pigging out on ice cream again?"

"Aww... What gave me away?"

"Might have been Twi's super sharp deductive skills... Or maybe because your face is covered with ice cream." I chuckled.

"Didn't you learn your lesson last time Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Obviously not." He answered pulling the bucket from behind his back and scooping another spoonful into his mouth.

Twilight levitated the bucket out of his grasp while she walked into the kitchen. "Honestly Spike."

"Aww man."

I grinned at him. "Easy come, easy go Spike. We miss anything exciting yesterday?"

"Nope. How was the visit? You didn't get banished I see."

"Not yet. It went well enough I think Spike." I told him what had occurred as Twilight came over with a bowl of ice cream for her and I.

"None for me?" Spike whined.

"You ate three buckets already!" Twilight sighed. "Just go lay down Spike."

He grumbled his way up the stairs but we soon heard him snoring away.

As we finished our ice cream Twilight asked. "Want to go for a walk?"

"Sure Twi."

We exited the library and started walking side by side no place in mind just meandering. We saw Pinkie Pie delivering sweets and waved as well as Rainbow Dash clearing some clouds. Plenty of ponies were out and about and Twilight greeted many of them asking about the latest news.

Eventually we reached the edge of town, by this time it was late afternoon.

"I guess we better get back if we're going to have to get up early right Twi?"

"Really early. I guess your right. Let’s head..." As we turned to go she stepped in a depression in the ground and stumbled. "Ow! My ankle!" I immediately knelt down gently taking her ankle in my hands as she sat rubbing it softly.

I looked up after a moment to find her looking down at me; I just couldn't get enough of looking into her eyes. I could stare at them for hours; I turned my attention back to her ankle quickly before she could see my face flush.

"Are you ok Twi?"

"I... I think so. Let me try it." She took a small step, as soon as she put her weight on her injured foreleg her face crinkled up in a painful expression and she gasped slightly.

"Maybe we should go to the hospital?"

"No. I just need to rest it, some ice maybe."

Without really thinking I scooped her up into my arms carefully and started walking back towards the library.

"You ok?" I asked concerned I was bouncing her ankle around too much while I walked. She nodded to me and laid her head on my shoulder carefully so as not to poke me with her horn.

It was a long walk carrying her, but all the work I had been doing for the citizens of Ponyville had certainly increased my strength and endurance a bit. As we arrived at the library Twilights horn glowed softly opening the door, I carried her up to her bed and gently laid her down. Spike was still fast asleep I noticed as I rushed down to the kitchen and got some ice and a towel to wrap it in.

I placed it on her ankle carefully. "It doesn't look swollen Twi. I think you'll be ok with some rest."

"I hope so. I would hate to miss the Applebucking tomorrow."

"You'll be there if I have to carry you all the way."

She smiled at me. "Thanks. Rick I..."

"What Twi?"

"Nothing. Let’s get some sleep." I got undressed and carefully got into bed so I didn't jar her leg. She shuffled over to me putting her injured leg on my stomach and her head on my chest.

"Ooh cold." I gasped.

"Sorry." She levitated the ice off to the side of the bed.


"Yes Twi?"

"I could have teleported us back here..."

"I know. I don't mind carrying you... I mean if you don't mind... Er didn't mind."


I gently rubbed her ankle and stroked her mane as we drifted off to sleep.

Well that was interesting, parents and her sister in-law. I'm glad they didn't make too big a deal about me. Well I guess they know I'll be gone soon enough so not much to worry about.

Applebucking... Sounds painful.