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Living and Dying in Equestria - TwilightsmyMare

Ordinary guy finds himself catapulted into a strange land. Finds something he didn't expect.

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Chapter 8 (The Rule of Celestia)

I woke up in the middle of the night to find I had shifted onto my back, my feet only just hung off of the edge of Twilights bed. To my surprise Twilight had also shifted, she was pressed right up against me her head resting on my chest just like the night before.

I was surprised she wasn't awoken by the sudden increase in my heartbeat, looking down at her asleep like that her mane in disarray...

Even if I got kicked back to my own world by Celestia today it had been an amazing experience. I softly stroked her mane and neck as I drifted back to sleep completely at peace.

I woke up in the morning still in the same position, as much as I wanted to stay there with Twilight resting on me... Well I had to make use of the washroom. I gently untangled myself from her and quietly made my way down the stairs to the washroom.

I kicked off my boxers and hopped into the shower turning the cold water on, that’s all I need a nice cold shower. I shook my head under the freezing water flow calming myself down, after awhile I turned up the heat and finished showering. I dried off staring at myself in the mirror, what the hell am I going to do?

With no answers forthcoming I put my shorts back on and left the washroom. No one appeared to be up so I crept up the stairs and found Twilight and Spike still asleep. I'm not usually much of a morning person, but this place... And my new vegetarian diet clearly were helping me out, I had even lost a bit of weight.

I got dressed and quietly went down to the kitchen to see what I could whip up for breakfast. I got some eggs and the leftover vegetables from the night before and began to make some omelettes. Some ham would definitely go well with this. I shrugged, a small price to pay to be here.

I heard some gentle hoof clicks on the floor behind me before I was finished, I turned around to see a sleepy-eyed Twilight yawning her way into the kitchen.

"Morning Twi. I hope I didn't upset your sleep?"

She smiled at me. "Nope, I slept great... I didn't make you uncomfortable did I?" She must have woken up at some point in the night as well; heck I could hardly tell her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her lying on me like that now could I?

"I couldn't have been more comfortable Twi." She smiled happily and sat down as I served her an omelette.

"Spike! Breakfast!" She called up the stairs. He came stumbling down moments later and took a seat.

"Sorry buddy no gemstone omelettes today, hope you enjoy it anyhow." He grunted sleepily and dug in, Twilight and I grinned at each other and began to eat as well.

"Well this is the day. I'll meet the Princess. How are we going to get there Twi?" I asked between bites.

"The Princess sent us two train tickets; I guess that means your staying here Spike."

Spike had finished eating and was lounging back in his chair yawning sleepily. "Fine by me, I could use a few more hours anyhow."

Twilight giggled and turned back to me. "The train leaves in about an hour so we had better get down there soon." We finished eating and I cleaned up quickly while Twilight got cleaned up and ready in the washroom.

Spike was fast asleep curled up on his chair as we headed out the door.

Twilight lead the way excitedly. "I haven't seen the Princess in quite awhile, we correspond with the letters I send of cource but it will be good to see her!"

I could see Twilight cared deeply for her mentor and made a mental note to at least try not to screw things up. We got to the train station well ahead of time, we watched it pull up and Twilight presented our tickets to the somewhat taken aback conductor.

"And this... Thing is with you madam?" He asked.

"What? Oh I mean yes! Of cource he is."

"Well we have some room in the baggage car if you want to put it in there."

Twilight stared him down for a second. "Just because he looks a little different doesn't mean you need to treat him with any less respect then anyone else! Honestly some ponies! Come on Rick!" She grabbed my hand with her magic and dragged me into the car; she quickly located our passenger car and dragged me in.

"Whoa Twi. Its ok, calm down. I'm not upset."

She sat down in a huff. "I'm sorry; intolerance like that just gets me mad! There’s nothing wrong with the way you look! I like the way you... It just gets me so frustrated is all!" She fumed while blushing slightly.

I sat down beside her and hugged her gently. "Thanks for sticking up for me Twi. I appreciate it."

She turned her head up to look at me, those beautiful amazing eyes of hers... Another situation where I was so close, I could just lean down and kiss her... Instead I forced myself to lean back and look out the window as the train began its departure.

"So how long is the ride?" I asked.

"About three hours. The path up to Canterlot is pretty winding. We may not get in to see the Princess until later in the day, she's very busy."

"Not a problem, whatever it takes."

"I used to live in Canterlot, maybe I can show you around?"

"I'd like that. Well I hope I don't freak out too many ponies though."

"Oh right... I'm so used to you; I forget your appearance might be disturbing to others..."

"That’s alright Twi. If any ponies start giving us trouble we can just go somewhere out of the way to wait."

She smiled up at me. "You always know what to say to make me feel better." She shuffled over beside me and I put my arm around her.

"That’s what friends are for right?"

The rest of the ride we talked about Canterlot and watched the scenery pass by. The train wound its way around the mountain eventually reaching a huge castle, as the train entered it opened up into a large affluent looking town. Smartly dressed ponies were all over.

"We're here!" Twilight squeed happily. "There’s the royal palace." She pointed out a tall elegant structure in the distance, pristine white and gold towers shining in the sun.

"Amazing!" I gasped.

Twilight and I exited the train and got quite a few strange looks from the ponies in the station. Undeterred Twilight led me towards the royal palace. It was even more amazing close up; I craned my neck upward to see the palace's impressive heights. As I looked down I suddenly saw a formation of impressive looking stallions blocking our path, led by a large unicorn stallion with a white coat and a dark blue and teal mane and tail.

As I stood there stunned Twilight took off galloping and threw herself into the arms of this stallion hugging him tightly. I stood quietly gritting my teeth and clenching my fists trying to keep my jealously under control, after they had a short conversation Twilight turned to me motioning me over.

"Rick, come here."

I walked somewhat stiffly over keeping my emotions veiled and put on a smile.

Twilight trotted over beside me. "Rick I would like you to meet my brother Shining Armor. Oop, I guess that’s Prince Shining Armor now isn't it bro?" She giggled; I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding in. Her brother! That was a relief; I regained my composure and offered my hand to him.

"Nice to meet you." He looked at me cautiously for a moment sizing me up.

He extended a hoof and shook my hand. "So you’re the guy who’s been staying with my sister?" He glanced down at her with a smirk. "She seems quite taken with you."

Twilight gasped and punched her brother in the shoulder. "Arrrmor! Don't embarrass me!"

He rubbed his shoulder while grinning. "Sorry Twilight, just having a little fun."

I chuckled and looked him straight in the eye and told the honest truth. "Well Shining Armor I am quite taken with Twilight as well."

Twilight blushed then cleared her throat. "When can we get in to see the Princess?"

Shining Armor walked over to the wall and checked a list that was hanging there. "I'm afraid she's booked solid until suppertime sis. Can you come back at around seven?"

"Sure that’s not a problem. I wanted to show Rick around town anyhow."

"Hmm just a second then." He trotted over behind the wall and returned a second later with two emblazoned sashes telekinetically held before him. "These sash's show you are guests here on royal business. They should keep you out of too much trouble." He said with a wink.

"Thanks bro. We have been getting a few strange looks." Twilight said as she put the sash on.

"Well I don't know about the looks if anything you might get looked at even more strangely. But it will keep anypony from trying to deny you access from anything. You two have fun. Oh and sis, you really should let Mom and Dad know how your doing more often." With that he walked back over to his guard formation.

I took a moment and put on the sash. "Your brother, he seems nice. Accepted me pretty easily."

"Well... I may have written him a letter about you as well so he knew what to expect." She said as we walked back towards town.

"Ah, very clever. So where to first Twi?"

She thought about it a second then dragged me to her favourite book store. She browsed through the books gasping and exclaiming over ones she wanted, I managed to break away while she was looking through shelves and found a small book she had expressed interest in, 'A Pocket Guidebook to all things Equestria' and fortunately I had enough bits on me to buy it for her, I quickly hid it in my jacket just as she came back over to me.

"I wish I hadn't spent all my money in Fillydelphia the other day!" She groaned.

I laughed. "We'll have to come back another time Twi."

Twilight led me to a small shop that sold donuts and sweets; behind the counter was a robust unicorn stallion that had a dark yellow coat and a brown mane and tail.

"Twilight Sparkle! Nice to see ya!" He exclaimed.

"Donut Joe, this is my friend Rick. I'm showing him around Canterlot."

Joe stopped and looked at me carefully. "Well any friend of Twilights is welcome here." He extended his hoof friendly and I shook it.

"Thanks Joe I appreciate that."

He then served up several donuts for us each waving off any offer we made to pay. We thanked him and exited the store enjoying our treat; Twilight took me all over the city. From parks and secluded areas she liked to study in, all the way up to an out of the way rampart of the wall that was deserted. We stood there side by side looking out at the amazing view across Equestria.

"I always came here when I was feeling alone... I guess I came here a lot. My brother and Spike, my parents, even Celestia. I love them all but... Even in Ponyville with my friends I still feel alone sometimes."

I could see tears forming at the corners of her eyes as she stared into the distance. I knelt down and put my arms around her holding her tightly. "Your not alone Twi."

She turned and hugged me back. "Since I got to know you... I don't feel so alone anymore... Why is that?" She asked staring into my eyes.

"I... I don't know. But I feel the same." Nice going jerk, another chance for you to admit your feelings and you blew it again.

We both sat back on a bench near the overlook, she leaned against me as I put my arm around her. I pulled out the book I had bought for her and presented it to her.

"Oh! Thank you, thank you!" She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek starting my heart racing, as she flipped through the book excitedly I leaned back hoping my flushed face wasn't too obvious.

By that time it was beginning to get late in the day, we headed back towards the palace side by side. As we approached the guard station I removed my arm from Twilights side and moved a few steps beside her, I didn't want to get her brother mad at me or anything.

Twilight gave me an annoyed look over her shoulder and moved right back beside me pulling my arm right back over her side with her magic. Well... I couldn't fight her and why the hell would I want to?

As we approached Shining Armor came forward favouring us with an impish grin.

"Princess Celestia will see you both in her waiting room. You remember the way right sis?"

"I do, thanks Armor. It was great to see you." She hugged him quickly and then led me into the monolithic palace.

We passed through shining golden archways and up stairs past guards who stiffened until they saw our sash's, and past courtiers who gathered in small groups and whispered while stealing glances at our backs. Up and up we went until we came to a mirrored hallway that led to a large gold embossed door.

Twilight disengaged herself from me and nervously tried to straighten out her mane and tail in the mirror.

"Twi, it'll be ok. I won't embarrass you I promise."

"Oh, it’s not just that. I just always want to make a good impression on her."

I turned and straightened out my suit and hair, if this was important to Twilight than I had to do my best.

"You look beautiful Twi."

She blushed slightly and walked up to the door and raised her hoof to knock.

"Please, enter." Came a voice from inside. The door glowed softly golden and swung open before Twilight could knock.

As we entered we beheld a being... I knew about Alicorns of cource and had seen Princess Luna up close but Celestia was quite different, taller even then Luna. Six feet tall at least, a golden crown rested on her head with a large purple gem in it, around her neck a golden necklace also with a purple gem. Golden hoof covers on her feet, her coat a pure white, and her mane and tail flowing in the wind that wasn't there much like Luna’s had, a rainbow of colors, pink, teal, purple and green.

I stood staring and almost dropped to one knee but remembered Luna’s warning at the last moment and simply ducked my head in deference to her.

While I was staring at her she was likewise examining me, her eyes had an ageless quality, by staring into them you might feel as if you were staring into an abyss, filled with hundreds if not thousands of years of memory.

She turned from her examination of me to Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student. Come sit beside me."

As Twilight trotted over to her she indicated to a chair across from her at the table. I obediently sat down and was promptly ignored as the two mares across from me caught up.

Looking at them both together like that I could see many similarities’ between them, the way they spoke and composed themselves. Celestia was amazingly beautiful but my gaze never strayed far from Twilight.

She was more... Real. Everything I knew about her, everything I hoped to learn about her. I didn't want to be apart from her.

Even if that meant I was only a friend to her.

They finished chatting and turned their attention to me.

"I have heard a great deal about you from Twilights letters... And my sister." She sighed. "I had hoped she would never have to learn of your existence here human. But what’s done is done. The past can be painful, I have had time to move on but she..." She shook her head as if to dislodge troublesome memories. "My faithful student has told me of your accidental transportation here. Now I ask you, what are your intentions?"

I was somewhat taken aback by her question. "My intentions? Well I... I suppose to simply cause no trouble until such time as I am sent back..." I blurted out he first thing that came to mind.

She regarded me carefully as Twilight sat beside her looking a bit forlorn, what did she want me to say?

"I would send you back right now as I am certain my sister would have done when she encountered you. But the barrier we erected so long ago blocks traffic both ways from crossing... Strange this Zecora's magic can find a way around it. Be sure to question her about it Twilight, we must be sure it poses no threat."

"Of cource princess." Twilight replied meekly, clearly she didn't like to see her mentor upset.

"Now for you. It seems you may be of a different breed then the humans we knew so long ago. Twilight vouches for you so perhaps you can be allowed to roam free until such time as we can remove you from Equestria."

I was about to thank her for her kindness when she interrupted me. "If at such time this Zecora cannot send you back where you came from... You will be banished from our borders." Seeing Twilight about to speak she silenced her with a wave of her hoof. "We have made exceptions in the past for those not of Equestrian citizenship. But not I think for a human. The scars run too deep with Luna and I. It would take a very special circumstance... No matter. Twilight do you wish me to arrange some other lodging for him in Ponyville so he won't be underhoof all the time?"

Twilight gasped. "No! I mean no Princess. Rick is no trouble, he even helps me sometimes."

"Very well. Now the two of you will join me for dinner and spend the night in one of my guest chambers."

She clopped her forehooves together and a small army of waiters brought forth plate after plate of dinner courses. Though they ignored me completely I managed to get a fair meal out of what I could snag as they put the dishes down to serve the Princess and Twilight. The Princess ignored me pointedly and conversed with Twilight who responded to her, shooting me pained looks when she could. I simply smiled back to her to let her know everything was fine.

After the meal the Princess led us to a chamber a few floors below, beautifully decorated with a large four poster bed in the middle of it.

"Sorry there’s only one bed but there are spare blankets and pillows in the dresser, feel free to make yourself comfortable on the floor human." She said as she exited the room.

I went over to the dresser and got out a blanket and pillow as Twilight went into the washroom. I laid out the blanket and took off my coat, as I did I heard muted sobs coming from the washroom. I walked over and tapped lightly.

"You ok Twi?"

"Just give me a minute. I'm ok."

I backed off and sat down on one of the sofas and waited for her. She came out after a few minutes her eyes a bit red; she looked at the blanket laid out on the floor.

"Don't be silly. There’s plenty of room on the bed."

"Well Twi, the Princess..."

"Please?" She interrupted me; her eyes seemed on the edge of tears again.

"Ok." I relented.

She crawled into bed as I turned out the lanterns and got undressed following her in.

She didn't turn her back to me instead she shuffled beside me putting her head again on my chest.

She sniffed slightly. "I'm so sorry Rick. I didn't know she could be so... So cruel."

"Hey, hey now. She's only doing what she has to. She lost her parents; I can't imagine how it must have felt. It's ok."

"I didn't even stand up for you! You must hate me." She said in a small voice.

I leaned up gently lifting her head to look into her beautiful eyes in the dark. "Never Twi! I could never hate you. She’s your teacher and mentor I would never ask you to take my side over hers." I hugged her tightly. "I... I want to spend as much time with you... With all our friends as I can until Zecora can... Well if she can't maybe you can come visit me wherever I'm banished right?" I said with a grin.

"That’s not funny." She laid her head back down on my chest. "You don't mind me sleeping like this do you? It just feels... Right."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Night Twi."


As we drifted off to sleep together I thought I could feel another presence in the room, with my eyes cracked open I couldn't see anything in the dark of the room.

Just my imagination I guess…

Well spending another two months with Twilight in Ponyville is a lot better then being thrown in a dungeon.

Maybe I can prove myself some way...

I really did not want to return home, everything I wanted was with me right now...