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Living and Dying in Equestria - TwilightsmyMare

Ordinary guy finds himself catapulted into a strange land. Finds something he didn't expect.

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Chapter 5 (A Royal Surprise)

The rest of the week seemed to fly by. Apparently word had spread that I was looking to work, and every pony in town it seemed had a job for me to help with.

Perhaps it was just the novelty of having a strange bipedal being work with them? Well for whatever reason I found that these ponies were hard workers, kind and generous. I suppose I should have guessed that already from my interactions with Twilight and her friends.

The citizens of Ponyville sure kept me busy; I had dozens of jobs every day. Most were quite simple affairs, helping to hang signs, picking up and disposing of litter, more deliveries for the Cakes. But each and every pony insisted they repay me in some way, often a few bits here and there or a snack or some item that they sold.

I didn't really need the money or payment of any kind; I was just trying to help out. But it would be rude to refuse so I made sure to acquire items that Twilight and her friends might want or have some use for. The money I kept most of, you never know when I might need it. Though I often bought treats for Twilight and many of the little fillies and colts about town.

I had almost arrived back to the library late Sunday eve after a long day of work, the sky getting a bit cloudy. Suddenly I heard a thud behind me. Thinking it was Rainbow Dash trying to spook me again I spun around and quickly backed off, falling backwards on my butt.

A large mare stood there, her coat a dark blue and her mane and tail both dark and light blue they seemed to ripple as if blown by the wind though there was none. She had a long horn and atop her head rested a small crown, she also had a simple necklace draped around her neck a picture of the moon upon it, the same as on her flank. Her wings unfurled making her look even larger, wait wings and a horn? An Alicorn?! I thought they were all in Canterlot?

I started to rise but fell back again as she stomped her hoof down causing a small clap of thunder and lightning to erupt from the clouds above us.

"HOW DARE YOU INVADE THIS TOWN KNAVE!?” Her voice was amplified beyond measure as she took a step forward pointing her sharp horn at me.


As I pushed myself backwards trying to think of something to say that might placate this powerful being as she continued to stalk towards me.

From behind me I heard galloping hoof beats and looking up I found Twilight standing beside me.

"Princess Luna! Please let me explain!" The Princess halted her advance.


Twilight stepped right over me interposing herself between the Princess and I.

"He’s not like that! Just listen please!" She begged. The Princess seemed to calm down slightly; she let her wings fall to her side. She didn't look quite so large and dangerous anymore. I struggled to my feet beside Twilight and took a step forward.

"My deepest apologies your highness." As I began to bow she took a step forward her sharp horn coming to rest under my chin stopping me in my tracks.

"It is only because of our fondness for Twilight Sparkle that we do not call for our guardsmen. If we do not like what she has to say thou will find thyself deep within our castles dungeons, understand?" She spoke at a normal volume but her voice had a hard edge to it.

Stepping back I nodded my ascension. Keeping me beside her Twilight led us back to the library, once inside we gathered around her table Spike watching nervously from up in the bedroom.

The princess began to explain. "Many years ago, when I was but a young filly myself." I noticed she had switched from referring to herself in a royal fashion, odd.

"The human’s world had some magic of its own back then; its spell casters managed to create a portal between our dimensions and came through it seeking knowledge. At first all was well, both our cultures learned a great deal from one another. Our magic and theirs allowing us to learn each others language. But the humans had something we never had much interest in. A lust for power, wealth and resources."

I cringed inside, if she only knew how much worse things had gotten.

"They began to come through in greater numbers, many of them not spell casters or even knowledge seekers. Instead they sought wealth, gems and gold. They did not seek to trade for these items though, but to take them by force. We would have gladly opened trade with them if they had simply asked. Small offences soon became commonplace, but we tried to maintain our peaceful relations. Only once they took the lives of some townspeople who would not give them their meagre supply of gems did things truly get out of control."

I was beginning to think my time here might end in a hangman’s... Er Hangponies? Noose.

"My sister and I's parents ruled Equestria at that time, they were furious at the humans murderous ways. Gathering their royal guard they marched to the portal and demanded they leave immediately. Our parents were kind rulers, they believed in the good nature of everypony. They assumed the gathered humans would go, seeing they were not welcome here any longer."

Her voice got very low; I could see the sorrow in her eyes. Under the table Twilight placed one of her hooves in my hand and I squeezed it comfortingly.

"They did not go. Cowards that they were they surrounded and attacked the royal delegation, the guards and my parents fought valiantly I heard. But to no avail. They... They were killed..."

Twilight gasped, tears filling her beautiful eyes. I had suspected that would be the outcome, but to hear the anguish in her voice was heartrending. Even after hundreds and hundreds of years she felt the pain clearly. I began to see just what a curse a near immortal life could be.

"All of Canterlot... No all of Equestria arose as one! Filled with wrath we descended upon them, my sister and I leading them. We drove them back through their portal, killing any who resisted. We sealed it and wove powerful magic’s to see to it that they could never create another. That day... Celestia and I, we ascended to the throne to rule together... Too soon... Far too soon."

She lifted her gaze from the table and focused it upon me.

"How is it this human is here!?” She demanded.

"An accident! He was brought here, alone. No others came with him or can they find their way here. I wrote to Princess Celestia about him... She didn't tell you?" Twilight explained. The Princess brought her hooves down on the table forcefully splintering it.

"She did not!" She sank down into her chair suddenly looking very young and alone. "She... She must have known what memories it would bring."

She looked at me again.

"She is far too forgiving. Were it up to me you would be in chains. So human, do you deny what I have said? Do you call me liar?!" I held up my hand in supplication, the other still holding Twilights hoof tightly.

"Never. I fully admit humankind’s weaknesses, the atrocities they committed here still pale in comparison to what we do to one another. Don't get me wrong."

I looked at Twilight.

"There are many, many acts of kindness and love in my world. But they are often overshadowed by human greed and cruelty. I wish it weren't so."

I released her hoof putting my hands on the table.

"Humans do not belong here. Nor do you belong in our world. Twilight, I never want you to go there. You would be in so much danger; there are people with power who would stop at nothing to learn of this world. Learn how your magic works, I couldn't bear it."

I put my head down on my hands dejected; a second later Twilight put her head beside mine, her foreleg over my shoulders. I turned and hugged her tightly.

How could this mare know me so well after so few days? A few moments later we broke the hug and turned to find the Princess studying us carefully.

"You are no citizen of Equestria... But... I can see you are no enemy to it as well." She sighed heavily. "I will trust my sisters and Twilight Sparkles judgement. Do not betray that trust human."

I nodded my agreement to her.

"I am supposed to take him to see Princess Celestia at the end of the month. It’s the soonest she could fit us in." Twilight turned to me. "I... I was going to tell you later. I didn't want to make you nervous." I put my arm around her and squeezed her gently.

"I understand. But I am a bit nervous now. It'll be ok though Twi." The Princess rose from her seat.

"I heard tales of a strange creature in Ponyville, that’s why I came. Now I must get back to my duties." Twilight quickly rose and bowed to her, I attempted to do so also only to be stopped by her again, fortunately by her forehoof and not her horn this time.

"As I have stated you are no citizen of this land, you need not bow. And indeed one might be insulted if you did. Don't forget that." She patted me on the side of the face with her hoof and then turned and exited. Spike came running down the stairs.

"Holy guacamole! I thought you were in some serious trouble there dude!" I collapsed back into the chair.

"You got that right Spike." I turned to Twilight. "What do you think the other Princess will say? Or do?"

"Celestia is an amazing ruler. She will understand, you'll see." She smiled but I could see a definite undercurrent of nervousness in her eyes.

We ate a simple dinner and headed up to bed. I laid there thinking, staring at the ceiling when Twilight spoke up.


"Yes Twi?"

"I'm sorry you were dragged here against your will." I sat up and looked over at her.

"I'm not. I know I can't stay. The Princess was pretty clear about that. But it’s been amazing, meeting all the ponies of Ponyville... Meeting you. I'd do it again in an instant." She blushed slightly and smiled.

"I'm so glad you’re not mad. Goodnight."

"Night Twi."

Clashes between humans and ponies way back then?

Not good.

What could i do to prove myself?

Could it even be possible?