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Hoping to find a cure to a rare disease that has been tormenting her since she was a filly, Octavia Melody travels to the ancient city of Yharnaram, said to hold a magical remedy powerful enough to heal any illness. Instead, she discovers a metropolis spun into a web of eldritch terrors eager to devour anypony who enters its gates, and, perhaps now that they have found the one they are looking for, the world itself.

This story was born out of my frustration at being incapable of writing a anything worth reading, and is going to be mostly unedited and unplanned. If that doesn't scare you off, then prepare for a tale "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury".

(Knowledge of the game Bloodborne is not required to enjoy this fic.)

Chapters (3)

Retirement is a scary concept when you've barely had more than a day off at a time for over a thousand years. Doubly so when it's not physical or mental infirmary driving the decision. For the former princess Celestia, everything that has happened has sparked what was supposed to be a small, casual adventure, but as per usual, nothing is as simple as it's supposed to be.

A chance encounter and a cry for help puts Celestia face to face with an otherworldly affliction that endangers not only the Breezie village where it seems to have originated, but potentially all of Equestria should it spread. Cut off from the allies she normally relies on, Celestia must instead rely on her intuition, wits, and leadership to battle an enemy she can't even see, or else succumb to the will of this dream from beyond the void.

A crossover with Hollow Knight, with spoilers for the ending of that game, though knowledge of the game's story is not necessary to understand this story.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Blind Sun

Hollow Knight Crossover

With newfound freedom and more free time than she knows what to do with, Hearth must figure out which of Grimm's many duties she wants to help with. Can she truly be a voice of the people, or does her destiny lie in something much simpler?

Hollow grapples with the knowledge that Grimm is going to die. With no Ritual to revive him, the fate of their small family and The Nightmare Realm is something the former vessel desperately wants to change. They are not hollow, they are not pure, but maybe they can be something else?

Ghost is older than they look, and many things about the world both fascinate and frustrate them to no end. All they want is for their father and siblings to be happy. Is it wrong for The Lord of Shades to desire peace, to want acceptance?

Grimm feels like he's been alive for far too long, The Ritual calls to him, eats away at him, but he has a family to care for, gods to appease, and a summit to attend. He cannot but he must, he cannot delay forever.

A lot can change in the span of a few months.

Chapters (2)

When Twilight was young, she used to sit on the balcony and look down at the statues in the royal garden. At the strange creatures of fur and armour and feathers and horns, and just...wonder on them.
And out of all of them, out of the unique draconequus and the rare Cyclops and the terrifying Invention Monkey, one particular statue always caught her eye.
Four...blocky, for lack of a better word, knights. Frozen in perfect formation, their heads hidden deep within the confines of their helmets. Each one stuck in the same pose, for as long as she'd known them.
And beneath them, engraved into the stone they were a part of, was a simple message.
"Wake us when something fun happens or Celestia stops being a bitch, whichever comes first."

Now with tropes page, all thanks to Eyeshield. Good work, buddy.

Chapters (7)

Harry Potter was a lonely boy who one day wished for a friend. Luna, trapped on the moon, wished for the same. And so their wishes are granted. How will the two deal with each other? And what about Nightmare Moon? Needless to say, their lives are going to change in both expected and unexpected ways...

Other stories in the Lonelyverse:
Hooves, Plush, and Magic: The Untold Tales
The Wizard and the Lonely Princess: Hallowe'en Special
A Nightmare Christmas

Chapters 9-11 now re-written.

Chapters (31)

To escape from Tartarus is nearly impossible, even for one of great magical power. When you've lost your powers and are little more than a withered old centaur, it's even harder. But Tirek has a plan, one that will draw in a creature from a world where life is cheap, hats are plentiful, and gravel is king. Will the Spy take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned vacation in this new world, or will he see the population of friendly, innocent ponies as just a fresh selection of backs to stab? It could be both!

(Takes place before the beginning of Season 9.)

Chapters (21)

Cutie Marks are an everyday, but extremely important aspect of pony life. They showed a pony’s greatest skills and talents, interests and aspirations, some would go so far as to say that they allowed a glimpse at a pony’s very soul itself.

If you could interpret the darned things, that is. Something that, more often than not, was easier said than done, especially when one considers the myriad of ways even the simplest of symbols can be interpreted and analyzed, and the many, many meanings even the most basic of marks could have.

As such, upon making three strange new friends with very similar and unique-looking Cutie Marks, young Singing Blossom couldn’t help but wonder: What did their Cutie Marks mean?

This is a Canon-Compliant Omake for my story The Power of Freedom, meaning that basically what happens here happened off-screen in the main story.

In this, we see Singing finally getting her answer to the question she first tried to ask Ganondorf during chapter V, about what his Cutie Mark means.

Timeline wise this tale took place around chapters XI to XII of the main story.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured! 05/28/2021;05/29/2021; 05/30/2021

Chapters (1)

A thousand years ago, Spike was yanked away from his home and thrown into a strange world of warfare and constant intrigue. A thousand years later, after succumbing to an ambush, he was returned to his erstwhile home... right at the moment he was gone, and in his original, small frame.

Cross-over with A Song of Ice and Fire / A Game of Thrones. Story will take place solely in Equestria.

Cover art by: myself

Featured on 15/11/2016 :yay:

Chapters (7)

After the invasion of Canterlot, Tempest Shadow - also know as Fizzlepop Berrytwist - struggled to make a place for herself in Equestria among the ponies she once conquered. Unfortunately, it seemed not everyone could be as forgiving as the Princess of Friendship, and she found it somewhat difficult. She found herself wishing for a second chance at a first impression.

She really should have checked who was listening first.

Worlds and years away, can she manage to grow into a different pony and try to make it home? And what will this wish cost her?


Dedicated to mastermenthe for fixing my computer problems and getting me back online to write again.

Cover art by the amazing ProfessorCatPro

Chapters (27)

Harry Potter had the (mis?)fortune to fall through a portal to the Everfree near Ponyville. He was transformed into a unicorn, to his surprise. After being found, Twilight Sparkle took him in as an orphan, and to learn more about him as he learned more about Equestria. His adventures there are another story. This story is about what happens when he is pulled back to the human world by the Goblet of Fire when he is fourteen.

Finding himself back in the human world is bad enough, but also to discover he has an unbreakable magical contract to compete in a Tournament that is known for the deaths of the competitors is just icing on the cake. What else can go wrong?

(Not a continuation of “If Wishes Were Ponies . . .”)
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Edited by gerandakis. Picture by Quinn Kepner, from an image in the MLP comics.
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