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Just because the two sisters have led Equestria through thousands of years of peace doesn't mean there aren't those who think they can do better.

With a powerful artifact on their side, a group of rebels has sealed Celestia in her palace and stripped her of the majority of her powers. As the last of her guards fall, she hears the pounding on the throne room doors and knows the end is coming soon...

**Featured on the front page on 8/12/15; both surprising and flattering seeing as how this is the first thing of substantial length I've posted here. Thanks all!

**Now with a dramatic reading!

Chapters (1)

A human is transported to Equestria!

They immediately lock themselves in a room and refuse to come out.

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Bloodborne Crossover. (Spoilers for Childhood's Beginning Ending of Bloodborne and the game in general)

Sunset was but a child, a genius with magic for one her age, when her attempts to introduce old magics to Equestria are shut down. She is banished from the kingdom, her once great destiny lying in tatters.

Equestria is but one realm of many, and the grief, fear, and suffering of the magically gifted filly reaches beyond time and space.

All the way to The Hunter's Dream and a transcended hunter. Great One or not, how could Raine ignore a crying child? Her empathy kept her sane throughout the long hunt, and it will carry her across realms.

Chapters (4)

Monster of the River Ván, Fame-wolf, Bringer of Hlín’s Second Sorrow, Devourer of the Allfather…

After killing Odin, Fenrir himself is slain by the Allfather's son Víðarr, his jaws torn apart and his heart impaled by the silent god's blade. Despite this, he dies content in the knowledge that he ate old One-Eye.

Death, however, is not final.

Awakening in an unfamiliar forest, Fenrir discovers that he has been reincarnated, appearing once more as a wolf pup and now living in a strange world filled with...sentient ponies? Between navigating his way through a brand new realm and reclaiming his independence, Fenrir embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery as he comes to terms with his dark past and confronts his greatest fear: a bright new future.

*Inspired by Norse Mythology (hence the "crossover" tag)

Cover art by Throwmeafreakingbone (aka, "Me")


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Mist lived in the middle of nowhere, her myriad of health issues costing her her special talent, her place in society, and eventually her magic. Mist has resigned herself to a quiet, sometimes painful, existence. Then an airship crashed into her house, and Mist found two reasons to maybe start caring again, a new home and new allies.

Reginald Copperbottom the leader of The Toppat Clan, alongside his Right Hand Man and the rest of the airship division, have been transported to a world not their own, the airship crashing in the process. They need to organize airship repairs and work to rebuild the Toppat's criminal empire in a new world. Fortunately, the pony that found them is willing to help and the Toppat Chief does see potential in her, of the mare she used to be. Can the clan help her be that mare once more?

Set in the same universe as Exploring the Castle.

17/11/2020- Featured??? Wow, thanks everyone!

20/11/2020- At the bottom of the Feature Box, go figure.

21/11/2020- This, is a thing now. My stuff is regularly featured now...

2/12/2020- Featured!

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28/12/2020- Featured, neato.

9/2/2021- First feature of the new year, woo!

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Retirement is a scary concept when you've barely had more than a day off at a time for over a thousand years. Doubly so when it's not physical or mental infirmary driving the decision. For the former princess Celestia, everything that has happened has sparked what was supposed to be a small, casual adventure, but as per usual, nothing is as simple as it's supposed to be.

A chance encounter and a cry for help puts Celestia face to face with an otherworldly affliction that endangers not only the Breezie village where it seems to have originated, but potentially all of Equestria should it spread. Cut off from the allies she normally relies on, Celestia must instead rely on her intuition, wits, and leadership to battle an enemy she can't even see, or else succumb to the will of this dream from beyond the void.

A crossover with Hollow Knight, with spoilers for the ending of that game, though knowledge of the game's story is not necessary to understand this story.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Blind Sun

Hollow Knight Crossover

With newfound freedom and more free time than she knows what to do with, Hearth must figure out which of Grimm's many duties she wants to help with. Can she truly be a voice of the people, or does her destiny lie in something much simpler?

Hollow grapples with the knowledge that Grimm is going to die. With no Ritual to revive him, the fate of their small family and The Nightmare Realm is something the former vessel desperately wants to change. They are not hollow, they are not pure, but maybe they can be something else?

Ghost is older than they look, and many things about the world both fascinate and frustrate them to no end. All they want is for their father and siblings to be happy. Is it wrong for The Lord of Shades to desire peace, to want acceptance?

Grimm feels like he's been alive for far too long, The Ritual calls to him, eats away at him, but he has a family to care for, gods to appease, and a summit to attend. He cannot but he must, he cannot delay forever.

A lot can change in the span of a few months.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Kindler

Hollow Knight Crossover

With the kindler rescued, Grimm brings Hearth with him as he travels to Canterlot, invited to Equestria's capital to meet the newest princess, a young Princess Cadance. The God of Nightmares brings with him a warning to Equestria's doorstep, yet his attempts to mitigate the future damage fall on deaf ears as The Goddess of the Sun is confident in her own plans to handle her wayward sister...

Featured 11/5/2021 (Um what? Didn't expect that, awesome!)
Featured 30/7/2021
Featured 8/8/2021
Featured 13/8/2021

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Hollow Knight Crossover

A kindler is a different breed of changeling. Part of The Scarlet Hive, there is one of their kind found in every hive across the world, and in each they monitor the resources to sustain the population and judge the effectiveness of a Queen's rule.

The Badlands Hive in Equestria is slowly starving itself to death, and her Kindler voices their concerns when brought before The Queen...

Chapters (1)

Humanity send in a mechanical beast to explore a new world they just recently discovered; however, this world wasn’t uninhabited. Now the machine documents everything these unusual, yet intriguing creatures have to show…but will the creatures the machine discovered be welcoming to its creators, or not? Only time, and the future will tell.

Small Update: considering there are going to be more than one robot than I planned to be using for the story, I decided to change the title. credit for the new title is thanks to a fic-reader by the name of, RanBro.

Update 11/08/2020 - okay so....I'm at a lost for how to take this fic further, at the moment! so for the time being, I'm deciding to label this fic as Complete, but will make a sequel that will continue the story.

-now this fic just popped into my head and i couldn't get it out of my head, so i could focus on my other fics. not sure if this is going to be a frequently updated story, as it was spur of the moment that i just had to write down.

-the official size prompt is this. When compared to Ponies.
Adult Pony: 4 - 4.5ft. tall.
Foals: 2 - 3ft. tall.
Luna & Cadence: 5 - 5.5ft.
Celestia: 6ft.

-R.O.V.E.R (is basically twice the size of an African male lion.)
Height: 14.4ft. (head to feet)/Length: 21.5ft. (head to tip of tail)/Weight: 1505lbs.

Chapters (16)