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A human is transported to Equestria!

They immediately lock themselves in a room and refuse to come out.

Chapters (1)

Monster of the River Ván, Fame-wolf, Bringer of Hlín’s Second Sorrow, Devourer of the Allfather…

After killing Odin, Fenrir himself is slain by the Allfather's son Víðarr, his jaws torn apart and his heart impaled by the silent god's blade. Despite this, he dies content in the knowledge that he ate old One-Eye.

Death, however, is not final.

Awakening in an unfamiliar forest, Fenrir discovers that he has been reincarnated, appearing once more as a wolf pup and now living in a strange world filled with...sentient ponies? Between navigating his way through a brand new realm and reclaiming his independence, Fenrir embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery as he comes to terms with his dark past and confronts his greatest fear: a bright new future.

*Inspired by Norse Mythology (hence the "crossover" tag)

Cover art by Throwmeafreakingbone (aka, "Me")


Chapters (29)

Written for Admiral Biscuit's free story idea

A minotaur diplomat is surprised and mildly offended at his reception in Canterlot. Nevertheless, he must play by the rules governing Equestria's diplomacy.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Kindler

Hollow Knight Crossover

With the kindler rescued, Grimm brings Hearth with him as he travels to Canterlot, invited to Equestria's capital to meet the newest princess, a young Princess Cadance. The God of Nightmares brings with him a warning to Equestria's doorstep, yet his attempts to mitigate the future damage fall on deaf ears as The Goddess of the Sun is confident in her own plans to handle her wayward sister...

Featured 11/5/2021 (Um what? Didn't expect that, awesome!)
Featured 30/7/2021
Featured 8/8/2021
Featured 13/8/2021

Chapters (7)

Commissioned and conceptualized by Venerable Ro
Cover art by Jowybean

In another time, in another world, a dragon's egg is a rare treasure, one that can shape the fate of nations. In a desperate bid for possession of one, two opposing powers send it tumbling through worlds, where it inadvertently lands in the possession of a young filly named Twilight Sparkle. Now, rather than being raised at the center of a war, a dragon named Saphira gets the chance to grow up as the youngest member of the Sparkle family, with all the privileges that come from being directly under Princess Celestia's tutelage... and all the challenges, as well.

What kind of place will a dragon from another world make for herself in Equestria? Only time will tell.

A crossover with the Inheritance Cycle, specifically Eragon.

(For commission info and prices, check here, check out Patreon, or contact me directly via DM!)

Chapters (7)

Twilight awakens to find that she is no longer an alicorn, nor a pony for that matter. Rather she has become the fearsome Queen of the wasteland.

This started out as an exploratory idea, that patrons requested more chapters of and was viewable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of adding onto this story for just 5$ or to see stories early for just 3$!

Chapters (49)

This story is a sequel to The Wizard and the Lonely Princess

Book Two of the Lonelyverse

Having returned to the Dursleys after a highly eventful first year at Hogwarts, Harry and the alicorns had been looking forward to unwinding. As it turned out, all their hopes were for nought. Between summer shenanigans, a crazy house elf, and learning Potter family history, they've got a full summer ahead of themselves. And when they get back to Hogwarts, they'll have to deal with giant snakes, idiotic teachers, and a gathering darkness. With things going off the rails, they've got a long year ahead of them.

And if they survive that, they still got to deal with the strange power surges and dreams that both Luna and Nim have been having since soon after the Summer Solstice...

Other stories in the Lonelyverse:
The Wizard and the Lonely Princess
Hooves, Plush, and Magic: The Untold Tales
The Wizard and the Lonely Princess: Hallowe'en Special
A Nightmare Christmas

Chapters (5)

Twilight is on the cusp of leading Equestria for a year. It's been an easy year with no major difficulties. No wars. No natural disasters. No villains.

At least until a villain from the far, far future appears in Twilight's throne room. She's escaping defeat at Twilight's hooves, with one thought in mind: she won't be stopped if Twilight doesn't exist in the future. And here's Twilight's past self, right in front of her. Easy.

Unfortunately, she's not the only villain with this idea.

Chapters (1)

The stars will soon be right, releasing an ancient horror from its cage.

Twilight has something to say about that.

Has a reading done by StraightToThePointStudio.

Chapters (1)

So, ever been told you were living the wrong life? No? Well...let me tell you a thing! More like a story than a thing but regardless! It started when I died, then I got into a political debacle, prevented an assassination, then things just got crazy and really interesting.

Now I'm stuck as some weird Symbiote thing that needs ponies to host it or something. I dunno, I'm learning this stuff with you guys. What do you say? Care to join me on this weird roller-coaster with no brakes and missing tracks that is now my life?

So, this was a story that was originally made by ColumbiaGuy. However, he slapped it with the "Cancelled" tag some time ago. Now, however, it looks like he's deleted the story, and the account with it. This was a story I felt shouldn't fall to the land of the dead, and so now, I'd like to take up the gauntlet and try my hand at it. There will be a few changes though. So even if you've read the original, there may yet be something new for you here.

I plan on releasing chapters daily after this week until I've gone through the pre-existing chapters. During this week, I might not be able to do it every day, but I'll try to push through finals. ^^

Chapters (6)