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Written for Admiral Biscuit's free story idea

A minotaur diplomat is surprised and mildly offended at his reception in Canterlot. Nevertheless, he must play by the rules governing Equestria's diplomacy.

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...Really? Really? :facehoof:


you did read the tags, right?


This is silly :rainbowlaugh:

The faint clop-clop of hooves echoed through the corridors of the Grand Hallways of Nations building as the newest diplomat in the Asinial Republic quietly followed his superior of several decades spent in service. The lead burro was greying quite well for his eighty-plus years, with a faint whiff of mane care products that indicated a certain quiet struggle against the Great Darkness into which he did not care to pass peacefully. Turnip tried to put the proclavities of her elder mentor behind her and concentrate on the matter at hoof instead.

"Elder Statesman Bottom Line, I respectfully would ask further clarification on the studies which you have assigned to me." Turnip pulled the wrinkled sheet of creamy paper (12 nips a sheet, payable at the quartermaster's desk for all junior diplomats) out of her brand new saddlebag (18 chomps, 8 nips, required purchase for all new employees at the Ministry of Foreign Transactions) and tried to wave it to get his attention as they trotted along. "Tiddlywinks? Badminton?" she muttered through the sheet of paper. "I'm a graduate of the Gorge-Willinghelm School of Diplomacy, top in my class, and we never covered anything like this. "

The elder burro simply snorted and picked up his pace. "Young fool. All of the years you spent in school are wasted in the diplomatic post that your grand-uncle purchased for you. These Equestrians are nothing like you have ever faced before. Someday when you are holding the bare steel of a horseshoe in your teeth, or attemping the dreaded curling, you shall look back upon these few weeks I have to prepare you and fall upon your knees in thankfullness."

Bottom Line stopped and opened a door marked 'Gymnasium' in small and somewhat blurred letters from the accumulation of years of diplomatic sweat. "Prepare yourself, young one. The future of our republic depends on you."

The envoy from Griffonia glanced at the horseshoe grasped in her talon and knew her time had come. Four grueling years of diplomatic and athletic training were now put to the test.

She could not accept failure. Her mother had passed the Equestrian's test, as had her mother's mother and her mother's mother's mother before that.

Gertrude looked back. The pony princesses were watching.
With a muttered prayer to the Cat Mother, she kissed the golden horseshoe, and let the hopes of her nation fly.


well done!

let me know if you want to make a guest chapter

You find that amusing? I'll have you know that it is a time honored tradition for the princesses to give delegates nicknames. :trollestia:

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