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Humanity send in a mechanical beast to explore a new world they just recently discovered; however, this world wasn’t uninhabited. Now the machine documents everything these unusual, yet intriguing creatures have to show…but will the creatures the machine discovered be welcoming to its creators, or not? Only time, and the future will tell.

Small Update: considering there are going to be more than one robot than I planned to be using for the story, I decided to change the title. credit for the new title is thanks to a fic-reader by the name of, RanBro.

Update 11/08/2020 - okay so....I'm at a lost for how to take this fic further, at the moment! so for the time being, I'm deciding to label this fic as Complete, but will make a sequel that will continue the story.

-now this fic just popped into my head and i couldn't get it out of my head, so i could focus on my other fics. not sure if this is going to be a frequently updated story, as it was spur of the moment that i just had to write down.

-the official size prompt is this. When compared to Ponies.
Adult Pony: 4 - 4.5ft. tall.
Foals: 2 - 3ft. tall.
Luna & Cadence: 5 - 5.5ft.
Celestia: 6ft.

-R.O.V.E.R (is basically twice the size of an African male lion.)
Height: 14.4ft. (head to feet)/Length: 21.5ft. (head to tip of tail)/Weight: 1505lbs.

Chapters (16)

“In every generation there is a chosen one. One mare who will stand against the demons, the monsters and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”

Bon-Bon never asked to be a monster-killing secret warrior of the night. It's a lonely life in which she cannot afford to get close to ponies. After previous losses took their toll, she has closed off her heart and dedicated herself to never letting herself love anypony ever again.

Then she is sent to Ponyville.

Then Twilight Sparkle is sent there too.

Then Princess Luna returns from the moon.

Not to mention that darn unicorn neighbour Lyra won’t leave her alone.

And suddenly everything becomes much more complicated.

Chapters (14)

I stood over the cold and smoldering corpses of my fallen brothers and sister. Their hollow eyes glaring up at me, eyes that once held ambition, passion, and a dedication to their duties. I now stood over their mangled bodies, as the last of my kind.

Author’s note: I do plan to come back to this story at some point in the future, please be patient

Chapters (4)

In the aftermath of a Canterlot Wedding Invasion, Twilight decides to leave on her own. Far away from feeling abandon of betrayal, trust, and friendship. Until she heard some kind of whispers or voices calling to her from the Crystal Cave she recently escaped with Cadence. Finally arriving at the cave entrance, Twilight walks inside it and sees a glowing tainted light. Not knowing the danger, Twilight tries walking closer to it until something inside the tainted light grabs a hold of her and drags her in. Twilight later wakes up upon seeing a burned town and felt strange that her whole body transformed into a human. Then something told her to look behind her and sees a lone tall figure on the back of his horse looking down at her. What'll happen when Twilight faces the King of Darkness and will Equestria ever be safe without her?

Chapters (3)

Heroes are remembered. Those who give their lives are ingrained in our hearts for all eternity. However, it is often more beneficial, while perhaps more difficult, to continue living for one's family, community, or country. Death brings a simple end for the loyal soldier, while survival entails a complicated road ahead.

Those with power are by default the bearers of choice. The mighty cannot stand idle. The fate of whatever world the Spartan enters rests upon his shoulders.

Many believe that Noble Six gave his life. What they don't remember is that Spartans Never Die.

Chapters (15)

It had been a very nice day. Ponies worked, played and laughed. Wherever you looked all was well. The young pony, recently given the title of 'Princess' was just sitting out enjoying what life had to offer. Then everything changed, and it did so with a cube...

Lost in a plane completely foreign to her, Twilight Sparkle must use her skills as a leader to guide a whole town to safety. Now is the time the young Alicorn must prove her worth as a leader. Over a thousand ponies are lost to an unforgiving, eternally unchanging world. Can she save them all?

Chapters (32)

Rainbow Dash has a freak accident while performing a Sonic Rainboom, and awakens to find herself in a strange new world, with strange new abilities.

Avengers and My Little Pony crossover.

Image Credit goes to Alienfirst : Link

Chapters (9)

"Wake up Link"
Link awakens by a strange voice, and soon finds out hes been gone from the land of Hyrule for many years, now called Equestria. Link must gather his courage once again to defeat the forces of evil, rescue the four sages, and save the land and the ponies that live throughout it.

Based on the Upcoming game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild
yes, Link will talk. I personally find it hard to write for a character that never speaks, so there ya go.

Chapters (7)

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and Finals Week at the University was about as desperate a time as Raindolph had ever experienced in his long and hard-fought battle to become a mage and master his erratic powers. With a long series of failing grades and broken lab equipment behind him, Raindolph is willing to risk it all to complete an impossible task and graduate, even if it is last in his class.

All he needs to complete his project is three tail hairs from an adult unicorn.

No problem.


Placed 24th in the Writeoff.me short with the prompt ‘The Morning After’. This is the expanded version before it was cut/chopped/mangled down to size for the competition, so it has a few more details than the entry.

And no, it’s not a Harry Potter crossover. Honest. Would I lie to you? More of an AugieDog Cluny the Squirrel Mage fanfic. Enjoy.

P.S. See, I told you I’d write a HiE fic someday, even if it is a short. Oh, the the picture is a TV remote control. Seriously, I've got to get one.

Chapters (3)

A month has passed since Tirek's defeat for Twilight and the Elements of Harmony, but one call changes everything. An invitation made by Lord of the Underworld, king over Tartarus (and last of the Balrogs). Will he be a friend or an enemy of Equestria?

(Displaced without the multiverse stuff, the character does not faithfully represent the LOTR lore, only the MLP chronology will be maintained)

Chapters (2)