Daughter Of The Gerudo King.

by Neutral Boy

Chapter 1: Vision of a fallen future.

Inside Princess Luna's dream realm, her eyes open of seeing something is off. Her hooves felt the rumbles on the ground and hearing loud booms in the distance. Feeling this can't be good, she gallops to the location and her eyes widen in shock upon what she sees when a lot of scenes were showing.

A massive thunderstorm of clouds covering the whole entire Equestria land, sea, and air.

Four giant dragons invading the dragon lands with multiple dragons injured and dead.

Manehatten buildings crumbling down and burned by an army of monsters.

The badlands of changelings held as prisoners from the sand monster raiders.

Multiple flying creatures attacking Cloudsdale, leading every pegasi to flee from their home.

Ponies in Ponyville flees or captured by shadowy creatures as they destroy everything.

The Crystal Empire's citizens held hostage as they watch their own homes destroyed by several giant creatures and seeing King Sombra brutally beaten down against two unknown figures.

The Everfree Forest began to burn and crumble away by multiple figures.

Each and every known lands of innocents, heroes, and villains outnumbered & losing ground by the invaders gaining all of the territories and claiming all the useful things.

What Luna saw that breaks her heart and tears is Cantelot falling apart. All the earth, pegasi, and unicorn guards pummeled and thrown out by the undead monsters. Even worse, Canterlot castle walls took lots of damage including the insides as well. She also looks upon seeing herself, Celestia, Princess Cadence, and the remaining element bearers taking a last stand against a giant creature and five figures in front of it.

Although, her eyes notice a figure standing in the middle of four others. Before trying to see on who it is, both sides pull out their weapons and charge at each other as everything begins to vanish to fading darkness.

Princess Luna gasps in her bed awake with sweat on her head and calming herself down from a nightmare.

Things haven't gone well with her and Princess Celestia. A week ago, the wedding in Canterlot has been attacked by Queen Chrysalis and her changelings. Although Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's magic power were able to repel the invaders far away, the aftermath didn't have a happy victory. The news of Twilight Sparkle's whereabouts are unknown after she ditches her brother's wedding.

When Princess Luna arrived some time after the changelings were gone, she and Cadence asked her sister and the bearers on what happened before the attack. When the real truth came out, both Luna and Cadence didn't take it too well as both of them delivered some harsh & cruel words to Princess Celestia, Shining, and the bearers before they decided to leave and be isolated in their rooms as the whole wedding is off.

Since then, both Luna and Cadence ignored every pony around them, even the ones who wanted to apologize for not believing in Twilight's warnings of a Princess impostor. The only thing on their mind is worry and in stress if Twilight is alright and not in any danger. When Luna tries to find Twilight in her dream realm, there's no sign of her or maybe she's not in Equestria at all, just vanished into thin air.

Right now Princess Luna shakes her head and trying to process from what she saw.

"W-What was that in my dream?" Luna murmurs.

A loud knock at her door interrupts her thoughts as she looks at the door.

"Your highness, I wish to speak with you. It's very important." The guard at the door said.

"Come in!"

Luna's door opens up and a bat pony guard walks in with a worry look.

"Is something wrong?"

Her guard pulls out a scroll out of his folded wings and puts it down on her bed.

"We have a problem, the nobles wish to speak with you, your sister, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and the element bearers. Most of the citizens in Canterlot however are calling out the Princesses to relieve their duties since the changelings attack in Canterlot. Even Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle's parents want to know of where their daughter is. Worse still, the Griffon, Zebra, Dragon, and Diamond Dog kings are arriving soon for a meeting."