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In my first "session" (heavy airquotes around that word. I actually had to start and stop several times) of Mass Effect: Andromeda confirmed what I already thought to be true: The game is solid, the internet was blowing things out of proportion, and I should stay away from Reddit.

So far, I created my Ryder (a girl named Alex, which is as appropriate as it was coincidental), became Pathfinder, and landed on Eos, my first world I have to attempt to colonize. In that time, I've had a blast. I was totally captivated by the game's visuals, the sheer spectacle of space. I really enjoy how the game shifts into first person during space travel. It really hammers home the whimsy of it all.

I did notice the animation foibles, but only because I knew to look for them. If the internet hadn't already poisoned my brain to search for it, I probably would've looked right past it. It's not exactly what I'd call a damning offense.

I'm enjoying it quite a lot, and see no reason why that would change. I'll likely report back when I've completed my first playthrough. Let this be a lesson to you; Don't let other people scare you off of liking something.

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>>2417517 oh. Ohhhh....... I get it. it was hard to tell because it was a distant shot, and it's not too often we get to see Derpy tie her hair into a ponytail :twilightsheepish:

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>>2417491 well what can I say? it's my favorite habit to do and I just love to see some people's reactions when I do it X3

btw, on your profile picture, is that Cloudy Kicks sitting right behind Rainbow Dash? the ponytail looks kind of familiar :)

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>>2417490 Jesus fuck... Why?

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Hi! Check your notification box out X3

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