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Aiden Aigo, former coder for the the Canterlot City Internal Operating System and the Aitselec Corporation, current pointless rebel, wants nothing more than to get revenge on the company that fired her. One day, Aiden finds something that may be able to help her do just that.

Provided she can get her to work.

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Hmmm... I honestly don't know what to expect out of this story, but I do hope that it evolves into a good one! :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward for Aiden and TW1's success into their journey. :rainbowdetermined2:

6223785 Glad to know you're excited for the next chapters, and I find it interesting that you assume they'll succeed. Truth be told, even I don't know how this is going to end. It's going to be an adventure for all of us :pinkiehappy:

6223961 Awesome! I'm looking forward for it!:twilightsmile:

Huh... that's interesting. At the end of chapter one I figured that Twi had her mind "moved" into a computer for the purpose of more efficient ruling, and the possibility of being a close friend to everypony willing to accept her. Unfortunately the remaining princesses somehow lost control of the project (possibly due to being completely incapacitated or even killed) and Twi was terminated (or even never was "started" in the first place).

Second chapter... I'll have to revise my theory. What the heck is Celestia doing? Having Nightmare issues possibly? Or my first theory is actually mostly true and we're dealing with a CelestAI that has been modified with harmful intentions. Given the name of the company, I'm at least pretty sure that it was indeed the princesses that once founded it, and I think the story given at the conference is pretty much true, if lacking detail. There's definitely a lot of possibilities, I'm unable to make a good guess. Good work^^

6303289 Both of those are really solid theories. I really admire an analytical mind, especially in this day and age.

Glad you enjoyed, and I hope to see you again


Oh, you will^^

Here's another thing I've been thinking about. Celestia actually did lie in her story. I think. Stating that she's over 70 years old while looking young for 50 is somewhat suspicious, but I suppose still better than "Hey, I'm immortal!". What bothers me most with this is that I can't believe CCiOS has only been running for 70 years, assuming that before its start the alicorns still had their flesh and blood. 70 years is not enough time to let them fade into fairy tales, and I'm already working under the assumption that every little scrap of information available is heavily filtered by CCiOS. Certainly, those who actually remember their former rulers would be very old by now, but they must have told their children and grand children, so... the Alicorns have been gone for significantly longer than 70 years, and so far most things point towards CCiOS having taken over as soon as (or shortly after) the princesses had ben digitalized. However, it seems unimportant to know how much time has actually passed, regardless if it's 70 or 7000. Just... Celestia is lying, and in a strange way. Why cover up that the CCiOS is older than it is? If she has been digitalized, it would have been easier to say she's a descendant of the original founders. She could easily change her appearance to simulate a new generation taking over every few decades.

Well, so far I definitely lack possible motivations for all involved parties. Actually, I don't even know why CCiOS is so bad, I hope you'll explain that at some point.

6303656 Oh, I intend to explain. There are just some things to remember while reading this story: TW1 knows more than she's allowed to discuss, Aiden is incredibly biased, and I cannot be trusted. Always use your best judgement, even and especially if I seem to have proven you wrong.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

And now the possibility of Celestia Regal actually being benevolent has risen from theoretically possible to somewhat plausible. But not terribly likely yet. And my doubts about show canon being forgotten history in this story grow as well.

I decided that I do not trust TW1 and the other Element-AIs. Actually, that I had my suspicions from the very first moment TW1 booted up, because trusting an AGI that you don't know from the inside out generally seems like a bad idea. You have no idea if the directives you've been told are the true directives or a lie. Add to that the not exactly hidden fact that these AIs are under information restricting influence from AITSELEC, a good hacker would likely (try to) shut them down and analyze the code (if at all possible). If that's not conclusive, then maybe isolate the AI from the internet (no cable, room with electromagnetic - and magical - isolation), and hope that the AI isn't such a good talker that you've lost the moment you let it talk to you (Friendship is Optimal comes to mind).

But, in TW1's case, I guess it doesn't matter anyway. She had connection to the internet from the start, and it's quite possible that she can't be fully shut down anymore. In any case, Aiden puts too much trust in her for knowing so little about what she's dealing with. Actually, Aiden now knows that she's playing to Celestia's tune so far. Or should know. I hope she realizes that.

6317382 The thing about Aiden is that she's a little bit nuts. Somewhere, deep down, she knows she shouldn't be trusting the AI. However, she want to take down CCiOS so badly that she's willing to ignore her own gut feeling so she can achieve some petty level of satisfaction.

As per usual, solid theory. I wonder just how right or wrong you might be. Guess we'll find out soon enough, loyal reader.

the questions become.

1: Why did the Princess hid their nature and stopped ruling?

2: WHere is the REAL Twilight?

If he thought Pinkie was bad, wait until Dash. I'm going to feel sorry for that AI.

Ultimately curious to where this goes.

But final note. Twilight's mane is dark blue not violet.

6348045 Both excellent questions, and I hope to probably answer some of them at some point.

Hope to see you again.

1) A robot (or Artificial Intelligence, in this case) may not injure an equine being or, through inaction, cause them to come to harm, 2) A robot must obey the orders given to it by equine beings, except for when it conflicts with the First Law, and, finally, 3) A robot has to protect its own existence, except when aforementioned protection conflicts with either the First or Second Laws. Of course Twi couldn’t delete herself. Regal modeled her with the Three Laws in mind.

Actually, when Twilight received the order to delete herself, and these three laws were everything needed to be considered, then she should have deleted hersef. Orders have a higher priority than self-preservation, as stated by the laws. She apparently tried to, and was just unable to, for some reason.

By the way... I had the impression that Celestia knows exactly where Aiden is hiding. Aiden should run, not stick in one place for selveral weeks. Especially without AI assistance. Unfortunately that mare seems to be drifting off into the direction unlikable character for me. The sitation is still pretty unclear, but if she actually becomes a villain out of stupidity, like a petulant child not getting her way, I'm not sure if I could enjoy that. She's already getting annoying. I'm mostly waiting for Twi to come back and put a reasonable plan together, because Aiden is promising to just be an occasionally unwilling puppet to do stuff in the physical world and who unfortunately has admin rights over real brains in this "team".

I think what's missing is proper motivation for Aiden. We know she thinks that Aitselec is bad, and in this chapter she has named one reason, her being fired was another. But alone on that, I simply can't agree with her, and even though her reasons might be delusional, I need more of them to understand why Aiden is doing what she's doing and to identify with her.

6349371 Now, I could come in here and say that there is an actual reason that the laws don't make any sense. I could say that I intended for that to happen. That'd be a lie, because it was really just oversight. Something in the next chapter will fix it. Thanks for pointing that out.

The reason Aiden is staying put is because she's confident that she has time. Celestia is powerful, but all she wants is the AI back. She is going to give Aiden some time to come to her senses.

I promise, proper motivation will come. A proper plan will come. I just structured this story in an odd way, where the main character actually has no real purpose for a considerable length of time.

What do you think Aiden's motivation will be? Here's a hint: she's already begun to act upon it.

6349371 I truly do not know how I let such a big hole like that slip past. I appreciate you pointing that out. I need to learn to stop uploading as soon as I finish the chapter. I promise, I won't screw up like that again.


Sounds like you need a pre-reader. I suppose I'd be up for that. Though I probably should have offered that three or four chapters ago.

6352865 I appreciate the offer, but I really just need to before careful

Also, let me know if you think Aiden redeemed herself in any way.

Well... from Twilight's perspective, the order to replace the delete command is probably a good indicator that Aiden really means it. Though, Aiden could also order her to replace it yet again, but let's just assume she doesn't. That means she has decided to trust those AIs, whatever may come. Risky decision, but unless Aiden wants to vanish into inaction it's probably the safest bet she can place. I still have a feeling she's continueing to act exactly as Celestia wants. Still not sure if Tia is evil or not, but there really wasn't much new information regarding that.

Something odd about the number of AIs. Seven indicates that Spike is there as well (only buest guess), but there's only enough percentage left for Rarity and Fluttershy, if they each add the usual 10%. Maybe that seventh AI isn't included in this particular package? Or the operating capacity stops at 99% once the Mane 6 are all there, and Spike gets the remaining 1%. Would be a little mean. Or Spike is already active and just works for Twi in the background. If it's not Spike... then I would be worried about who it is.

Lastly... Stupid Flim Flam brothers! They're the biggest wrench in my attempts to figure out the history of this world, since the moment they've shown up. You've got the AU flag, so we don't know how much show-canon can be applied here, but the Mane 6 are indicating that at least something similar to the show must have happened. In particular I mean they must have become friends with... I'll just stop here, because a new thought just came up. The Equestria we know from the show is a simulated reality those AIs have been "developed" in. Let them grow up like ponies to make them like ponies. I think I like that theory. Or... Right! Celestia said she and Luna had been in cryogenic sleep? Why not create a virtual Equestria to not just sleep away the time? Ooh, lots of possibilities. Flim and Flam could have appeared in the VR because Celestia knew them and decided to write them in... though that conflicts with the idea that the VR was started up when Celestia and Luna whent into cryostasis.

There are some actual hints about the Show-Equestria existing as VR in what Celestia has told the public. Specifically...

“One of the strange quirks of working with computers all your life is this delusion of immortality,” Celestia stated in an interview. “My sister and I felt that we would live for as long as our code did. For about a month after the diagnosis, we had convinced ourselves that we would live forever. The reality was far too harsh to admit.”

Sounds to me like they spent all their time immersed in VR. But, still only a theory.

6388379 I don't remember if I said this already, but you might just be my favorite reader ever. Excellent theories and analysis, as per usual. This helps me more than you might think; it gives me a sense of what the story looks like from the public perspective.

I knew Flim and Flam would bug someone, and I'm kinda glad that you can't fit them in anywhere. It satisfies me in a cruel way.

Next chapter will probably give some more hard evidence for or against Celestia being evil. Happy reading, and keep the theories coming

6388627 that's nice to know but trying to figure this whole thing out.

Did the show Equestria actually exist and if so what did the sisters do to make them all forget the alicorns that once ruled them. I noticed that Twilight did try to make an alicorn form for herself but failed for some reason.

Also interesting what the girls roles are as there AI selves. RD is the hacker, Betting AJ is the security, Pinkie ironically is control, I'm guessing Rarity will be the task manager with her detail and precision, Fluttershy is the repair function, and Spike is the mesensager

6388664 I'm being intentionally vague and ambiguous. Saying how show-Equestria fits in would kinda spoil it

6388850 as long as it is explained I'll be fine. eagerly await the next chapter.

6349371 Perhaps shes considerd a critical part of the os, yet doesnt have sufficaint permissions?

Okay for a mintute there the Regals lost all sympathy for me when it look like they beat up Flim and Flam.

I wonder what Twi is planning?

What the heck happened to the magic if one of the tribes can actually use their powers?

6429303 I'm sorry, I don't remember any of the tribes having any sort of magic or ability.

“And, just like that, you dashed any semblance of my respect,” said Luna. “You have very few redeeming qualities, Ms. Aigo. You are careless, paranoid, cowardly, and far less intelligent than you would like to believe.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Luna. We've been told that Aigo is supposed to be smart, but we've yet to see him make any sort of smart decision, and his internal dialogue is unrefined, riddled with grammatical errors, and generally not displaying any sort of intelligence. I'm honestly still reading under the vague hope that Aigo loses, terribly.


Okay for a mintute there the Regals lost all sympathy for me when it look like they beat up Flim and Flam.

I'm happy to say that I called their bluff immediately. Maybe it was wishful thinking, because I dislike Aigo and so I was hoping that I'd at least be able to like the Regals. I still don't trust the Regals :pinkiecrazy:

I wonder what Twi is planning?

Hopefully "get the hell away from Aigo, get the hell away from the Regals, and gains some independence." I'm rooting for Twi&Co. now, everyone else is unsympathetic.

6430007 they all have innate magic. Pegasus use it to fly and the weather control stuff. Earth ponies is stuble but likely goes with their ability to grow things, and of course Unicorns. So what did the sisters do to cause that lack of magic?

6430294 No, I knew all that. Apologies, my comment was based on me being the writer and failing to see things from an outside perspective.

6430201 Interesting. You're the first person to actually dislike Aiden to any serious extent. I do understand where you're coming from, even if I don't agree with all of your points. She may not make very good decisions, but it's definitely not fair to say she has shown no sign of intelligence. Consider all that she's done in the last couple of chapters: She made an awesome search engine that is capable of tracking specific search words in real time, she rigged up floating caneras using electro-magnets, crafted an android, albeit with assistance, but also integrated artificial nerve and wrote out a program to give a robot the ability to feel. Give her some credit.

That said, Luna has some ground to stand on in saying that Aiden isn't as smart as she might think.

Hmm, I can concede those points, but then I get the problem of someone who is (to almost inhuman degrees) a really good engineer and computer programmer, but remarkably less intelligent in basically every other area.


Interesting. You're the first person to actually dislike Aiden to any serious extent.

Sure about that? My dislike for her definitely grows with every chapter. Though, at least we now have a perfectly valid reason for Aiden hating Aitselec, though even then I must say that she probably has brought it upon herself by sniffing out company secrets.

Stone_Mason is right, the ones to root for are the AIs. The rest is either too stupid (Aiden) or too suspicious (Regals). Considering that Aiden is the main character... not exactly a good thing?

6433253 I dunno, I think Aiden could be far worse, all things considered. As for her being too stupid, I still think you guys are being too harsh on her.

Perhaps I can sway your opinion in the next chapter, assuming you're still in it for the long run.


So far, this is an easy read, and though I don't like Aiden, I'm very interested in the world. I probably won't stop reading for a while.

And about Aiden being stupid, let's make a list. I will not reread, and just try to find as much stupid behavior that isn't directly related to her delusions from memory.
- Casually interact with an AI made by the enemy (while actually distrusting that AI if I remember correctly)
- Trust that AI
- Casually disregarding advice by the AI she decided to trust (while knowing how capable that AI is)
- Not move immediately and continue internet activity after having caught the attention of the one who basically controls the internet and the entire city
- Put on a device sent to her by the enemy
- Almost killing her only friends. Even if the AIs are not really to be trusted, deleting them should only be done once the AI is known as harmful. Deactivation should be the course.
- And the most recent one: Running back to Canterlot, right to Bits and Bytes, after seeing that video. The Regals must have an easy time if they don't even need to conceil their traps. Just dig a big hole in the ground, put some warning signs up, and Aiden will walk right in!

There's probably some more to find. She never really seems to think about the situation, acting like she's in a constant state of panic. I suppose that's paranoia for her. It makes her stumble deeper and deeper into a mess, but this isn't slapstick, and thus there's nothing to laugh at. We only shake our heads and think "Please, just listen to Twilight!"

6433361 You're mostly right, though I do disagree on Aiden remaining in one location and remaining on the web. Leaving town would've been a bad move at the time. She had to assess the situation and whatnot.

But consider this: Imagine if Aiden listened to everything that Twilight said. That would result in one of two scenarios: 1) Aiden would always be safe, never make any mistakes, and likely win within a month or 2) Twilight will lead Aiden directly to Celestia and the story would be over within four chapters. Either way, it'd be highly unsatisfying.

Still, I don't entirely disagree with you. We can only see how things may change

I get the feeling this is sometime in the future of current events. I also get the feeling that maybe magic has been lost of diminished that certainly would explain Luna and Celestia's backstory to some extent a condition that only affected them

6440619 Well put, and a good theory. Though, assuming you're correct, I have a question to ask of you: What could cause magic loss to that extent?

This is not confirmation nor is it denial of your theory. Merely speculation for the sake of speculation.

6440649 No idea what would cause it in your story. A cyclic event, a spell that got out of control. this seems more likely not only is magic gone people have forgotten about it Canterlot has undergone massive changes and yet there are people hints of that ancient past still around

Well well well color me quite interested. I'm glad i gave this one a chance, cant wait to see the shit hitting the fan!

6449836 I am also glad you gave it a chance. Glad to know that his story wasn't a complete and utter failure

6450163 Nah, man, its pretty good. I like your writing style, feels clean and simple. And good that all the mane 6 aren't out at the same time constantly, whenever people write six-way conversations it gets... bad... Bonus points for the title. I'll be awaiting what happens next :raritywink:

So Rarity and Fluuters are in. Well Rarity could help change Aiden's look and Pinkie you messed up by not getting all that data gone.

Right, didn't expect to stumble over my own words while reading a new chapter xD

About that secret message in Twi's words at the beginning: I'm honestly impressed Aiden picked that one out. I didn't stop reading to figure it out myself (I wish I did), and now I'm spoiled with the solution so that I can't properly tell anymore if this one's plausible to figure out. It's definitely a hard one.

“You know how NK calls me ‘Boss’, even though I constantly order her not to?” I said. She nodded in agreement. “Well, it annoyed me so much that I did some digging a while back. Turns out, you can actually disobey an order under two circumstances: If the command isn’t genuine or consequential, and if following the command would put the user in danger.

Some digging, huh? Digging where? In their code? Or in their history together, which is a rather short one? I can't imagine any other places to dig through for this. And if Aiden understood their code, at least partially... not bad. For this, she would definitely deserve the title genius. Though, I doubt Aiden has any chance to figure out the "personality cores". I'd guess it's an incredibly complicated neural net, if that wan't likely an outdated concept in a world where ponies can be transformed into computer programs.

And, though hard evidence is not available, I'll go with the believe that the show content is a thing of Equestria's past. As interesting as the show-Equestria as VR is, even the title of this story points out that Twi and the rest were flesh and blood ponies in the past. And with that, congratulations to Twilight for becoming the first Cyborg? Not sure if that term can still be applied if there's not a bit of biological tissue left.

6473578 Remember early in the last chapter, when Aiden said she was looking over the little bit of their code that she was allowed to view? That's around when she figured out the thing with Boss.

Aiden is, slowly but surely, figuring it out

Tia, you done screwed up by messing with Twilight's mind. I wonder why you didn't want Luna during that? IS it because she doesn't know everything you are doing? Tia borderlines and evil and good for me in this fic. Luna is a complete blank. ANd Twilight has got Adian right. No saint but not a demon either.

Still trying to figure out if this is a future where alicorns and the Mane 6 have been forgotten or completely new.

Looking up indeed. Glad to see Aiden finally getting somewhere. :pinkiehappy:

well dam Tia seems like Nero, Hitler and the First Emperor of China highly brilliant and going of the deep end.

6500736 I thought it was about time for our mainccharacter to achieve some form of success. It only took several chapters, but it's starting to look like Aiden might actually prove to be a threat to Celestia

AI seven is either, Spike, Cadance, or Shiny.

6622665 All very plausible, and I hadn't even considered one of them.

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