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This story is a sequel to Coffee Break

Its a Super Siren Sweet Sixteen! (Say that six times swiftly). Sonata is pretty sure that its her and her sister's Sweet Sixteen (Even though they're easily over a thousand years old). Still, she wants to celebrate their sixteenth year in Canterlot City, much to the other's dismay.

Part of the Coffee Trilogy, which also includes: Coffe Break and Pinkie and the Bear-Monkey.

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Comments ( 12 )

Cool story bro!
When you return of sloth land will you make another Dazzling tale of awesome?:moustache:

Not Dazzlings, rather, a Rainboom.

:pinkiehappy: I loved it!! You should submit this to Equestria Daily!

“You listen to that garbage? It’s blasphemy to call that music.” Adagio cringed at the thought. “What’s the appeal of hearing some guy scream about his courage, or him ‘Losing Himself’?”



Seriously though, great story!

This is rather fun! I like how they managed to pull the party together, and the bit at the end was really quite sweet. Good work!

6840792 Very few things please me more than a comment on a story I've written this long ago. That single "awwww" means a lot to me, especially a year later. Thanks for reading.

D-U-M-M haha!

Liked this, it kept it light until the end, and kept Aria canonically harsh without making her unpleasant. Good job.

“Shame. That white one works me the wrong way.” Adagio said, more to herself than anyone. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that she was stealing my voice…”

:trixieshiftright: I see what you did there, ya ain't slick.

How dare you hit me with feels at the very end. How... how dare... :fluttercry: This was too cute, though, really.

Great story! Very cute, I really enjoyed how you introduced a lot of family love, and just general sisterhood. The way you write sonata is one of my favorites, her dialogue is funny and silly while not making her look too stupid. Adorable story, write much more! :yay:

This was really adorable and pretty funny at times. I loved your characterization of Sonata and her interactions with her sisters were always amusing. The gradual descent into sweetness was also a nice touch there at the end.

I had a few technical problems with it but honestly it was never really enough to take me out of the story, so great job. This story definitely piqued my interest. Now I'm going to have to read through more of your Dazzling stories.

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