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This story is a sequel to Sweet Sixteen (Thousand)

When Fluttershy and her parents go out of town, it's up to Pinkie to keep an eye on their animal hospital/zoo/animal shelter, and all the creatures contained within. One of them desperately needs a cup of coffee, and Pinkie is determined to give it to him.

Part of the Coffee Trilogy, which also includes: Coffee Break and Sweet Sixteen (Thousand)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Well... that was... a story. I like the comedy, but a few questions came up while reading it.
Why doesn't fluttershy seem like fluttershy even though fluttershy is waifu? You had to look up quite a few things in this story didn't you (especially the snake thing, I had to tell you that)? Why didn't Steven have any lines? I DEMAND STEVEN LINES!!! And to top it off, thermite? Wouldn't that, I dunno, f*ck up ALL the coffee? It has chemicals that are possibly dangerous to bear monkeys (by the way, that is the new name for sloths).
Other than that, good story. I want chapter two nowz.

6656146 I don't know what you mean, god I hate when you do that, u r baka, does Pinkie look like she understands that thermite would ruin the batch, and no chapter 2 for you.

Sloth, scientific name Bearius monkeius.

So, when strange things start happening (like the coffee being gone in the whole city), and nobody knows why, the answer is Pinkie Pie? Genius! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

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